Afghanistan Begins the Slide Toward r

The underlying conditions which produce r and K are on a spectrum, to some degree, although true K lies short of the real end of it’s side of the spectrum. As you head towards the extreme of K, things begin to break down, due to resource restriction causing population densities to drop, and the rules of r/K breaking down. If individuals are spread out so thin they rarely encounter each other, group competition is meaningless, and two-parent rearing in a large family impossible. So one requires a certain degree of resource availability to create K as we know it.

I suppose a small amount of r is nice to temper the ferocity, but my opinion on the matter is meaningless – little more than a personal preference to be able to let my hair down on occasion. The bare truth is, r emerges in response to resource availability and diminution in conflict, and K emerges in response to the opposite, with nothing more to be added.

Along those lines, we now see Afghanistan begin its own slide toward r, with the first young lady to walk through Kabul with her legs showing in quite some time. This is technically movement on the r/K continuum, though so minor as to be nearly insignificant. From a practical standpoint, that young lady wouldn’t be worried about whether she could show off her legs or not, if food was non-existent, and everyone were killing each other. It is only as conditions become more comfortable that you begin to worry about such things, and that is accentuated by dopamine sensitivity affects producing a desire for neurological stimulation. Now that Afghanistan has security, of a sort, and resources are flowing in the form of US aid and opium profits, that will increase. How far it will get before a collapse is unknown, but since the only thing to forestall a collapse is the ability to endure the detriments of r, I suspect not far. All it will take is one minor economic burp, or a single despot with a gun, and the rabbits there will cow under and disappear again.

Girls wearing skirts is a meaningless step in the slide toward r. Where it becomes problematical is when you take it too far, as we have in the United States. At some point the small dopamine addiction that initially produces a minor increase in sexual drives, and a minor increase in attention-seeking, transitions into a full on addiction necessitating breaks with reality and self-destruction of the nation.

As the rabbits begin castigating men who landed probes on comets, for the patterns on their shirts not begin sensitive enough to everyone’s tastes, and women firefighters begin getting hired, despite the fact their inability will inevitably kill someone, things will begin to go downhill. Resource addiction will corrupt the finances of the nation, destroy the unity of its people, and eventually collapse the entire societal structure, at least for a while.

Personally, I’d prefer if it didn’t, but as I said, preferences are meaningless. As resources wax and wane, so will r and K. All you can do is recognize what is, see what will be, and prepare accordingly.

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Rabbits, Acclimatization to Free Resources, and the Drive to Foment Unrest

As we approach the apex of r, there will be turmoil, and most of it will be fomented by the rabbits. As you view these events, view them in the context of an easily triggerable amygdala, accustomed to free resources and prone to enter a profoundly irritable state in the absence of free resources. In that irritable state, such an amygdala will be highly irritated by the happiness and success of others, and as a result will drive behaviors to diminish its own irritation, by diminishing the success and happiness of others.

So as conditions deteriorate for everyone, themselves included, the rabbit’s gaze will naturally fall upon the happy, and combined with their own adversity, their resentment will grow. As it does, they will want to act out.

Normal people will tend to focus on bettering their own lives, but a rabbit, focused on and irritated by the happiness of others, will need to try and destroy that happiness. If the happiness that their gaze falls upon is people happily buying Apple products, and Apple succeeding merrily, they will try to disrupt that happiness, and if possible, turn the populace upon the happy people. Doing that is all that can alleviate their angst.

If the happiness they see is a military man, being cheered by a crowd, they will try to turn that crowd against the military man.

If the happiness is merely relief, in the form of a Police Officer who negotiated a violent encounter successfully and survived, even the more educated rabbits will try to turn the violent in our ranks on the Police Officer.

As things get worse, the stimulus required to irritate them to action will grow ever less. Since the rabbit is too cowardly to attack their enemy themselves, their go-to strategy will be to try and make everyone they see unhappy, and turn any threat they can find in our populace upon the successful. At its climax, even those barely able to survive will precipitate such rage that the rabbit will try to get anyone they can to kill them.

This strategy is an outgrowth of something innate to the undeveloped amygdalae – a fundamental, penetrating sense of helplessness. If your amygdala is developed, it has been developed through experience. When it encounters adversity, it scans your brain for a solution, finds it stored in memories of prior experiences, and it will then drive behaviors to address your adversity. As a self-sufficient non-rabbit, your amygdala will drive you to fix your own problems.

If, however your amygdala is not acclimated to adversity, then you will not be able to find a solution stored in your amygdala, and you will feel helpless. Once you are helpless, and your amygdala is applying aversive stimulus to drive you to take action, your focus will direct itself to making others solve your problems for you. Then, rather than fixing your problems yourself, you will focus on making everyone else miserable, in the hopes that to alleviate their misery they will solve your problem for you. Suddenly you are laying down in the middle of a freeway, basically telling other people that unless they fight your enemies for you and fix your problems on your behalf, you will stop traffic, and prevent them from getting home.

Notice, developed amygdalae solve problems, undeveloped amygdala make more, for everyone, in the hopes that increased misery all around will benefit them at some point. One builds a successful society, one screws everything up as they try to make others as miserable as themselves.

These overly triggerable amygdalae will produce unrest and turmoil that will be unlike anything we have seen in our lives, if the current path is maintained. Make no mistake, we have gone to unimaginable lengths to feed unimaginable levels of free resources into our ecosystem, producing rabbits of unimaginable mental instability, with completely undeveloped amygdalae. I do not believe there has ever been a more Warrior-like population, infested with a more viscerally repugnant and mentally unstable, rabbit-like cohort, whose panic and intolerance for any sort of discomfort is so immense and unappeasable.

Historically, the end result of conditions like these has been a societal turmoil of unimaginable proportions. These are the materials historic events are made of. If you have ever read an historical account, wide eyed and amazed at what someone in the past endured, understand those same types of events may someday present themselves to us. Be prepared.

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Narcissists Enjoy Sadness in Others, Part II

Narcissists enjoy sadness in others, Part Two

This is a Narcissist. She’s serial killing nurse Daniela Poggiali, likely responsible for killing up to 38 patients. If a patient or their relatives annoyed her (triggered her amygdala) she killed them, to bring her amygdala triggering to an end. Sadly she is probably far more like many feminists and SJWs, from a cognitive perspective, than we will ever know.

In the first photo, she is posing with a recently deceased patient, as she gives a double thumbs-up. She captioned the photo, “Mm… Life and Death,” which in Narcissistese translates to, “Yes I am miserable, but look at how much better I have it than this person. I’m alive, and they are dead!” For a Narcissist’s perpetually miserable persona, it doesn’t get much better than that, and you can see it in the euphoric expression on her face. For a moment, the misery and torment that she underwent every waking moment was lifted.

The second shot features an Italian hand gesture, with the index finger pointed into the cheek, which signifies incredible pleasure or ecstasy, if I’m not mistaken.

Her whole life is such a misery that the sight of someone else, worse off, will trigger an ecstatic reaction. She is Hillary Clinton – bitter every waking moment, yet set to laughing and joking at any mention of the child molester she got freed. Only the utter misery of others can lift the curtains of dread over her own miserable life. Even in the last shot, on a beautiful beach on a beautiful day, her pleasure is but a fraction of that produced by standing over a dead body.

This is how different they think, and as a result, they are delighted with things which would horrify us. If you grow accustomed to thinking that you can predict other people’s thoughts and behaviors based upon your own, you are setting yourself up to be eaten alive by a character like this. They don’t think like us, and as a result you will be unable to understand them, and will never adapt.

Case in point – this guy
. His wife tried to inject fecal matter into his IV, but he still can’t grasp that she wants to hurt him, because it would be so illogical. He is loyal to her, and she is dependent upon him, so why would she want to hurt him?

I wonder, what did she do to put him in the hospital in the first place?

When I see a guy who can’t grasp the nature of the evil he is dealing with, I truly feel for him. He is just too good to adapt to true evil. Sadly, he will have to hit rock bottom, before it gets better, and I am sure his narcissist will work 24/7 to make that happen.

Perhaps in her absence he will see how much nicer life is without her around, and he will come to his senses. Until then, he has a tough life ahead of him.

Narcissists are evil. They are not selfish. They do not think of themselves. So strong is their urge to hurt they will do it selflessly, and sacrifice greatly themselves, just to see others hurt. They are the face of evil, and people need to understand that they must deal with them as such.

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Uncle Bob on Female Mate Choice

Uncle Bob’s Treehouse has a great post on female mate choice, with a little nod to r/K toward the end.

The first of two parts which really caught my eye:

Some lessons about what female audiences like can be drawn from the early career of Clark Gable. The film that made him a star was A Free Soul (1931), in which he played a gangster who pushes Norma Shearer around to let her know who’s boss.

As a fan site puts it, previous male leads had been “suave and svelte, romantic and tender.” Gable’s character, “…was supposed to be the villain, the evil corrupt criminal that you are supposed to root against–it’s Leslie Howard you are supposed to hope Norma ends up with–plain vanilla Leslie Howard. Well, the fans spoke and spoke loudly–the 1931 woman didn’t want plain vanilla and no longer wanted “powder puff” men with styled hair and ruffles on their shirts–they wanted a real man, a rough man, a man who was a bit dirty and not afraid to put them in their place.

In the roaring twenties, women wanted the metro-sexual rabbit, because his strategy was best adapted to reproduction under conditions of free resource availability. Once the Depression hit, women were so desperate for a violent and competitive man, they were actually excited by the sight of a man who hit women. By the time WWII ended, promiscuous sex without marriage was considered a huge taboo, being a wimp was bad, kids had a mom and dad or they were bastards, commies were the enemy, freedom was paramount, and American greatness and dominance was everyone’s goal.

And the second:

“…the best reason not to strike a woman today is that you will never be able to get rid of her afterwards.”

That one has got to give a feminist somewhere an amygdala hijack.

It’s a great piece, check it out.

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Amygdala Constraint and Civilized Society

One of the stranger things you notice is how violence in a society is what produces peace. Lately we are seeing scenes in shopping centers, where shoppers are battling it out physically for sale items. That is actually due to a failure of the amygdala to adapt to a more violent environment. Those amygdalae lack constraint pathways, which would perceive angering stimuli but were conditioned to keep amygdala activation in check in the face of such angering stimuli.

It reminded me of this video I saw recently, where a bully picks on a kid, and when the kid doesn’t respond, the bully gets ever more aggressive. That is an amygdala not being taught, “Don’t do that.” (It is also an example of a narcissist, bothered increasingly by his target’s lack of emotional expression. The bully is not just cruel – that is a narcissist legitimately getting angrier due to his target’s lack of response stimulating his amygdala.)

Contrast that video with this one. Here, the bully initially is getting the same conditioning. Get angry, pick on a kid, blow off steam, feel better. If that continued, you would have cognitively trained a bully who would derive pleasure from hurting others.

However that doesn’t continue. Instead, the bullied kid picks up the bully and body slams him on the ground, traumatizing him, and even injuring his ankle.

The bully now has an amygdala pathway linking bullying with the sudden experience of pain and agony. In the future, as his amygdala becomes activated with angst, he will immediately, without conscious thought, see two paths before him. The first pathway will be to release the angst by making another child suffer. As he considers that, his amygdala will remind him of that awful impact with the ground, the shock, the confused assessment of damage afterward, the fear, the helplessness, and the embarrassment. His amygdala will say to him, “Do not do that.” He will choose the second pathway, which will be to bottle up his amygdala angst.

He will not be happy. His amygdala will still grate. If he can develop the ability to quash his anger internally, he will be on the path to growing up to be a normal decent human being. If he is a true narcissist, he will not develop that ability, and he will remain miserable. But the world around him will be a little nicer, and innocent people will be free to enjoy their lives absent his violent oppression.

That is how society gets civilized. Had Michael Brown had that experience, repeated often enough, he might even have ended up a productive citizen, rather than as a dead body in the street. Instead, his amygdala never learned to say, “Do not do that,” so when a police officer angered him, attack was the only option he knew, and his amygdala saw no reason to “not do that.”

The shopping scenes are the same. Right now we don’t have real K-selection. In a real K-selected world, people would be accustomed to occasionally dealing violence upon others out of necessity, and they would quickly acclimate to a world where everyone was capable of visiting violence upon them. In such a world, if you grab someone’s Xbox and try to take it away, you will probably get hurt. Even though an Xbox is not necessary for survival, people will have grown conditioned in other areas of life to respond aggressively, competitively, and even violently when challenged in a rude and obnoxious manner. That foundational conditioning will carry over into every other area of life.

Of course today, the free availability of resources means it is rarely worth it to fight for anything. If you don’t get the item in front of you, there will be another. As a result, we live in the world of the bully. Fighting is rarely worth it for the decent folk, we have grown conditioned to avoid it, and thus the bullies have free reign, because we refuse to punish them for their obnoxiousness, and we cede to their every threat. I see it everywhere, even as idiot protestors walk down the street demanding I bemoan the killing of a savage who I wish I could have had the pleasure of putting down myself. Instead, I set my jaw with an expression of contempt and ignore them.

Mark my words, sooner or later, as the K-shift begins, somewhere, some idiot is going to try and grab somebody else’s sale item. Somewhere a temper shortened by resource shortage will blow, and the events that follow will be so traumatic and horrifying that all of those involved, even the mere witnesses, will tiptoe carefully through the door on subsequent Black Fridays, desperately hoping to accomplish their shopping without drawing the attention (or ire) of anyone else.

When that day comes, it may even herald an extended period of widespread bloodshed, terrifying violence, and sheer mayhem, but what will come after will be a world of polite and decent people, each respectful of one another – some because they enjoy being respectful and kind, others because they fear the consequences of not being so. What will come after will be amygdala development. I look forward to its arrival.

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Ebola Still Percolating

Although the war on Ebola is clearly making progress, you can’t rest easy yet. There are still areas where Ebola is percolating, pushing at its boundaries, and testing various models of spreading and bypassing the current protocols.

The problem with diseases is they are constantly adapting to spread and multiply. Give them a sufficient head start and enough time, and they will eventually find what they need.

Along these lines, an avian Flu strain is spreading among livestock in Europe. In the coming months, it will likely produce a lot of virus particles, with lots of varying abilities and aptitudes. Some may jump to pigs somewhere, some may jump back, and there is no telling where it could go. The 1918 avian flu took out 3-5% of the world population, probably focusing on city populations, and all it needed to do so, was a single optimized virus to make it into a single human.

What fascinates me is that the diseases are coming, even as the population has not yet been significantly immuno-compromised. Has resource restriction already begun in nature, and it is merely being held back in humans by industrialization? Is there some other mechanism at play, increasing disease susceptibility in animals? Does the origin of K have a much deeper root than a mere superficial resource restriction? Is there some other cosmic variable, which periodically triggers a culling of the herd? Are we entering such a period now?

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Four r-Strategist Thought Patterns In The News

Mika Brzezinski sarcastically thanks Verizon for giving free Wifi in airports and flights on Thanksgiving, on the grounds that it should have been free anyway.

Thank you so much for something you shouldn’t be charging us for anyway.

Rabbits have a deep, inherent assumption that everything should be free, because to contemplate otherwise is to strain their amygdala. They were literally designed for a world of free resource availability.

Ezra Klein finds it impossible to believe that a guy who just got caught on film tossing a store clerk around like a rag doll while stealing cigarillos, would be aggressive with a Police Officer.

Every bullshit detector in me went off when I read that passage.

If a fact causes cognitive dissonance in a rabbit, they will instinctively tell themselves the fact is wrong. This psychological coping strategy can only work in an environment where failure is impossible.

Obama’s new AG nominee thinks nothing of stealing over $400,000 from a small business using asset forfeiture.

Bi-County is a small business run by Jeffrey, Richard, and Mitch Hirsch. Their business deals largely in small amounts of cash and in May 2012, their account held $446,651.11, when it was confiscated entirely by Eastern District prosecutors. Bi-County sells candy and snack food items to small retailers on Long Island, but, disfavored as such things may be by the Washington elite, that business is entirely legal. There has never been any allegation of any wrongdoing by the company or its owners, but they were under suspicion because of many cash deposits of less than $10,000. Under IRS regulations, banks must report cash deposits of $10,000 or more, but the feds look at substantial deposits of smaller amounts as grounds for suspicion, thinking that the depositor must be trying to avoid detection.

Again, facts, morals, and common decency have no sway over the rabbit amygdala. They do what feels good, ie. minimizes amygdala strain. That is the foundation of a strategy to rapidly seize pleasure in a low-threat environment of freely available pleasure, as opposed to a strategy to assiduously avoid threat in an environment where threats are dangerous, and avoidance of them must be the primary concern.

Which brings us to Obama, who doesn’t believe he has set a precedent for a Republican President to alter tax policy by Executive Order.

George Stephanopoulos asked Obama in an interview airing on This Week about an analogy that many of the president’s critics have drawn: “How do you respond to the argument, a future president comes in, wants lower taxes. Doesn’t happen. Congress won’t do it — he says I’m not going to prosecute those who don’t pay capital gains tax.”

Obama didn’t respond to the question and continued with his talking points, prompting Stephanopoulos to press him again: “So you don’t think it’d be legitimate for a future president to make that argument?

“With respect to taxes? Absolutely not,” the president replied.

We’ve always thought what motivates the rabbit is emotion. More precisely it is aversive stimulus produced by the amygdala, which guides the rabbit away from anything stressful or discomfiting. Understand the amygdala, and you understand the rabbit.

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Avoidance of Real Amygdala Stimulation

The strangest thing about rabbits is how they can use cognitive hacks to shut off their amygdalae in the face of overly stressful stimuli, to protect themselves from mental meltdown. Here, a cop apparently shoots an unarmed man, accidently.

A rookie New York City police officer shot and killed an unarmed 28-year-old man in a darkened stairwell in Brooklyn late Thursday night, according to the police.

Police Commissioner William J. Bratton said that the victim, Akai Gurley, was “a total innocent” and called the shooting “an unfortunate accident.”

He was not engaged in any activity other than trying to walk down the stairs, Mr. Bratton said

You would think cops walking around with guns, shooting people accidently would be a bad thing. It is not like this is the first instance of the NYPD shooting innocent people.

Two police officers opened fired on a man who was acting erratically and dodging cars on a busy Manhattan street Saturday night, wounding two bystanders and sending people running for cover, authorities said… The officers’ shots missed him, and he was eventually brought down by a stun gun…

In August 2012, nine people were injured from bullets fired by police in a confrontation with a gunman near the Empire State Building. They were hit by stray bullets, ricochets and fragments, suffering non-life-threatening gunshot and graze wounds. Officials at the time defended the officers’ decision to fire on a street crowded with people.

Why no irrational freak out on the left?

Picture the emotional response this would produce, if it was a conservative, Christian, Republican, NRA member who was walking around with a gun, who did this to save his own life when attacked, and who you knew would never do it again. Picture the histrionics over Travon. Picture the histrionics if this were even less serious, such as the case of a cop shooting a violent robber who deserved to be shot, such as Michael Brown.

Here, an unarmed man just like the rabbit, was shot for no reason. Yet the left is not only silent, it would view you as irrational if you raised it. Picture how many women and children were gassed and burned to death at Waco for even less reason, yet nary a peep from the left, as if it didn’t matter at all. Understand how bizarrely calm rabbits would be if Stalin assumed power, and began killing millions, and filling the mass graves. That is exactly how it has played out for centuries.

It is almost as if rabbits have reached a point where if a stimulus is real and serious, and threatens to trigger their amygdala too severely, they hit their cognitive defense buttons, and deny that anything at all has happened, or that it matters. Instead they reserve their emotional angst for those less serious stimuli where they can wade in, unafraid, and exercise their emotional muscles with typical leftist histrionics, in the controlled environment of pretend outrage at make-believe wrongs. This mass-murderer was shot, and he didn’t have to be!

But let Stalin begin to flex his murderous muscle, and all you will get is silence and glassy-eye’d obliviousness.

The biggest thing to grasp with narcissists is that the normal rules, which you would use when dealing with a reasonable person such as yourself, do not apply. Up is down, black is white, the minor stimuli is a freak out, the major stimuli must be ignored, what could solve the problem is bad, what caused the problem isn’t a problem, and being nice is the best way to make an enemy.

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Narcissists, Anger, and Obama’s Immigration Actions

When viewing things through the prism of the amygdala, there is the stimulus to act, but there is also the disposition to act. Both must be present to produce action. That is, one can have a stimulus to act. However, if the amygdala’s angst level is low due to ease and comfort, then even in the presence of the most intensely shocking stimulus, it can prove incapable of action. Such a case is best demonstrated by this:

But, I mean, really, I can’t move past this. We’re just hours away from watching the Constitution shot full of holes. Everybody knows that’s what’s gonna happen and I’m telling you, I don’t care if it’s Dick Durbin, I don’t care if it’s Dingy Harry or Josh Earnest, they all know. Whatever the people on the Obama side are saying to justify this, they know they’re not right. They know the Constitution does not provide for this. They know the president doesn’t have the authority. This is one of the reasons they’re so excited.

This is historic. Their president, their guy is going to, in front of everybody — this isn’t stealth. This isn’t under cover of darkness. This isn’t behind closed doors. This is right out in front of everybody, we are gonna go (raspberry) on the Constitution…

To me, this is just — I don’t know. It’s surreal. I’m not exaggerating… And I think that is part of the thrill, that they’re gonna get away with this. They’re gonna get away with it, and there’s nothing that’s going to happen to them. There’s nothing that can stop them, and they’re just excited as they can be over this. And after tonight’s over, they’re probably gonna say, “Why did we wait so long? Man, this is fun; let’s do it again. This is so much fun, let’s do it again…”

They’re gonna get away with it from the standpoint that it’s gonna happen. It’s like we’re gonna watch a bank get robbed tonight. Everybody knows it’s gonna get robbed, and nobody’s lifting a finger to stop the bank from getting robbed!

Basically Rush Limbaugh marveling at how we all know our freedom is ending, and the Constitution is being destroyed. We all know where this leads, but nobody is willing to do anything to stop it. The reason is one we have all experienced. You are irritated by one thing, and it makes you experience anger at another thing which is really so minor it should never have precipitated anger in the first place. That phenomenon works in reverse. You can be so comfortable and un-irritated in life, that even major calamities elsewhere won’t bother you enough to make you act. In this case, what we are missing is resource constriction.

I was worried that with the Republicans winning so handily, they would set the stage for a Democrat President in 2016. If Obama were anything but the complete narcissist he is, he could easily set the stage for a full Republican route by pinning all of the misery to come on his opposition. But he can’t help himself. Even as the public overwhelmingly opposes issues like illegal immigration (even in ultra liberal areas), he is going to ally himself (and the Democrats) with the out-group, thereby making Republicans the in-group by default.

The thing is, the stimulus to act is basically an excuse to vent the amygdala of the anger produced by the dispositioning events which set the stage. As a result, the stimulus is an entity that is somewhat permanent in nature. Create it now, and years later, when the populace is in an angry disposition, you will be able to point to how the rabbits brought in all these illegals, and helped to destroy our economy, steal our jobs, and betray our people. Like clockwork, once the predisposition is there, the populace will turn angry, and begin to focus all of their angry disposition on the rabbits they see.

Given that, Obama seems to be intent on building up a whole raft of stimuli, which when the dispositioning conditions arrive, will give the populace all the reason they need to engage in an extended period of amygdala venting on the rabbits in our society. I am even increasingly thinking that Obama probably wants to hand the 2016 elections to the Republicans.

One thing about narcissists – everything they do invariably screws over all of the people closest to them, all of the time. What can really tie your brain in knots is figuring out what disasters were produced by the narcissist’s total focus on themselves and their own desires, and what were produced by their passive-aggressive desire to make everyone around them miserable failures, so they will feel successful by comparison.

I have a feeling as Obama looks at the wreckage of the Democratic Party in 2017 and beyond, he will be feeling pretty good about his own relative station in life. Purposeful planning, or (for him) happy coincidence?

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If You Don’t Understand r/K Theory, You Don’t Understand The World

Here is an article on the new wave of men who professionally father children with women they don’t know.

Without grasping how r/K guides a population to these urges, why such bizarreness would arise in our society is a mystery, as is what will put it back to bed. Why are we so different from the 50′s model of human? Mostly just free resources, epigenetics, and the rise of the rabbits.

Even more importantly, what does this portend for our civilizational model?

You know. Now we just need to get the rest of the country to understand it too.

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