Avoidance of Real Amygdala Stimulation

The strangest thing about rabbits is how they can use cognitive hacks to shut off their amygdalae in the face of overly stressful stimuli, to protect themselves from mental meltdown. Here, a cop apparently shoots an unarmed man, accidently.

A rookie New York City police officer shot and killed an unarmed 28-year-old man in a darkened stairwell in Brooklyn late Thursday night, according to the police.

Police Commissioner William J. Bratton said that the victim, Akai Gurley, was “a total innocent” and called the shooting “an unfortunate accident.”

He was not engaged in any activity other than trying to walk down the stairs, Mr. Bratton said

You would think cops walking around with guns, shooting people accidently would be a bad thing. It is not like this is the first instance of the NYPD shooting innocent people.

Two police officers opened fired on a man who was acting erratically and dodging cars on a busy Manhattan street Saturday night, wounding two bystanders and sending people running for cover, authorities said… The officers’ shots missed him, and he was eventually brought down by a stun gun…

In August 2012, nine people were injured from bullets fired by police in a confrontation with a gunman near the Empire State Building. They were hit by stray bullets, ricochets and fragments, suffering non-life-threatening gunshot and graze wounds. Officials at the time defended the officers’ decision to fire on a street crowded with people.

Why no irrational freak out on the left?

Picture the emotional response this would produce, if it was a conservative, Christian, Republican, NRA member who was walking around with a gun, who did this to save his own life when attacked, and who you knew would never do it again. Picture the histrionics over Travon. Picture the histrionics if this were even less serious, such as the case of a cop shooting a violent robber who deserved to be shot, such as Michael Brown.

Here, an unarmed man just like the rabbit, was shot for no reason. Yet the left is not only silent, it would view you as irrational if you raised it. Picture how many women and children were gassed and burned to death at Waco for even less reason, yet nary a peep from the left, as if it didn’t matter at all. Understand how bizarrely calm rabbits would be if Stalin assumed power, and began killing millions, and filling the mass graves. That is exactly how it has played out for centuries.

It is almost as if rabbits have reached a point where if a stimulus is real and serious, and threatens to trigger their amygdala too severely, they hit their cognitive defense buttons, and deny that anything at all has happened, or that it matters. Instead they reserve their emotional angst for those less serious stimuli where they can wade in, unafraid, and exercise their emotional muscles with typical leftist histrionics, in the controlled environment of pretend outrage at make-believe wrongs. This mass-murderer was shot, and he didn’t have to be!

But let Stalin begin to flex his murderous muscle, and all you will get is silence and glassy-eye’d obliviousness.

The biggest thing to grasp with narcissists is that the normal rules, which you would use when dealing with a reasonable person such as yourself, do not apply. Up is down, black is white, the minor stimuli is a freak out, the major stimuli must be ignored, what could solve the problem is bad, what caused the problem isn’t a problem, and being nice is the best way to make an enemy.

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Narcissists, Anger, and Obama’s Immigration Actions

When viewing things through the prism of the amygdala, there is the stimulus to act, but there is also the disposition to act. Both must be present to produce action. That is, one can have a stimulus to act. However, if the amygdala’s angst level is low due to ease and comfort, then even in the presence of the most intensely shocking stimulus, it can prove incapable of action. Such a case is best demonstrated by this:

But, I mean, really, I can’t move past this. We’re just hours away from watching the Constitution shot full of holes. Everybody knows that’s what’s gonna happen and I’m telling you, I don’t care if it’s Dick Durbin, I don’t care if it’s Dingy Harry or Josh Earnest, they all know. Whatever the people on the Obama side are saying to justify this, they know they’re not right. They know the Constitution does not provide for this. They know the president doesn’t have the authority. This is one of the reasons they’re so excited.

This is historic. Their president, their guy is going to, in front of everybody — this isn’t stealth. This isn’t under cover of darkness. This isn’t behind closed doors. This is right out in front of everybody, we are gonna go (raspberry) on the Constitution…

To me, this is just — I don’t know. It’s surreal. I’m not exaggerating… And I think that is part of the thrill, that they’re gonna get away with this. They’re gonna get away with it, and there’s nothing that’s going to happen to them. There’s nothing that can stop them, and they’re just excited as they can be over this. And after tonight’s over, they’re probably gonna say, “Why did we wait so long? Man, this is fun; let’s do it again. This is so much fun, let’s do it again…”

They’re gonna get away with it from the standpoint that it’s gonna happen. It’s like we’re gonna watch a bank get robbed tonight. Everybody knows it’s gonna get robbed, and nobody’s lifting a finger to stop the bank from getting robbed!

Basically Rush Limbaugh marveling at how we all know our freedom is ending, and the Constitution is being destroyed. We all know where this leads, but nobody is willing to do anything to stop it. The reason is one we have all experienced. You are irritated by one thing, and it makes you experience anger at another thing which is really so minor it should never have precipitated anger in the first place. That phenomenon works in reverse. You can be so comfortable and un-irritated in life, that even major calamities elsewhere won’t bother you enough to make you act. In this case, what we are missing is resource constriction.

I was worried that with the Republicans winning so handily, they would set the stage for a Democrat President in 2016. If Obama were anything but the complete narcissist he is, he could easily set the stage for a full Republican route by pinning all of the misery to come on his opposition. But he can’t help himself. Even as the public overwhelmingly opposes issues like illegal immigration (even in ultra liberal areas), he is going to ally himself (and the Democrats) with the out-group, thereby making Republicans the in-group by default.

The thing is, the stimulus to act is basically an excuse to vent the amygdala of the anger produced by the dispositioning events which set the stage. As a result, the stimulus is an entity that is somewhat permanent in nature. Create it now, and years later, when the populace is in an angry disposition, you will be able to point to how the rabbits brought in all these illegals, and helped to destroy our economy, steal our jobs, and betray our people. Like clockwork, once the predisposition is there, the populace will turn angry, and begin to focus all of their angry disposition on the rabbits they see.

Given that, Obama seems to be intent on building up a whole raft of stimuli, which when the dispositioning conditions arrive, will give the populace all the reason they need to engage in an extended period of amygdala venting on the rabbits in our society. I am even increasingly thinking that Obama probably wants to hand the 2016 elections to the Republicans.

One thing about narcissists – everything they do invariably screws over all of the people closest to them, all of the time. What can really tie your brain in knots is figuring out what disasters were produced by the narcissist’s total focus on themselves and their own desires, and what were produced by their passive-aggressive desire to make everyone around them miserable failures, so they will feel successful by comparison.

I have a feeling as Obama looks at the wreckage of the Democratic Party in 2017 and beyond, he will be feeling pretty good about his own relative station in life. Purposeful planning, or (for him) happy coincidence?

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If You Don’t Understand r/K Theory, You Don’t Understand The World

Here is an article on the new wave of men who professionally father children with women they don’t know.

Without grasping how r/K guides a population to these urges, why such bizarreness would arise in our society is a mystery, as is what will put it back to bed. Why are we so different from the 50′s model of human? Mostly just free resources, epigenetics, and the rise of the rabbits.

Even more importantly, what does this portend for our civilizational model?

You know. Now we just need to get the rest of the country to understand it too.

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An Interesting Take on Russia’s Interest In Ukraine

They are securing a crop producing region in preparation for an extended period of cold that they know is coming. In our country, as this period of unprecedented cold, shortage, rage, and aggression approaches, we have liberals telling us that global warming is the problem, and demanding that we betray our own country’s interest for millions of immigrants, even though the majority of voters already oppose this, even in liberal states like Oregon.

Add in economic collapse, disease outbreak, the rioting and pillaging of the local gibmedats (who liberals love), and maybe even volcanic activity, and when the worm turns, if it is as bad as it could be, I would not be surprised to see “going medieval” become one more example of how everything old will become new again. Of course this doesn’t bother us, because that is the environment we are designed for. Rabbits? Not so much.

Be grateful you are not a rabbit.

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Sweden is Burning

I remember an article a long time ago on Islamic radicals in Germany. The reporter stopped by a mosque, and mentioned how the blowhards denouncing the west outside didn’t scare him in the least, but there were a couple of quiet guys on the margins of the group who looked terrifying, even though they said nothing, and just listened intently.

Sweden is burning:

“The situation in the gang-controlled no-go zones of Sweden is deteriorating rapidly. Following the police report conceding the areas to the primarily Muslim immigrant gangs, the Swedish ambulance union is now demanding military grade protection gear to enter the no-go zones.”


“Despite being a small country of less than 10 million citizens, a 2012 study showed an average of one school being burned per day in Sweden, costing tax payers upwards of half a billion SEK annually. By comparison, Greece has 11 million citizens and averages only five school fires per year.

Not even the police are safe from attacks. In May 2014, two police officers were cornered by 50 thugs in the no-go zone of Landskrona. They pulled their weapons to hold off the attackers and called for backup, but the police commander refused to send in backup, fearing escalation. One of the officers knew a few locals who intervened and convinced the gang to let the officers escape.”

So a place a little bigger than New York City is having one school burned down each day, for 365 total per year. Their women are being raped. And you know such wonders of diversity will only get worse. This problem is actually smoldering everywhere throughout Europe, from the no-go zones in the projects in France to the Muslim neighborhoods in England.

The rabbits are all about show. Who can denounce the opposition loudest. Who can best malign the enemy. They seem to have no idea that real force exists on the continuum of actions they engage in. Nor do they grasp that their enemies often do not even engage them, not because of weakness, but because of boredom. Why engage if they are not to be utterly destroyed once and for all, and removed from our world forever? What is the point in socially demeaning someone, if they can go on with their lives afterward? That we view the consequences of social demeaning as so unworthy of our time reveals both, how little it affects us, and what will happen if conditions ever reach the point that we view action as worth our time.

Off at the margins, Larry Correia, Vox, and a whole host of people who are fully violence capable are sitting quiet, and listening intently. Engaging now is just not worth the effort, but have no doubt, the non-rabbits are the scary guys at the margins.

At some point, things will get bad enough that society will stop listening to the rabbits, and will begin looking for someone, anyone, to rescue the beautiful peaceful life our civilization once had. As that point approaches, foremost in the minds of non-rabbits should be that the more thoroughly the situation devolves, the more completely it will be able to be dealt with. When the times comes, the quiet margins will quietly get up, carefully stow away their valuables, put their wristwatches in their pockets, look at each other with relieved grins, and things will then begin to move quickly. Of course, until then will seem like an eternity for any non-rabbit.

Between the ever deepening financial mess, the possible move to a much colder climate due to reduced solar activity, the increasing incidences of disease in the news, the growing tensions inherent to diversity, and the astonishingly incompetent leadership we seem unable to avoid electing, it truly feels as if an historic period, a true turning point in the history of man approaches. Have no illusions, the men who have shaped history are still everywhere throughout our populations.

Now is just not the time.

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SJWs and Amygdala Defects

Sarah Hoyt discusses being mistaken for an SJW here.

The state of irrationality is demonstrated by the commenter who thought I was RH because of our “similar rhetoric.” There are in fact not even mild similarities between an extreme leftist and myself. BUT both of us made him feel pain. So, therefore we are similar and possibly the same.

That means the commenter had the ability to think/react/avoid pain of a nematode, if that high.

Again, the amygdala is about discernment. If the amygdala is defective, it just freaks out at anything, and all the freak-outs are so epic that they all seem the same.

From a comment she quotes, about how SJW’s police misbehavior and traumatize offenders,

But there were people who reported rather severe PTSD type reactions to even sitting down at a keyboard to write because they were so terrified of offending… again. Because *rationally* they’d done nothing wrong the first time, but they were forced to an irrational acceptance of their guilt…

Imagine doing this to a child.

The kid is walking through a room doing nothing much and suddenly POW… and then you tell the kid… well that was YOUR fault. You screwed up. You stepped on that spot on the floor.

So the kid looks at the spot and it looks like every other spot. But the kid is told that, no, the fact that she can’t even SEE the spot is what the problem is. You can’t SEE the spot… that’s why it is YOUR fault. Also, a good child will try to learn. You’re a good child, aren’t you?

So the kid says, yes… it was my fault. I could not SEE the spot. Not seeing the spot makes this my fault.

Afterward, it’s still impossible to see the spots, and walking across the room becomes fraught with danger. Sitting down at the keyboard gives this very “good” person the shakes and panic attacks… where are the spots? She still can’t see the spots but she MUST agree and believe that those spots exist.

This is what happens when a person with a functional amygdala believes in leftist superiority, and tries to train their amygdala to function like the leftist’s. If you accept the leftist can see truths you cannot, you become totally dependent, and wracked with feelings of inferiority in the process. It is probably quite similar to how cults establish their own social order, with the most defective individual established as the leader. If anyone could think like the leader, or understand his logic they would be on par with him intellectually, and could even challenge him for leadership. Simply by being so unpredictable a cipher, courtesy of his insanity, he establishes his wholesale superiority.

It is intriguing. It should be so simple to convince such a person to believe in themselves, and reject the leftist’s assertions of superiority. After all, the leftist does nothing but instill discomfort and negativity. Their governing models do nothing but fail and destroy greatness. They themselves are so weak and pathetic, and lacking in any quality worthy of respect.

The question becomes more how to initially create that first, minor break-through, than how to create some massive transformation of a person’s entire psychology.

It will happen spontaneously as resources contract, but if only we could help the process along…

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Abashed the Devil Stood, and Felt How Awful Goodness Is

Hillary brought Narcissists to mind, with the tapes of her joking and laughing about getting what she believed to be a child rapist off on lesser charges. If you are normal, you will tend to see her joking as being just odd. If you understand narcissists however, it takes on a wholly different air, because you will see how much it reveals about the world Hillary inhabits, and her deepest nature.

Narcissists hate seeing happy people. They envy normal people who are free to just enjoy life, absent any constant, grating emotional torture. It is the fundamental root of their being. This produces a constant irritation/angst within them, as they move through a world that is fundamentally beautiful and nice, filled with good people enjoying the bounty of pleasure that is everywhere. As a result, narcissists have two modes. One is miserable and angry, which is their default when confronted with goodness. They usually try to hide this nature behind a semi-normal emotional mask.

The other mode is happy and giddy, which is the mode they enter when they see others, made miserable. Suddenly their angst is lifted, and they are in bliss.

If you or I got a child-rapist freed, we would be aghast. Much of our horror would be at the thought that he would hurt other children, and render their lives miserable. This emotional response does not occur in narcissists. In fact, the exact opposite emotional response occurs. They feel relief. Finally, other people have it worse than they do. They get giddy and jovial. They want to laugh. They begin to look for jokes to make, to express their pleasure and euphoria at the misery and unhappiness they see. “Oh, that child rapist I got off had passed a polygraph, which really forever poisoned my confidence in polygraphs! Ha ha ha!”

Hillary is a nasty piece of work. She is a perpetually livid, ice-queen bitch – a bitter shrew with a heart of cold stone, who is never giddy or happy. She is a woman who, among many other instances, met a cheery good morning from a Secret Service agent with, an enraged, “Get Fucked!” (That entire link is Hillary’s amygdala perpetually at the edge of a hijack.

And yet here it would appear that she was made giddy, by focusing her on the idea that in her mind, she got a child-rapist freed, and that child rapist had not only hurt one girl horribly – he would now go on to spread misery to others.

Whenever you find a giddy response like that to the misery of others, in a Narcissist, it is an innate, behavioral/emotional defect. It is something not just broken in the very part of the brain which makes a person kind and decent, but something so inverted that it renders the person pure evil – to such a degree that normal people will have trouble understanding it. That is the basis of a personality which will selflessly pursue evil. That personality will even endure personal sacrifice and loss, to foster evil and misery because it needs to feel that relief so badly, and so desperately desires that ability to begin joking around, and feel alive. That is the modern liberal ideologue. If you have known it, it is unreal.

Somebody once recounted in front of my narcissist, Bob, sustaining a sudden injury to their face. They described bending over and exhaling in shock, and actually watching several teeth fall to the ground and bounce at their feet. Bob erupted laughing uncontrollably, as if it was the funniest thing he had ever heard, and he could not stop laughing, even as other people looked at him in confused shock. Fool that I was, I assumed it was nervous laughter due to feeling awkward in some way. It wasn’t. He was suddenly giddy at the thought of somebody else smacked in the face so hard that their teeth were knocked out. Suddenly, his situation wasn’t so bad by comparison.

The thing about such people is, that defect deep within their brain can be exploited. That oppressive level of misery that they feel at rest, which motivates such bizarre behavior, can be exacerbated several-fold easily, using little more than words, themes, and ideas. As that awful sensation grows, it will take out much of their higher cognitive processing, and make them begin to act more panicked than a normal person would when confronted with death. They will suddenly be unable to think clearly, and they will act thoughtlessly, out of fear. As they get older it will get worse. As it gets worse, it can be used against them with ever greater ease.

Hillary has already had two minor amygdala hijacks recently, that we know of. In the Benghazi hearing, Ron Johnson triggered her amygdala by acting as if her opinions meant nothing to him, dismissing anything she said derisively, and indicating that to him, she was little more than navel lint. His diminution of stature attack was very well executed. As Hillary began to get hijacked, she blurted out, “What difference does it make?,” with an expression of profound anguish and frustration. It was an unthinking comment which, as a shrewd and highly trained lawyer/politician, she immediately knew could be used against her, given how many Americans died because of the incompetence being investigated. She quickly saw her error and backtracked, but a lot of damage was already done, and this picture was entered into her permanent record.

Then while being interviewed by a friendly lesbian journalist recently, she grew frustrated at questions about her evolution on the issue of gay marriage, and began to blow. Had the journalist not actively sought to back off, things could have gotten interesting there as well. These are the types of people who do not play well with others, especially as their expiration date approaches, and they look out to see a world of happy young people, with entire lives of opportunity and pleasure ahead of them.

I even suspect that Hillary may have had a third major amygdala hijack that we have not been told about. Just as the Benghazi hearings heated up, Hillary supposedly “fainted,” due to “ill health,” and hit her head.

I flash back to when I amygdala hijacked my own Narcissist into a pseudo-stroke. As he sat there, befuddled by his loss of neurological control of his body, I calmly told him he needed to get to an emergency room, because this fit the symptom pattern of a stroke. As he got up, he almost fell to the ground hard, due to his loss of brain function. He was only saved because I slapped my hand on his back as he began to drop, grabbed his shirt, and lifted it straight up. Had I not done that, he too would have endured a fall like Hillary.

A part of me wonders if Hillary’s amygdala was in high gear over Benghazi, as well as the thought of Obama, the guy who stole her Presidency, throwing her under the bus and ruining her, to boot. Maybe word came down of something shocking, like her being subpeona’d. Maybe there is much more to Benghazi than we know, and she is in a far more precarious position than we imagine. Maybe in a moment she flashed back to all those years of Ken Starr’s Independent Counsel investigation, she pictured Obama laughing at her misery, she saw Right Wing conspiracists piling on with glee, and then her amygdala snapped. She blacked out, fell, and next thing she knew, she was waking up in the hospital. The timing was certainly curious.

Often we have seen leftists, and especially feminists, saying, “I was going to black out,” due to an amygdala hijack. We tend to dismiss it as yet another leftist exaggeration – a part of their normal leftist histrionics, but that is not hyperbole. They are not just saying that. Trigger their amygdala enough and they will hyperventilate, throw up, black out, and even attempt suicide. That is how dramatic the effect is.

It does all make me optimistic that, like most ardent feminists, Hillary has an unusually triggerable amygdala, and thus would be an unusually easy candidate to beat in the General Election. I only hope that if Hillary is the Democrat’s nominee, whoever faces off against her in the debates will have a solid understanding of the amygdala hijack, ACC-priming, and feminist triggering themes – and how to deploy it all together beneath the radar, like a dogwhistle. The devil deserves nothing less.

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Harnessing Liberal Amygdala Angst

Chris Matthews begins to turn on Obama.

In one early experiment on amygdala activity from the turn of the past century, a young woman had electrodes wired into her amygdala region. When the area was stimulated with electricity, she felt overwhelming rage, and begged to have the current stopped, lest she lash out and break something. As amygdala activation begins, and produces angst, it also produces a desire to lash out. This desire is wholly independent of intellectual analysis, and it can be directed anywhere. Understanding amygdala focus is key to this. Focusing the amygdala on something while the target is undergoing vague and unspecific amygdala activation can attach a neural pathway connecting the focused image with the angst and negativity.

Liberals are right now beginning to experience the angst, even if they are unaware of its source. First, there are the deep tremors of discord growing in the nation. People realize, on a deep, subconscious level that our government is heading in the wrong direction. They see financial ruin on the horizon. They respect government ever less, and they recognize that government has become perverted in many regards. They see corruption and institutionalized profiteering by politically connected interests that have overtaken our governing structures. In addition, they are beginning to see the public come to recognize that liberalism is failing.

When Obama ran for office, he promised a rosy future of rainbows and skittles, and universal respect and admiration for liberalism. As the reality sets in, and the public begins to reject Democrats and liberalism, liberals will see their amygdalae begin to fire up, just like that young woman’s. They will want to lash out at something. Their amygdala will than scan their environment for something they can lash out at, without risk of conflict, or open competition.

For now, Obama will take an enormous amount of the flak, since to attack him will allow the liberal to avoid any conflict with the broader public. Guys like Matthews will be happy to help it along, since Hillary-ites like him see the writing on the wall, and want to begin casting Hillary as the solution to the failures of the past for the 2016 election.

This offers an enormous opportunity for Republicans. A lot of powerful Democrats are about to turn on, and demonize the face of leftism in the country today, to help Hillary. They will do this in an environment filled with angry liberals and moderates looking for something to be irritated by. All it would take is a minor adjustment to the public dialog to turn it from “Obama is a loser” to “the leftism/liberalism Obama has pursued is a loser.”

The main danger is if the Republicans fail to use their power to quickly cement Obama’s liberalism as the enemy, and take the initiative to stop his initiatives at every turn. If Boehner and McConnell try to play nice, and reach across the aisle to compromise, Obama will attach his angst to them, and Hillary will cast Republicans as just as big of a problem as Obama. Liberals and moderates could again return to focusing their ire on the Republicans.

At this point, Republicans need to cast themselves as the public’s ally, in the fight against the liberalism that is embodied by Obama. If they can do that, we will have a front row seat to a narcissist forced to confront a rejection by reality – and the next President could be Ted Cruz.

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Clay Aiken, His Baby-Momma, and the Leftist’s Inability to Judge Threat

Here is our electoral situation in a nutshell.

The Democratic candidate for Congress was Clay Aiken, a gay singer who can’t get work, artificially impregnated his best female friend because he wanted a kid, turned on the friend, is milking her for 7,500 a month in child support, and who used the entire electoral process as the basis for a reality television show.

This guy wanted to dictate law to the rest of us, and would have, if the rabbits had their way. You can see how leftist revolutions eventually promote guys like Stalin to leadership positions. No amygdala equals no ability to discriminate between good and bad. The hardware to flag bad as significant just isn’t there.

Thank God the K-shift appears to be underway.

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News Blurbs

Spider phobia cured by excising part of the amygdala.

This is interesting. This guy had an irrational fear of spiders. You could say his amygdala was firing off too easily in response to a spider stimulus. His brain was also firing off too easily in other ways, because he was having epileptic seizures, which were beginning in his amygdala. He had a surgery to remove the part of his amygdala which was firing too easily, and when they removed the hyper-sensitive part causing his epilepsy, with it went his fear of spiders. Of course that will not serve him well should he move to an area where Funnel Web Spiders, Brown Recluses, or the like are endemic.

Lockheed Martin Engineer says he has talked with aliens.

I find this funny. According to him, the aliens diverged into two groups. One grows food, works hard, and is easy to deal with. The other group is so entitled that they don’t work to grow food, they steal the first group’s food, and they are very unpleasant to deal with. r/K is everywhere.

I have always marveled at the stories of aliens and anal probes, because I think I know how our future will play out. Somebody will develop an edible antimicrobial concoction, which will go a long way towards sterilizing our GI tracts, or at least reducing bacterial growth immensely. They’ll mix it with Vitamin K and B12, and some other micronutrients and biochemical molecules we currently get from bacterial metabolism. With vastly less bacterial activity in our GI tract, systemic inflammation will plummet, and everyone will do it, because it will feel great. People who would not have reproduced due to GI-related immune defects will live normal lives, and reproduce. In two million years, we will have lost the ability to control what grows in our GI-tracts due to the genetic de-evolution this will produce.

I imagine we will then realize that such dysgenisis is bad, perhaps because bacteria will adapt around the sterilant, and begin making us really ill. Then we will begin a massive research project to try and understand how functioning GI immune systems regulate what grows down there, so we can reintroduce what we lost. We’ll head to other worlds, find organisms with functioning enteric immune systems, and guess what we will do to them?

But how could those crackpots possibly know that, when they create those ridiculous stories about aliens traveling millions of light years to strap them in to a big anal probe device?

Sex at 13 is normal, according to the government.

Drinking Godiva liquer has to wait until 21, though. Were the drinking prohibition only on the Macallan, I would understand fully.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Porcine Zona Pellucida, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

I could have predicted this.

We don’t want too many of those populations we don’t want too many of, as Ginsburg so famously noted. I have no idea if this assertion of vaccinating Africans with a sterilant is correct or not, but if it were, why is it I just know when they found out who put the sterilant into the vaccine, it wouldn’t be an evil Christian Conservative.

Arithmetic is racist

It’s the greater than sign, which is waging an unfair war on equality (I think somebody else said that years back in response to a similar article, but I forget who).

What you see in this article is a rabbit’s amygdala forcing the rabbit to ignore basic math and common sense. In truth, your amygdala does the same thing but your amygdala is triggered by falsity, whereas their’s is triggered by rabbit-fear. Both produce the same response, though. If your amygdala doesn’t like it, you look to your chain of logic, calculations, and deductions, to try and find an error. In rabbits, if the amygdala doesn’t like it, the rabbit does the same thing, for the same reason, just they will forcibly create an error if they have to.

Gamergate poisons the rabbit well with liberalism.

This is one thing I have noticed about rabbits. They want equality for all, except where they themselves strive. I wonder what would happen if we divided our forces, delegated responsibility, and sought to forcibly bring liberalism to each rabbits’s personal world, so they would feel compelled to fight it off.

Not quite sharks with laser beams, but close.

This seems bad, but I am informed by someone that they may have seen a small drone hovering nearby on their way into the bank, so I see this more as citizens evening the odds against government. Where government meets private sector, all the money in the world can’t keep up with a motivated American, as this guy has shown.

Now, I need to go drone shopping.

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