McCabe Fired

Pretty huge move by team Trump:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe late Friday, less than two days shy of his retirement, ending the career of an official who had risen to serve as second-in-command at the bureau.

Shortly after midnight, Trump tweeted.

“Andrew McCabe FIRED, a great day for the hard working men and women of the FBI – A great day for Democracy,” Trump said. “Sanctimonious James Comey was his boss and made McCabe look like a choirboy. He knew all about the lies and corruption going on at the highest levels of the FBI!…”

McCabe had been expected to retire this Sunday, on his 50th birthday, when he would have become eligible to receive early retirement benefits.

But Friday’s termination could place a portion of his anticipated pension, earned after more than two decades of service, in significant jeopardy.

The pension consequences could be severe:

Andrew McCabe, the former No. 2 at the FBI who is fighting for his job in the wake of an internal investigation just hours ahead of his official retirement, potentially stands to lose out on hundreds of thousands of dollars in retirement benefits…

On his 50th birthday — this Sunday — the veteran law enforcement official would become eligible for early retirement benefits, given his 20-plus years of service, according to federal guidelines…

Considering McCabe’s number of years at the agency and estimations of his high-level pay grade, formulas published by the US Office of Personnel Management for law enforcement officers show that his yearly payout could hit in the area of $60,000 each year, if McCabe were to retire after his birthday on Sunday.

If he were to be fired before Sunday… per federal rules, McCabe may not be able to draw an annuity until a date ranging just shy of his 57th birthday, and as late as his 62nd. That could put the value of his uncollected pension in the realm of a half-million dollars…

“What he would lose — and this is a lot of money — he would lose the enhanced benefits that law enforcement officers get,” said George Chuzi, an attorney who represents federal employees.

Under the rules of FERS, that means he could be left with the standard multiplier of 1% on top of his years of service, down from the 1.7% enhanced rate for law enforcement.

Former FBI officials tell CNN that McCabe could also lose out on future health care coverage in his retirement if he were to be fired before he turned 50, and the firing could be subject to litigation.

The “most significant ‘damage’ to a separated FBI employee is: loss of lifetime medical benefits for self and family,” tweeted CNN law enforcement analyst James A. Gagliano, a retired FBI supervisory special agent.

Interestingly, McCabe made this threat earlier:

In the days before FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was forced out of his job, he threatened to “torch” the bureau if he was ousted before his full federal retirement benefits kicked in, according to a new report.

“He was unglued,” one FBI source told True Pundit. “Someone should keep an eye on him.”

This is interesting, in that it gives you several tidbits. One, when McCabe wants to keep his job, he issues this threat, probably just on his private phone, to a friend. Notice this wasn’t a threat to Trump, or Sessions. Trump and Sessions would want him to burn things down, so they would fire him gleefully if he made this threat. This threat was to someone else, who both wants things to stay as they are, and who McCabe believes can over-ride Trump and Sessions.

Second, McCabe issues that threat aimlessly, to a friend. If you’ve never dealt with the Cabal, this could go over your head. If you have been through the wringer in that game, it will mean two things. One, that even McCabe, the functional head of the bureau’s day to day operations, has no idea who runs things. He can’t pick up the batphone and dial up his handler in Cabal, Inc. and tell them, you need me to stay quiet, and here is what I want. He has to issue a general threat to a friend, over a phone, and hope they will get the message, and scratch his itch.

The other interesting thing is he issues the threat over a phone they are monitoring, knowing it will get passed up the chain. Even machine assets live their lives in the fishbowl, every word they utter monitored, and they know it. When they want to send a message up the chain of command, they simply talk – to friends, to themselves, to whoever – and they know the upper echelons will hear it. The downside? Private time with the wife is never really private. And if you have a mistress like Strzok, you are performing for a crowd.

If you ever have the misfortune to fall under the regime’s watchful eye, one good way to normalize your being in the fishbowl is to realize, everyone, even the operators, are living in it today. The Cabal cannot allow anyone to go off the reservation when they are so far afield from what society in general would see as proper. So the more a person will know about the machine, the more they will be watched, to make sure they don’t reveal anything and don’t get lax with Opsec. So you will never be alone, and what you experience will not be unusual. The people doing it probably have it worse than you, and they probably never knew about or agreed to it when they volunteered. In truth, everyone you see, operator, civilian, and yourself, is fucked. The only difference you will have is your awareness of the game’s rules.

This also shows that the old way things worked has changed. In the opinion of the top operational domestic intel guy in the nation, this would have had his pension secured in old DC. The swamp would have quietly conferred, decided he was more trouble than it was worth, and he would have quietly walked away with his pension, and nobody in the media would have questioned it at all. But not today. Something is different. I cannot imagine the terror McCabe must be in.

Also amusing is the fact that I think this entire article was the Cabal’s response to McCabe, put in a place where he would see it. It is funny if you think about it. When McCabe wants to send a message, he picks up a private phone to a friend and issues his threat, knowing his listeners will route it to where it needs to go, and when the Cabal wants to send a message back, that go to the media, tell the media he is making threats, and finish with the ominous line, “He was unglued. Someone should keep an eye on him.”

I wonder what that could mean. When McCabe sees that, the message is clear. “Sorry, Andy, but you are fucked, and you’d better take it gracefully because we are watching.”

We had a big debate over the Jewish Question, and my paranoia that the Jews are a Cabal meme, nobody would ever let that meme rise if they were the Cabal leaders, and there is a deeper ring of the onion and nobody knows who it is. Whoever was running things in the old model – whoever told the Attorney General what to do, whoever controlled the IG office, whoever moved Senators, and Congressmen, and Presidents, and SC justices, and whoever was dropping bodies, and controlling the media – even the operational head of the FBI had no idea who they were, or how to contact them. They were the ether – all around them and totally unseen.

The amusing thing would be if it all traced back to some overweight basement dweller on 4Chan, sitting in his bed surrounded by empty potato chip bags, though I doubt that is right. More likely, it traces back to Europe’s earliest days, because once you attain that level of power and omniscience, and you are willing to kill whoever gets in your way, and you are professional enough to totally reject fame and the overt trappings of power in this way, it is very difficult for anyone to move on you. Once you establish that kingdom, it will last for a very long time. And every century you last comes with several lifetime’s worth of lessons in how to better secure your position and establish your kingdom to last forever.

Some even believe it traces all the way back to the Roman Empire, and I see it as totally possible.

Of course being professionals, the first thing they would do is hide their wealth and change their names, maybe even to Jewish names if they were smart. Now who are you dealing with? And it is even possible the Roman leadership were Jewish infiltrators originally who took Roman names and infiltrated the power structures there, before hiding in the Church when it was powerful, and then exiting the Church and reentering the private sector when that became advantageous. Whoever these people are, they will almost certainly be chameleons because that will offer advantage, and they lasted this long by seizing all advantage.

If they got into the Church and imported their power structures with them, which would be a smart move and completely possible, they could last nearly forever. And notice how if Western Nations rose enough, and resources got r-enough that other power structures would begin to rise and everyone would begin to equalize, they might view collapsing things as a good way to prune back the competition, and reestablish their own dominance so nobody would threaten them.

Their problems here might actually trace back to our period of massive, uncontrollable r-selection allowing some intel somewhere to rise up to the point they were able to challenge them, and the Cabal couldn’t keep proper track of everyone to get on top of it as things equalized too much. There might be a tactical lesson on timing there for intel professionals who want to take down things like this in the future. And there might be a strategic lesson on funding. The downfall of the cabal might have had its seeds sown when Reagan first decided to tap the national debt, and flood the free resources on a limitless basis, to a degree never seen in history.

Of course the biggest practical lesson is, be careful of associating with the Clintons. As James McDougal said, everyone who enters their sphere has a “tornado” tear through their life. McCabe was no different, and there is no guarantee this is the end of his tornado. Often these tornados end up with the victim committing suicide via multiple gunshots to the back of the head.

If I was McCabe, I would hustle straight to the God Emperor, and throw myself at his feet to beg mercy. The God Emperor walked into politics as a novice, and in months took apart a multicentury global conspiracy which reached through the highest powers of our world and may have outlived everything from the fall of the Roman Empire, to the Black plague, to the greatest War ever waged my mankind. Gaining his favor might be a smarter move than issuing an empty threat into the air at people you have never even seen.

Then again, I would live, and maybe that is just not in the cards for McCabe.

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Berkley Prof : San Francisco Worse Shithole Than Kenya, Brazil, And India

Haiti’s still in a class by itself, however:

One of the most expensive U.S. cities to live in is on track to become one of the dirtiest cities in the world, an investigation revealed.

Journalists with NBC Bay Area released a report which surveyed 153 blocks in downtown San Francisco and found some shocking results: more than 300 piles of feces and 100 drug needles lined the streets of downtown San Francisco, including in areas near upscale hotels and government buildings.

The report brought so much attention to the issue that one website displayed an interactive poop map to shed light on homelessness in San Francisco.

One infectious disease expert told NBC Bay Area that the streets of San Francisco are on par with or worse than those of developing countries.

“The contamination is … much greater than communities in Brazil or Kenya or India,” said Dr. Lee Riley, a UC Berkeley professor.

You would think these things would sink in with leftists sooner or later, but leftism has nothing to do with either truth, or making the world a better place.

Leftism is simply the destruction of good.

On the bright side, we know where the pandemic will begin, and be the worst.

You can tell everyone about r/K Theory, because a shithole is a shithole, and leftism produces shitholes

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Chris Cantwell Is In Legal Trouble?

I was surprised to see this recently in my travels:

Mr. Cantwell, 37, is slated to be tried in Albemarle County Circuit Court this month for allegedly discharging pepper spray during a torch-lit rally at the University of Virginia held by white nationalists on the eve of the infamous Aug. 12 “Unite the Right” protest in downtown Charlottesville.

Defense attorney Elmer Woodard had asked to have the case relocated, alleging it was less than likely his client could receive a fair trial locally given the notoriety he gained following the back-to-back far-right rallies in the county seat last summer.

But Judge Cheryl Higgins declined Wednesday to approve a motion seeking a change of venue. Instead, she said she would take the request under advisement, effectively keeping the case in Albemarle County unless the court can’t find an impartial jury, local media reported.

“Court did not go well,” Mr. Cantwell wrote on Gab, a social network he uses. “I am less than surprised,” he added.

I had been emailing with Chris about r/K last fall, and when he didn’t respond to an email, I assumed his site was popping, and he was just too busy. I was busy myself, so I wasn’t getting around the blogosphere like I should. I had no idea he had all this shit going on.

I see this on his website:

Yesterday was rough.

A motion was filed by the Commonwealth’s Attorney in Albemarle County to revoke my bond and send me back to jail until my trial, which is scheduled for five months from now. I have not violated the terms of my bond, and no explanation of what I’m accused of doing has thus far been provided. The only conclusion I can reach is that the contents of the Radical Agenda have so offended the delicate sensibilities of the Bolsheviks, that I am expected to spend the better part of a year in jail with no evidence provided that I’ve committed any crime.

Chris and I disagree on some things and agree on others, but he is an honest guy who is trying to find truth, support his nation patriotically, and he is definitely not controlled opposition. If you periodically donate to support the nationalist causes in the US or globally, his donation page is here. I’m sure his legal bills will be substantial and anything will help.

I am torn on the whole Virginia protest in terms of strategy for leaders in the movement. I know people showing up and triggering the left in all sorts of protests, is necessary for the K-ification of society. On the other hand, if you are a leader who is not controlled opposition, then make no mistake, you have a target on your back the moment you arrive at such an event.

I am very sure the left has quite a file on Chris based on his popularity, and I am sure from the moment he touched down for the protest, he was specifically targeted by a team of leftists, probably with the express purpose of getting him into a spot where he had to defend himself, and he could be charged. The loss of his body camera may actually have even been the result of somebody telling the foot soldiers who would target him physically, “We need his body camera gone.”

It is also worth noting who gets this kind of treatment from the machine. No matter what Richard Spencer does, he seems to never face these kinds of headwinds.

To keep our leadership fully functional, then if you are a Chris Cantwell and honestly espousing your opinion on politics you need to be extra careful, and assume everything you are being draw into is a prepared trap designed to target you. In the future, as a leader, Chris should surround himself with burly supporters, and leave the fighting to the young bucks who aren’t as important for the dissemination of ideas and the mobilization of ideologues.

Otherwise, we might as well just ask the Rothschilds what they want us to do and follow their guidance to the letter.

You can spread r/K Theory, because if you succeed, they may try to take you out

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President Trump About To Get Other Things He Wants?

What other things could this be?

In comments outside the White House, Trump said he was “close to having the Cabinet and other things that I want” with Tillerson exiting and Pompeo moving to a different role.

“I’ve worked with Mike Pompeo now for quite some time. Tremendous energy, tremendous intellect. We’re always on the same wavelength. The relationship has been very good and that’s what I need as secretary of State,” Trump said. “I wish Rex Tillerson well.”

After praising Gina Haspel, his pick to replace Pompeo at the CIA, Trump said, “I’m really at a point where we’re getting very close to having the Cabinet and other things that I want.”

Trump does seem to be indicating something else will be changing in government very soon. It could be Q-related. We will see.

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Florida Pedestrian Bridge Collapse Kills Highway-Goers

Pretty bad:

A pedestrian bridge stretching across a street on the Florida International University campus in Miami collapsed Thursday afternoon, killing multiple people, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

Aerial footage showed first responders tending to victims on the scene, searching for people in the rubble and loading others on stretchers into ambulances.

Five to six vehicles were crushed in the collapse, the highway patrol said.

Several dead and trapped. It was a 950 ton concrete pedestrian bridge covered by a concrete roof that spanned eight lanes of the highway beneath. Pic here.

Whenever I see these things now, I wonder if the company involved in the engineering was putting out flyers touting how important diversity was to their core mission, and how proud they were to have so few straight white males, and so many transgendered, trans-ageist, Xie-identifying, midget Gambian nationals.

K’s care only about degree of mastery and quality of accomplishment, while r’s are solely focused on making sure their world denies nothing to anyone. Sadly that produces a diminution of quality in output that can result in things like this as the functional morons are promoted up to fill quotas on things like sexual orientation or ethnic identity.

We will see with time where the origins of this catastrophe were. But until our society returns to emphasizing ability, effort and determination above things like skin color, sexual orientation, and degree of association with some ostracized minority group, I would not go walking or driving beneath and newly constructed multi-ton concrete structures.

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Rand Paul Opposes New CIA Director

Not a smart move:

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said on Wednesday he would oppose President Trump’s nominations of CIA Director Mike Pompeo to be secretary of State and CIA Deputy Director Gina Haspel to lead the spy agency.

That is a mistake. Haspel was likely chosen because she has been too busy at the Agency trying to kill and interrogate genuine bad guys to get involved with any problematic cliques who might try to take out Trump and his team, or do something else destructive to Trump’s Administration. Block her, and you may end up with some nameless politician who never tortured a terrorist because he was too busy running cocaine into Mena airport, and killing anyone who got in the way.

Not sure what Rand’s thinking is here, but it feels like either he is grandstanding, or he is controlled opposition.

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Navy Medics Now Prepare For The Wounds Of The Battlefield By Visiting Chicago

No joke:

Konrad Poplawski, a 22-year old Navy hospital corpsman, is about to be deployed as a battlefield medic with the 2nd Marine Division, which has served in deadly battlegrounds in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But first, he is making a pit stop at Cook County’s Stroger Hospital, which the Navy says is among few places here in the U.S. that provide experience treating the types of wounds they will inevitably see on the battlefield… …The 14-bed unit treats over 6,000 trauma patients yearly, many of them with penetrating, life-threatening wounds akin to those on the battlefield…. “Corpsmen are not routinely exposed to trauma or critically injured patients during their first assignments,” said Defense Department spokeswoman Maj. Carla Gleason. This “realistic, hands-on trauma training will allow them to hone their skills and increase their readiness.”.. The experience “has prepared me to deal with worse things out in the field,” he said. “I’ll be the only one out there, so I’ll have to learn from this.”

Apocalypse is like a grassfire – all you need is to get that first blade of grass lit, and it will spread naturally from there.

Unless we have a cold-fusion-level influx of free resources, the first blades of grass in the world are lit, so now we are just waiting on the spread.

The only concern is if there is a hidden hand, that will channel events into a violent world war. Then what would be a nice orderly Apocalypse that would gradually clear out the genetic dead wood will be transformed into a meat grinder made specifically to cull the best and brightest young K-strategists all over the world, leaving behind a society that would be pushed by the environment toward K, but whose genetics would be vastly inferior to before the war started.

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Pennsylvania Special Election Too Close To Call

Mildly concerning:

It could come down to a recount.

Democrat Conor Lamb has already declared victory over Republican Rick Saccone in Pennsylvania’s special House election, but Republicans say they aren’t giving up until every vote is counted.

The contest has still not been called, but Lamb leads Saccone by a few hundred votes. There’s no mandatory recount for a federal race in Pennsylvania, but Republicans have the option of petitioning for one.

“This race is too close to call and we’re ready to ensure that every legal vote is counted,” National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Matt Gorman said late Tuesday. “Once they are, we’re confident Rick Saccone will be the newest Republican member of Congress.”

These special elections are tests of amygdala. One of the issues the God Emperor will face is that he is too good. He is winning everywhere, all our enemies are on the run, and it seems as if victory has finally arrived. In short, our amygdalae are relaxing, and as they do our drive is dissipating.

On the other side, the left’s amygdalae are in high gear, as President Trump follows a strategy of triggering the left at every opportunity. That translates into ultra-high turnout for the left, and very low turnout on the right, especially in these Special Elections, where the stakes can seem unusually low.

The key will be, come November, to demoralize the left without angering them, and anger the right, rather than let it be happy.

In Chinese Medicine terms on the left you want Lung not Liver, which translates emotionally to sadness, not anger. They need to feel helpless, but without provoking anger and triggering amygdala attention. They need to be able to escape the feeling of sad helplessness by ignoring politics, because the stimuli is only weakly flagging to the amygdala and thus able to be ignored.

On the right, you need to focus attention on the enemy, and the transgressions it is creating. You need an angering stimulus so flagging to the amygdala, and so strong it cannot be ignored, and it can only be relieved by voting.

It is possible that if Q is right, that will be provided by the storm that is coming, but if that storm gets held out at sea, we should be ready to have a plethora of other scandals which can be rolled out at a moment’s notice to rile up the base, and make sure they get to the polls.

And most of all we need voter ID laws, to be sure we get rid of the fraud. I would not be surprised to find that with a simple audit of all absentee ballots, Saccone will win this. Surely there are 800 fraudulent ballots cast for the Democrat in that pile.

But regardless, this election was a warning. It is possible the God Emperor could be too much of a winner.

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The Jewish Question

Ygg Drasil writes in the comments:

All you talk about is Q, when you should be addressing the JQ.

For those who haven’t seen it before, the JQ is the “Jewish Question,” which is the question of what to do about the Jews, who are assumed to be the hidden force behind the scenes that are manipulating all events in the world to the ends of white western degeneracy, failure, and destruction, all for the purposes of elevating the Jews by comparison.

r/K has been quite a trip down the rabbithole, revealing things to me which I would never have believed could be. In short, we are taught that everything has arisen by chance and organically, as many atomized people go about their lives freely and independently.

Anybody who has told us otherwise has been assiduously derided as a “Conspiracy Theorist.” Because conspiracies can never, ever happen such people must be mentally damaged, or so we are told. I now count myself among the conspiracy theorists, and have zero doubt that everything you see is actually carefully controlled from the top, and made to look like it arose organically.

Bear in mind, a few short years back, I was a normie on this. I assumed everyone operated independently. I thought I would drop r/K on the internet, and within 6 months, maybe a year, conservative intellectuals would spread it all over through discussion, because it was so unique, so brilliant, so shocking, and so devastating to leftists. In my mind, conservative intellectual outlets obviously got successful by acquiring readers, viewers, and listeners, and they acquired readers, viewers, and listeners by presenting interesting, novel, and unique ideas to them which triggered interest and fascination, and brought them back to read, view, and listen again and again. r/K would fit that bill nicely.

I had no idea the “intellectual leaders” in the conservative movement would be so controlled that a popular Republican President, beloved by the base, who did more for conservatism in a year than the last two Republic Presidents did in their entire lives, would not just be ignored, but would actually be opposed by those “intellectuals.” I had no idea they would actually say they preferred Hillary Clinton, even when a Supreme Court seat was at stake. Have no illusions, they take orders and have an agenda, and opposing Donald Trump is an order and an agenda. There has been much more I have seen much closer to me in my life, but rest assured, see what I have seen, and you realize that nothing is what it seems in the world.

Once you see it, you realize the story we are told about how the world works is silly if you look at it without the Deep State conditioning they imbue everyone with. There have always been, and will always be, men who will crave power and control over others. When you look at the intelligence infrastructures, the technologies available, the massive, massive budgets they can acquire from government effortlessly, the fact that the more power they amass the bigger the budgets they can simply take, and the centuries during which it has all been going on, you realize our civilizational structures have always been developing massive hidden power structures filled with highly intelligent, devious, scheming, power-obsessed men with nearly limitless resources and the desire to control. You will realize that the bizarre reality which is really there, hidden behind the myths you are taught in school, was always not just possible, it was inevitable. These power structures would arise from nothing overnight, and once they arose, they could never be destroyed – only replaced. They have been for millennia.

And for those millennia, they have looked for anything they had not penetrated, and they have headed there to take it over and expand their reach. Think you can win the lottery innocently? I would not be surprised if most lotteries were rigged, delivering the winnings to machine assets living undercover within the civilian populace, who would throw most of it back into the machine’s coffers behind the scenes. From leeching profits from drug dealing, to insider trading, to diverting funds from government budgets, I assume the cash flow would boggle the mind. Celebrity Star Whackers? Could be. Once you see how that control compulsively infects and spreads into every healthy area of uninfected freedom, you realize anything is possible.

It is so obvious that I get angry at myself when I think about it, because I should have been smarter, and seen through the myths immediately when I was younger. Now that I see it so clearly, I feel like a victim of a con-artist, duped solely because of my own stupidity and gullibility. I fell so far short of my own standards it makes me livid.

So let me just try and take those who are red-pilled on Jews down a rabbit hole of their own. Imagine if there was a red pill you took after your red pill on the Jewish Question, which would reveal the entire Jewish Question was another lie you were told, and there was yet another reality right behind that one, even more shocking.

Purely humorous, I hope

Now I openly admit Jews are insular, competitive, smart, and they do strive to acquire positions of power. When there is shitbaggery in leadership, it will often end up being a Jew. But if Jews are effective in seizing leadership, is that unusual? Especially when there is plenty of shitbaggery in leadership that ends up being non-Jews as well? What if some controlling force was putting shitbags in power, and it just happened to use Jews often because they found a large number with the IQ and rabbity instincts who were willing to sign on to their operation?

No doubt there are a lot of Jews on the rabbit side, but I hesitate to say Jews are the problem for two reasons. The first reason is because there are a lot of Jews who are nowhere close to that machine. I’ve known many. There is a huge difference between a Machine entity and a non-Machine entity, regardless of religion. An average Jew without a Machine hookup is nothing, just like everybody else. Once you see the Machine, it is everything.

I think I have a decent focus on where the problem is, and the problem I see is not a religious one. It is the Machine assembled by the Cabal. The Machine is even more insular that the most insular clique of in-grouped Jews, and it would kill millions of Jews in a heartbeat, to advance its agenda. If you believe in the Holocaust, it probably already has.

My impression is the very phrase, “The Jewish Question,” and the whole meme of Jews being the problem, may in fact be a carefully crafted persuasion campaign designed to put the Jews as one last firewall before the Machine, so if the masses ever wake up and rise up, they would kill all the Jews, and tell themselves the problem was solved, while the real actors slip away into their redoubts to rebuild what parts of the Machine were destroyed – probably exactly like after WWII.

I am even open to the idea that the Holocaust denial movement may be crafted to further this end, because a weakness the Machine’s cover story had was, if the problem people really did kill however many Jews during the Holocaust, then Jews could not have been running the Machine, and if Jews were not running the Machine, they can’t be blamed as the problem today. Add in Holocaust denial, and now Jews didn’t just try to destroy Germany, and create WWII, they then faked their own Holocaust to continue their machinations after the war with victim status, so they could go back to trying to destroy the world today.

I am now quite certain that even if Hitler could have won in the big production that was WWII (the Machine never intended it, and it was never on the table, but suppose he had), and had Hitler implemented his “Final Solution” fully, nothing would have changed in the post-war timeline. The same players at the top that are fucking up the entire world today, importing millions of Muslims and setting up WWIII would have been very happy with the outcome, and would have retained full power today.

Furthermore, I believe that machine did have Hitler kill massive numbers of Jews (taking their funds in the process), simply because their IQ and ability to organize probably made them a competitive threat to the machine in the future.

Now the Machine may be composed primarily of elite Jews. I have a very strong suspicion that if Trump ever airs out the entire Machine, we will find the Rothschilds at the top of the pile. And given that Jews have high IQs, are great at the type of deceptive social constructing and maneuvering that occurs in work like intelligence, and tend to in-group with other Jews, it may be that there are a lot of them in leadership positions of the Machine, and they may even preferentially select Jews to work as public faces in public positions of power which the Machine controls.

But understand that beyond the Rothschilds, the leaders of the machine will probably be names you never heard of, and they will have no religious in-grouping tendencies. They will be high IQ, full-blooded psychopaths. They will be the people hiding behind shell corporations, run by trusts, managed by charities that trace back to still more corporations, that if you followed them back far enough would trace to some nameless bank accounts out of someplace like the City of London, but they will make sure you do not know who they are. As an example, where do the Rothschilds rank on a list of the world’s richest people? Do you really believe nobody in that family qualifies?

They may even live lives under false identities they can cast off like lizard tails in case anyone ever gets close to finding them. I know that is how I would play it, and they are probably better at the game than me. There may be ancient royal families in there, bankers, descendants of the robber barons, even strange redheads that are unusually tall and thin, and look bizarre to us.

I have no idea who is up there, because I have never gotten anywhere near that high, and they are just too good at what they do. But I know how they work, and the Jewish question has all the feel of a cover story. It is too easy to decipher, too obvious, and it has all the hallmarks of a distraction from the real players, who are masterful enough, and powerful enough, that they will not allow any of us at this lower level to get a good bead on them.

I think you really have to detach yourself from your instincts to understand the world today, because those instincts are what they use against you. Look at Pearl Harbor. I increasingly think WWII was a full blown production, engineered by a small clique. Have European and German leaders conspire to abuse Germany until the German people want to fight uncontrollably. Have a new leader arise, himself a Rothschild descendant, and let him overstep bounds and get a war going in Europe, then use mutual defense treaties to rope everyone in you can.

Have the Rothschild agent link up with the Japanese to organize an attack on America. When US Military intel proves too competent and uncovers the attack, have your Rothschild agents in the US cover it up, so the attack will happen. Then use the American people’s outrage to get them in the war. A few years later you have 50-80 million dead and out of the way, nearly half a million of them full blooded, K-strategist, great American youth who would have aggressively opposed being controlled. While it happens, kill off the Jews in the process, get the CIA created in the US to act as your personal, fourth, completely unchecked branch of government in the US, and look at how it turned out.

And they are setting the exact same stage today, pushing people and events so that in the future they will be uncontrollably driven to whatever war the elites create. And I will bet they kill off millions of Jews again in the course of it, and maybe even wipe out Israel itself using Muslims in the Mideast.

And even as they set the stage for that, I see individual Jews openly sharing their names and religions, as they talk about how they need to promote Blacks and Muslims to weaken the white race.

And my perception is that either those are freak rabbit-true-believers, which the machine searched for, identified, and promoted so they could further the narrative that the most redpilled know it is really the Jews, or they are outright actors hired by the machine to read that script. And if the people believe it, and one day they get rid of the Muslims, take out the politicians, deal with the leftists and then can kill all the Jews, then the people will tell themselves they solved the problem and they won’t bother to dig any deeper.

Meanwhile the cabal will begin setting the stage for the next turn of the cycle.

I cannot tell you with 100% certainty that Jews have not spontaneously assembled into some sort of hive mind that seeks the destruction of the West, and wants Muslims imported to take over our nations and our nukes. But I can say that I have seen a lot these last few years, and one thing it has burned into my brain is that whoever is behind it all is smart – far too smart to ever allow the masses to even glimpse who they are, let alone form a simple meme which would steer the masses toward the true root of the problem today in such a way that it could one day be dealt with.

My case to everyone who reads this is, keep an open mind, because I have glimpsed reality, and I will tell you that 97% at least, of the forces which move the world around you are almost impossible for you to imagine, because from birth they have lied to you about all of the fundamentals you need to understand it.

That, and never take what is offered to you, because the level of control over every facet of our dialogs is beyond anything people could imagine.

Find the truth yourself, and do no take what is offered to you by anyone else. Because finding the real truth amongst the myriad of deceptions being foisted upon us by the true geniuses who really run things is nearly impossible. Only the most brilliant have any chance at nailing down even a small part of it with any degree of statistical likelihood.

And that can only happen if you think for yourself.

You can tell everyone about r/K Theory, because everyone knows it is the Reptoidals and not the grays who are the problem

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Are Video Games Contributing To the K-ification Of The Younger Generation?

I have always assumed so:

Gaming cultures are connected to violence – but should be considered in terms of the rise of far right political discourse and the prominence of “alt-right” misogyny and racism. While Trump is firmly on the right and the WHO may embody normative centrism, there is an aspect of gaming that should worry the progressive left.

The white male supremacy in gaming has been discussed in the context of the harassment campaign Gamergate and via the link between Trump and gamer message board threads on the 4chan website. Yet it’s not simply that many gamers are right wing, or that the right recruits gamers, but that the logic and pleasure of gaming itself has served and continues to serve the political right.

Games are ideological constructions which push a set of values on the user. Like television and film, they often support the ideologies of their context: in the Bush years, American games endorsed aggressive foreign policy; since Brexit, British games advocate isolationism or nostalgia for empire – and the prominence of anti-Islam games in the 2000s tells it all.

However, video games have at least two unique features compared to other media.

First, rightwing ideologies have been overrepresented and dominant throughout the history of video games. Although affected by context, video games have long focused on the expulsion of “aliens” (Space Invaders to XCOM), fear of impure infection (Half-Life to The Last of Us), border control (Missile Commander to Plants vs Zombies), territory acquisition (Command & Conquer to Splatoon), empire building (Civilization to Tropico), princess recovery (Mario to Zelda), and restoration of natural harmony (Sonic to FarmVille).

Second, video games put the user to work on an instinctual level, making the gamer feel impulsive agreement with these ideologies. Playing Resident Evil is not equivalent to watching the movie, because the controller-wielding gamer experiences the desires of the game as their own desires – not as the desires of another.

The psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan distinguished between “drives” and “instincts”. While instincts come from within us, drives occur when political forces propel us in certain directions. In these terms, video games are drives masquerading as instincts, naturalising rightwing ideologies in a way other media cannot by offering its users the chance to experience them on a personal level…

In the 1960s, 70s and 80s, Hollywood cinema transformed the desires, empathies and emotions of a global population (even for those who never went to the movies), but it’s harder to recognise the pattern in your own context – and we may need to consider whether we are in the midst of a comparable revolution with video games today. Currently, the new desires incubated by games lean far to the right, and without more progressive games on the market (though some are emerging), the future may be even bleaker than the political present.

He is absolutely right, and for that reason, I would be extremely careful about regulating games in any way shape, or form.

I know why Trump is doing it. The military used first-person shooters to desensitize recruits to the idea of dropping the hammer on enemies. He worries that the way games are designed to give dopamine for killing enemies is potentially triggering school shooters. It may be. But I think you also have to look at games on the whole.

One thing that breeds aggression is familiarity. If you have been in fights, and know what to expect, you are much more likely to jump into it when some mental case begins throwing punches on the subway. You know the dangerous ways to be exposed to attack, and the ways to minimize exposure to attack, and you know how to feel comfortable getting into it and setting up attacks. As a result, your amygdala will be in low gear as you prepare to close in and take out the aggressor.

In contrast, if you have never been in a fight or trained, you will feel vulnerable from the get-go. That is your amygdala not knowing what path of action to take, and amping up the stress level as it spins back and forth trying to measure different costs to different actions on the fly. Mixing it up then has a threshold of action that is so high you will almost never jump in, unless the alternative is death.

Video games may be doing that to the next generation. Todays kids come out of video games feeling as if they have waged wars and killed enemies. They have lost in the games and felt the sting of a cost to some mistake. All of that is building amygdala, and a desire to confront problems and adversity.

Games take kids natural K-instincts and give them flight, while the leftist establishment seeks to rein in those same instincts, in every other way possible, from stopping fights, to restricting speech, to enforcing speech codes and forcing tolerance of every irritation. The kids go to the movies and are bombarded with social justice warrior themes, they read Sci-Fi from big publishers and are bombarded with social justice warrior themes, and they tune in to late night TV and are bombarded with SJW themes. Video games are the last bastion of K that most kids are exposed to. To give the left any established ways to control their content could give the left a great way to eliminate one of the last bastions of K-stimuli our youth are exposed to.

I have long suspected kids today are also more comfortable with assault rifles and guns in general because they feel on some level as if they have already used them in combat many times. Play a realistic combat shooter, and the accuracy of the weapons tech in the game is incredible. Having played those games, to them, getting a real-life AR-15 is just acquiring the same ability they use every day in their games, for use in their real life. The game may even associate the weapon with the dopamine surges of winning, and getting points.

Games are a great gateway drug to conservatism. They should be made as immune to leftist interference as possible.

I hope Trump is aware of this, and his moves on video games are just pointless feints, designed for persuasion more than action. I am guessing, given Trump’s mastery of just about everything in the psychological realm, that they are.

You can tell others about r/K Theory, because all exposures to reality are good for the youth

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