Migrants Are r-strategists – Child Pornography

More indices:

Multiple asylum seekers crossing the border from the United States into the French-speaking Canadian province of Quebec have been caught in the possession of child pornography.

The Quebec town of St-Bernard-de-Lacolle, which lies on the border with New York state, has seen an influx of thousands of asylum seekers from the United States in recent weeks.

The Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) has reportedly caught “four or five” asylum seekers originally from Haiti possessing sexual material involving children, Canadian broadcaster Global News reports.

The issue has sparked CBSA Assistant Director Daniel St-Arnaud to put out a memo to border agents which provides guidance on how to handle cases in which asylum seekers have illegal child pornography in their possession.

The memo states that agents who find such material must report it to both the CBSA Intelligence division, which will then notify the CBSA Criminal Investigation Unit, and the Quebec provincial police.

The cases are not the first time Haitian nationals have been caught with child pornography at the border. In February of this year, a 36-year-old man was arrested by New York authorities after the CBSA found illegal material on his person and deported him back to the United States.

The man was charged with promoting an obscene sexual performance by a child and possessing an obscene sexual image of a child.

One of the more subversive aspects of r/K Theory is that many of the behaviors society as a whole reviles will tend to be r. Since society is mostly K, those behaviors which deviate from K will tend to be the ones which are viewed askance.

If we were an r-species, then child-sexualization, or seeking free resources by stealing them, or promiscuity would be smiled upon. But we are not.

Now people tend to build up tolerances. Perhaps in some areas promiscuity is viewed as acceptable. I have seen some corners of society where stealing is viewed as sticking it to the man. Even Jerry Seinfeld’s parents were fine with stealing batteries on his TV show, to say nothing of Uncle Leo. But even where one or more aspects of r are tolerable, r/K unites the remainder of the intolerable, and links it all to whatever is tolerable.

In so doing, it has some ability to render the tolerable aspects of r in each area intolerable by association with all the other aspects. And as it does that, it attaches all of the amygdala from all of the intolerable together, and firmly attaches it to the very concept of political liberalism.

When it begins being officially taught, it will almost act as an operating system for the brains of our young, imbuing them with a K-psychology from the beginning of their political training.

And that can only be good for freedom.

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Teachers Sleeping With Students Increasing

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Here is an article it discussed, which is otherwise inexplicable, without r/K:

… teachers are committing more student-related sex crimes, and he cited several examples, including the following:

In Texas, home to the largest number of teacher sexual misconduct cases in the country, investigations into alleged inappropriate teacher-student relationships has grown 27 percent over the past three years, to 179. Kentucky schools reported more than 45 sexual relationships between teachers and students in 2011, up from 25 just a year earlier. And a surge has been reported in Alabama, where the state investigated 31 cases during the year ending July 2013, nearly triple the number it had investigated just four years earlier.

But this data involves teacher-student sex crimes generally. What about female educators specifically?

Though Abbott did not directly address this question, the research he cites suggests that female teacher-student sex crimes are on the rise.

In 2014, Abbott said, two-thirds of reported teacher-related sexual misconduct cases with students involved men; that means one-third of the cases involved female teachers.

If Abbott’s statistics are accurate, it would represent an enormous increase from just a decade ago, when female teachers accounted for as little as four percent of reported sex crimes involving students. (This, of course, assumes the studies cited in Saleton’s article are accurate, as well.)

What does it all mean?

A more precise review of data is no doubt warranted before it would be prudent to declare this a sexual epidemic. Anyone who has worked with statistics knows they can be fickle.

But sometimes conventional wisdom is right.

So let’s assume for a moment that sex crimes committed by female teachers are on the rise. The question becomes: What is driving it?

Abbott points to social media.

Yes and no. Social media probably contributes to dopamine load, so in that sense it may add to the problem. But this problem has been percolating much longer, and has a much more substantial foundation. This is an epigenetic and environmental adaptation of psychology, designed to alter reproductive strategy in such a way as to exploit r-selection.

What is interesting is that there seems to be an inflection point in the species. Some, perhaps for genetic reasons, perhaps for other reasons, reach that inflection point, and it is a sudden slide into super-r, no matter what happens. I almost get the impression, for these individuals, the amygdala-strain of a coming Apocalypse almost drives them even deeper into fantasy, amygdala-shutdown, and pathological rabbitry. Others, having never reached the inflection point seem able to pull back, and return to a more K-psychology.

It is this phenomenon that I suspect could have some role in civil wars past. As we are seeing today, it produces a super-r psychology, which there is no dealing with peacefully. The only question now is, are there enough of them forming to foment a sizable enough insurgency.

I think not, but hold off the Apocalypse long enough, and who knows.

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Antifa Protestor Says Violence Against Right Is Not A Crime

It makes sense if you understand amygdala:

Yvette Felarca, the Berkeley area school teacher and militant left-wing protester responsible for organizing the riot at the University of California, Berkeley in February 2017, claims that violence against the far-right is “not a crime.”

Felarca, who belongs to “By Any Means Necessary,” a far-left group, is currently facing assault charges after she was caught on video assaulting a white supremacist during a July 2016 rally in Sacramento, Cali.

The school teacher and her compatriots engaged in violent clashes against members of the far-right Traditional Worker’s Party, which had a permit to march in the city. The violence between the two groups resulted in a number of assaults and multiple stabbings. In July 2017, police charged Felarca with “assault by means of force likely to inflict great bodily injury, participating in a riot, and inciting a riot.”

As reported by Huffington Post on Wednesday during her arraignment, Felarca described her actions as a form of self-defense, and therefore “not a crime.”

I can deal with astonishingly irritating shit, and my amygdala probably lights up as much as many people’s would with a minor headache. As with all of r/K, it is a mixed blessing, and a commentary on my history of exposure to irritations.

But the Antifa chick’s amygdala is so weak and atrophied that if a conservative merely espouses some K-virtue like freedom or patriotism, it is so amygdala-shocking, her amygdala will light up the same as our’s would if we were physically attacked in a life-threatening incident.

Given that, it makes sense from a cognitive neuroscience perspective that she feels that way.

Of course from a practical perspective, there is no living with a woman like that, or letting her run your country. Amygdalae like that are how somebody criticizes her leadership and suddenly you turn around to find a mass grave filled with a few hundred thousand men, women, and children.

We have a major turning point approaching. Hopefully we will navigate our way to the right path easily, but have no illusions – we are coming astonishingly close to the edge of the cliff, considering this is America. It is amazing to think we can come this close to the edge and see this kind of dictatorial philosophy emerge in the land of the free.

It is the terrifying power of free resource availability.

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Antifa Chant – Cop And Klan Go Hand In Hand

You can’t expect retards to reliably rhyme….

Anti-Confederacy protesters took to the streets in Dallas, Texas, and attacked police officers at the end of a heated round of standoffs. Approximately 2,300 people turned out for the Saturday evening protest that lingered into the night.

“Cops and Klan go hand in hand,” chanted one group of protesters dressed in all-black, including masks, Fox4 Dallas reported. That group split off from the main march and headed toward the targeted Confederate monument. The local Fox affiliate reported some of the protesters donned gas masks and began throwing bottles at police officers.

r and K permeate everything. The rabbits see cops, even when they are tied up by local leftist government, and they see enemies.

As a result, the cops are our natural allies. But they have difficulties, and we will need to work with them on those. They are a part of a militaristic authority structure that issues orders and requires those orders be followed. To expect them to violate orders now, when nothing matters, is to expect the police to voluntarily self-purge their K-strategist members before the real festivities begin, sacrificing their incomes and careers in the process.

Additionally, after 9/11 there was some rule passed which subsumed local police under a federal authority structure issuing them orders. I would assume such orders are issued at the behest of the elites, who are none too pleased to have been saddled with Donald Trump as President by the hoi polloi.

What we need to do is wait, because the Police are never going to be on the side of the hippies. As it is, at each of these rallies cops are enduring urine and excrement being thrown at them by the Antifa. It is clear the leftists are not their people. But they can’t and shouldn’t violate orders now.

For now, no matter how K most of Law Enforcement is, we are on our own, at least until the chaos becomes so great the authority structures fomenting it begin to break down, and everyone else is freed up to act as they see fit.

Then is when it will count, and that is when the K in Law Enforcement will make all the difference to the outcome.

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Swedish Police Are Talking Like K-strategists

Cops will go very K very fast, as things pick up:

The Nordic resistance movement, NMR, will not be the major problem when the national socialist organization demonstrates in Göteborg on 30 September. “On the contrary, it will be left-wing extremists who will start riots,” says Erik Nord’s Senior Officer to Radio Sweden.

The Nordic resistance movement, NMR, has applied for a demonstration near the Bokmässan (The Book Fair) in Gothenburg this autumn. According to GP, it is estimated that there will be approximately 1,000 participants.

The police previously announced that there is no legal basis for denying the organization of demonstration a permit.

This is now confirmed by Erik Nord, Chief of Police for greater Gothenburg.

It would have been possible (to deny a permit) if the purpose of the demonstration was to create disorder.

But, according to Nord, it is not the national socialist organization that will be the big problem, but their left-wing opponents.

Cops will be natural allies of the right, and natural enemies of the left – especially when the leftists cede to their natural instincts and begin forming organized terror cells and attacking cops. r-strategists and K-strategists are natural enemies.

It is good for Sweden. Hopefully the right can get some protection from foreign-trained leftist terrorists.

No telling how it will work out in the US, as my own assumption is LE is exceedingly controlled by local government, and can be forced to stop protection duties on orders from the leftist machine above it. But at least most Law Enforcement won’t be eager to knock down the doors of K-strategists and actively take them out.

Hopefully they will be unleashed on the leftists when the attacks from the left begin on officers and police stations. If not, then they will deal with it off the record, and government will deteriorate again, in yet another form.

Banana Republic, here we come.

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Now The Plague Is Showing Up In Fleas


Fleas in two Arizona counties tested positive for the Bubonic plague — the same disease that killed millions of people in the 14th century throughout Africa, Asia, and Europe, public health officials say.

Navajo County public health officials announced Friday that fleas collected near the town of Taylor tested positive for Yersinia pestis, the bacteria that causes the Bubonic plague, the Associated Press reports.

The announcement came one week after Coconino County officials first discovered fleas in the area found to be carrying the plague.

KNXV reports that Coconino County officials first discovered the plague-infested fleas in the Red Lake area last week but also found fleas in the Doney Park area that tested positive for the disease…

Authorities say indicators that the plague is spreading include the sudden death of a large number of prairie dogs and rodents at the same time.

Public health officials warn residents that if they notice a sudden decrease in rodents to call their local health department.

My firm belief is the K-shift is linked in some way to the environment. As an example of a potential mechanism, perhaps slight changes in solar output affect climate, and that triggers slight diminutions in food production. That triggers slightly diminished societal dopamine. That triggers slightly more protectionist behavior. That affects the irresponsible economic behaviors that fuel a society where everyone floods money around freely and borrows to increase the surge. That diminution in irresponsible economic behavior begins an economic contraction. That increases conflict. That affects disbursement of resources, further constricting resources, and further increasing conflict. As all of that happens, the society becomes more K and less tolerant of r, reducing the irresponsible exploitation which fuels r. It all continues on, feeding off itself, until you are in the Apocalypse.

Now Apocalypses can probably have many triggers under different conditions, so I am not proposing that is a uniform starting point and mechanism.

But I have wondered if climate change is a common feature setting off many Apocalypses. If so, the effect it has on the animal kingdom, leaving many animals hungry and immunosuppressed, could affect the number of potential diseases floating around, some of which will inevitably be zoonotic and affect humans.

Could plague spread if you kill ten percent of mice by starvation, and each dead mouse’s fleas spread to other mice, turning one infected mouse into ten (and leaving fleas all over jumping around looking for any animal, even a human, to dine on)?

Personally, I think it highly likely a pandemic of some sort will be a part of the Apocalypse, and any preparation will have to factor that in. And it is not unlikely it could come out of left field, seemingly totally unrelated to human activity.

The good news is the pandemic will take out the hippies first, so my interest is purely for entertainment purposes only.

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Antifa Acquires Intel Support And Training From Socialist Venezuela

If true, this is disturbing:

A very troubling Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) urgent action bulletin circulating in the Kremlin today states that President Donald Trump has convened all of his top national security officers for an emergency meeting at his secure Camp David military protected complex after his receiving “firm/conclusive” evidence that a leftist-communist American terror organization named ANTIFA is training several hundreds of its forces in Venezuela—and who are the paramilitary wing of the Democratic Party and whose stated goal is the violent overthrow of the United States government. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this bulletin, on 1 August, Colombia’s National Intelligence Directorate (DNI) sent out a “critical crisis advisory” to all of the world’s top intelligence agencies (including the SVR) detailing a “strategic network” their counter intelligence operatives had discovered that was funneling hundreds of American ANTIFA terrorists into Venezuela—and whom once they reached this South American nation, were then, in turn, “assigned” to various paramilitary Colectivo’s where they received political, weapons, bomb-making and counter insurgency training prior to their returning to the United States.

The Venezuelan Colectivo paramilitaries, this bulletin explains, is a nationwide communistic organization of neighborhood collectives established by that nations regime to protect it against overthrow—and who are all heavily armed by their regime and that Human Rights Watch has described as being “armed gangs who use violence with impunity and who harass political opponents of the Venezuelan government”.

It is not surprising. Hippie terrorists in the sixties sought out North Vietnam and other communist nation support for their activities. If this is true, after killing a few hundred cops and service members in bombings, these will be the next generation of Ivy League Professors.

It is a problem though. Intel changes the entire battlefield. Both strategy and tactics are worthless without sophisticated intelligence operations to support them.

If someone shows up to a protest, thinking they will just bang heads there using phalanx tactics and go home, and somebody else is viewing the protest as an opportunity to gather intel on those who show up, so they can be dealt with later at a convenient time of their choosing, one side has an immense battlefield superiority over the other. One side will be followed home, ID’d, watched and monitored, and die, and they will likely never even see what happened to set the stage for their demise.

If Antifa starts setting up intel cells, running surveillance, following people home from protests, gathering IDs, cataloging vulnerabilities, and creating detailed files on the right, we will have a steep learning curve to catch up, and we will probably lose people in the process, because the US government is not getting involved or protecting anybody these days. They are too busy cataloging everything they can on everyone, and preparing their own control of their battlefield at the collapse.

And if our side starts getting killed, then we will end up, out of necessity, having to assemble our own intel and surveillance operations, perhaps with help from our only potential allies these days, the Russians. And from there, if the left doesn’t stop killing our side, and the US government stays hands-off as it appears to be doing, a full-on hot Civil War, ironically potentially fought between Russian-supported and Communist-supported competing ideologies in America, will fast become a reality.

The amusing thing then would be that the side which would win, would likely be the one who could manipulate US State Security into leaving them be, probably through blackmail. The Good Lord works in mysterious ways.

Intel makes war-waging easier, but when you have one side waging war, and the other not waging war as it is now, it can make that waged war essentially cost-less to the aggressor. That cost-less-ness is what rabbits want, and if this story is correct we are entering a dangerous period where killing could be costless for the rabbits. If rabbits get detailed enough intel files, and have state support, they can enter houses while we are out and poison food, they can launch attacks when victims are completely unprepared, they can spray car door handles with contact poisons, and do all sorts of other things without any of the normal costs one would associate with such activities. If they can, they will, and they will have the commie state security support in Venezuela to hook them up with whatever exotic tools they need.

I would also expect the commie-intel skillset Venezuela is giving them to begin to bleed over into BlackLivesMatters operators and produce Law Enforcement casualties as the collapse closes in and militant Black groups crop up, as in the sixties. It will be tragic if Law Enforcement never sees the surveillance preceding attacks on officers because of conditioning, or if they disregard any surveillance they see, thinking it is something else that won’t try to kill them.

For that matter, what will happen when thousands of anti-government leftists are schooled in the art of surveillance detection, by the hundreds of force multipliers Venezuela is training and sending up, and they all begin looking around and cataloging what they see online on leftist forums?

So much Apocalypse, everywhere I look, waiting for everyone. It is incredible. And this is not even the warm-up act for the real Apocalypse. Wait until the economy comes down. Then things will light up white hot, and fast.

I have never been one to relish the misery of others, but the idea of the truly free society which could arise from all of this chaos is very alluring – and amygdala-relaxing. I would almost say intoxicating.

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