What Happens to Rabbit-girlz Like Editor Tina Brown, as Things Shift Toward K

In a comment on another post, Dylan hoped the K-shift would happen soon, and he’s right. No good comes from waiting. Here is a first sign of the shift in progress – A Liberal Woman speaks openly.

From the link:

“I think they’re feeling unsafe,”

“They feel unsafe, economically. They’re feeling unsafe with regard to ISIS. They’re feeling unsafe about Ebola. What they’re feeling unsafe about is the government response to different crises.”

But it’s not just external events that are bothering women, Brown said. “No Drama Obama” himself might be just a little too cool for his own good – at least as far as women are concerned.

“I think they’re beginning to feel a bit that Obama’s like that guy in the corner office who’s too cool for school,” Brown said. “Calls a meeting, says this has to change, doesn’t put anything in place to make sure it does change. Then it goes wrong and he’s blaming everybody.”

When survival is suddenly in doubt, looking cool takes second seat to kicking ass, and even hippie chicks are not blind to that reality. Where the girls go, the beta-boys of the left will follow.

The worm continues to turn, and I expect we will see the initial effects this November, in the form of Liberal demotivation in voting and advocacy. As it progresses, it will begin to exert effects on Republican primaries, but for now, we are still in the early stages. Even so, a Republican landslide, despite GOPe incompetence seems inevitable, speaking to how strong the coming shift will be as it reaches its apex.

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Did Cyprus Solve Its Problems?

You have to wonder how bad things are in Cyprus. Cyprus President hospitalized for nosebleed caused by stress-exacerbated high blood pressure.

Especially interesting:

“Anastasiades, 68, was in “good health,” and the decision to remain hospitalized was his, not his doctors, said Christodoulides.”

He associates his medical condition with the stress of his job to the extent that the only way he sees to limit the stress is to commit himself to a medical institution.

It calls to mind Kyle Bass :

They’re not going to tell you [that a collapse is coming]. You’re going to have to see it for yourself. [During the Tequila crisis], the Mexican government affirmed they would not default, that they would not devalue, almost daily. The day after they said “we wont devalue,” they devalued by 60%. The government’s never going to tell you that it’s going to happen.

Greece’s Yunker said recently, “When it becomes serious—you have to lie”.

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r-Strategists Acquiring Free Resources Verses K-Rules

James O’Keefe strikes again, unmasking Liberal willingness to commit voter fraud.


Vote machines in Illinois are mis-calibrated so they take Republican votes, and turn them into Democrat votes.

If you are designed to simply pick up free resources, you will see nothing wrong with picking up free votes by any means you can. If you are designed to function as a part of a cohesive a group, you will have pro-social rules imbued within you that will make such immoral actions untenable.

r-strategists and K-strategists are two completely different animals, with completely different instincts. As the shift to K occurs, expect to see urges to punish this type of thing arise quite strongly in the K-strategists. All that is missing now is the amygdala irritation to motivate decisive action. It’s coming.

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Cosplay and the Apocalypse

Surfing blogs I happened upon By Other Means who had a post titledBeCos(play) It’s Friday. A quick trip to Wikipedia revealed that Cosplay is basically a new subculture where people adopt personaes from fantasy series to roleplay, and then they all meet up in costume at some venue. A lot of pretty girls who you wish didn’t have tattoos mingle and pose in their scanty costumes pretending to be superheroes, while the perfunctory fat guy with facial stubble, dressed up only in a neon wig, hangs out in the back taking it all in. (What do you mean I can’t get in because I’m not a Cosplayer? You think I’m only here to look at the girls? Do you see the wig?)

Again, deep down in young people’s psyches, this world is seen as some drudgery to escape from. Some deep reverberation of discomfort is trembling their amygdalae, and it manifests as a subconscious desire, not to go for a hike in the mountains, or snowboard Whistler, or see the Grand Canyon, but to dress up as a fantasy character and walk around an auditorium imagining they lived in that fantasy world.

Part of why things got so weird this turn of the r/K cycle is our technology. From video games, to movies like Avatar, the technologists who create that media have gotten the eliciting of dopamine down to a science. What is the Grand Canyon when you’ve not only lived in Avatar’s perfectly neon colored world, you’ve saved it from destruction, and gotten the girl, in a story so fantastic it could only be fantasy? Once people’s minds acclimate to that level of stimulation on a regular basis, the rest of the world just seems too bland. They need that intense fix, even if it is just imagining themselves to be a female Warrior from another more interesting world, destined to kill Goblins and Orcs, and save the universe from evil.

I’m not judgmental in any way. To each their own, and some of those girls are cute, if probably certifiable. But when the hammer drops on the economic turmoil to come in this turn of the cycle, I suspect the pendulum will swing much harder and faster the other way. Like grumpy junkies who can’t get a fix, none of those people are going to want to hear about how they need to redistribute what meager income they can eek out in the aftermath to some poor unfortunate whose sense of economic entitlement created the problem in the first place.

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Ebola and Gays

It’s politically incorrect to point it out, but AIDS was a sexually transmitted disease from Africa which, once it made it into the gay population, spread like wildfire. Given this, I wonder if Ebola can be transmitted via semen prior to symptom presentation. If so, a gay guy from Africa, landing in SF, could have a week or two (or three) to spread it around, and each contact would then get their own week or two (or three). Yowza.

Without a travel ban, I’d say the gay community is teetering on the edge of annihilation, and not just politically, though politically too. Let Ebola catch on there, and it will undo nearly every gain they’ve made in the last five decades, because at it’s heart, homophobia is really just a deeply imbued disgust reflex that has only been knocked back by an extended period of reduced risk of injury or death from illness.

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Amygdalae in the News

A National Review Article by Victor Davis Hansen

Relevant part of the article: “At the end of the 18th century, there were two great Western revolutions — the American and the French. Americans opted for the freedom of the individual, and divinely endowed absolute rights and values. A quite different French version sought equality of result… They ended up not with a Bill of Rights and separation of powers, but instead with mass executions and Napoleonic tyranny.”

One psychology pines for the K-selected model of freedom and competition that arises under limited resource availability because that is what they are designed for – but they will tolerate the r-selected model as long as the costs are minimal. The other psychology pines for the conditions of r-selection – and is so terrified of the K-selected model that it will do anything to avoid it. r/K is everything, and viewing history through that lens can change your entire perspective.

A Real Life Example of Amygdala Development in Action.

Relevant part of the article: “Five Dallas County sheriff’s deputies who were ordered Wednesday to go inside the Dallas apartment where an Ebola patient stayed are now worried about their health…. Sgt. Chris Dyer, president of the association, said a lieutenant, sergeant and three deputies went inside the apartment to serve the containment warrant that asked the occupants not to leave. The deputies accompanied the county’s health director, Zachary Thompson, and its medical director, Christopher Perkins, to the apartment, Dyer said.”

I could see myself as a cop, told to enter the apartment, saying, “What are the chances it is Ebola?” After getting a fever, I could see myself never seeing that situation the same way again. That is amygdala development. Once that amygdala pathway is there, you will answer to it whenever similar situations arise. Thank God it turned out that the officer wasn’t infected.

Deadening the Conservative Amygdala.

Relevant part of the article, paraphrased: ‘Pedophilia is completely normal, and if your amygdala flags on it as aberrant, you need to punish yourself for being so intolerant and hurtful, so your amygdala will learn not to do that again.’

Triggering the Conservative Amygdala.

Relevant part of the article: “It had been a relatively quiet policy debate until the full-page ad appeared in Sunday’s local newspaper. “A male wants to shower beside your 14-year-old daughter,” it said. “Are you OK with that?”

The ad, placed by a socially conservative group in Minnesota, was meant to snap attention to a proposal to allow transgender students to play on teams based on their preferred gender rather than the sex assigned to them at birth.”

And that was the end of that proposal.

What you see in these last two articles is interesting. Leftists basically tell everyone, “Turn off your amygdala, or we will say you are a bad person.” If people follow their dictate (which they often will if resources are plentiful), the leftist is happy. However if the response is, “Kill the leftists for screwing with our amygdala!,” the leftist is given a choice between accepting the amygdala stimulating status quo, or being beaten and then drawn and quartered by an angry mob, which would be even more amygdala stimulating. The leftist will always choose the less amygdala stimulating option, and therein lies a political strategy.

Make opposition to your platform appear more amygdala stimulating than acceding to it, and you will be a successful K-leader. Here, by implying the leftists were trying to get men’s daughters molested sexually, pursuing that option became so worrisome to the leftist amygdalae that they just dropped the issue immediately. Very subtle point, but very important. As threats mount in the K-selecting future, the populace will become easier to trigger, leftists will walk on ever thinner eggshells, and leftist policy will be ever easier to thwart in this manner, if a wise leader can grasp that mechanism.

Pitting Conservative K’s against Conservative K’s, Normal Version.

Relevant part: basically Socialist Bernie Sanders saying the middle class needs to fight against the billionaires.

Pitting Conservative K’s against Conservative K’s, Enhanced Version.

Relevant part: Anti-gunners promising on Twitter to report any open carrier to police as a deranged man with a gun who is threatening people, so cops will show up and attack, while the leftist scurries down his hidey-hole.

That desire to get two people fighting and then hide is a very deeply imbued urge. It is borne of an attempt to make something which stimulates the leftist’s amygdala stimulate their enemy’s amygdala, combined with sheer cowardice making direct confrontation not an option. As with every other leftist tactic, the goal is an outcome which would terrify the leftist, were positions reversed, namely manly men coming to kill them.

From simple social out-grouping, to calling cops to a store in such a way that they might shoot a conservative, to out-right swatting, to deploying various other government agencies to harass and intimidate conservatives, leftists have a burning, innate desire to get K-strategists fighting each other, especially as things get crazy. It is not a coincidence and it is not an accident – it is a long-evolved strategy, and we should all expect to see a lot more of it in the next two decades. The obvious solution is to not fall for it, and instead focus on the leftist themselves as the source of the problem. Very quickly leftists would abandon that strategy.

The Amygdala In Investing

There are two models of investing, just as there are two strategies to reproduce. One is amygdala-deficient, and one is amygdala-centric. Inherent to the amygdala-deficient model is a sense that resources will always be free, threat is to be denied and minimized as a means of avoidance, and one should gather the free resources as quickly as possible. It is generally lackadaisical in the face of threat, and prone to emphasize acquiring gains over protecting from losses. Blind to threats, it produces the very bubbles which feed it’s growth. The other model is prone to see a dangerous world, prioritize threat, become uneasy in its presence, and feel compelled to act to minimize the effects threat can have. Cautious and quick to protect itself, it produces the very collapses which feed it’s growth.

Since the amygdala can be set on edge by one thing, and it will affect how the amygdala handles another, it is little surprise that the current Ebola threat is causing a more threat-conscious investing strategy to emerge. If that continues, the stock market should begin to respond to all the threats which have accumulated lo these many years, which itself will become one big threat added into the mix, stimulating an already threat-conscious group of investors, as it makes them even more threat conscious. That’s a lot of threat.

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Preparing for Ebola

Hopefully Ebola will prove controllable. but it never hurts to recognize potential threats and prepare, and given the incompetence of our government, that is never more true than now. Obviously, I saw Vox’s post on the curve, and that doesn’t look good.

First hand-washing. -Your amygdala triggers on the novel. If you never wore a watch, and suddenly put one on, your amygdala will keep tripping on the novel sensation on your wrist. Likewise, if you wash your hands frequently now, and get used to that fresh, sterile feeling that your hands get right after a wash, your amygdala will come to regard that clean feeling as normal, and it will flag when it doesn’t sense it. I cannot possibly eat anything now, if I haven’t just washed my hands. I cannot touch my lips, my eyes, or my nose, if my hands haven’t just been washed. They will feel dirty, and it will bother me immensely. Now is the time to begin training yourself. A little thing like that can make all the difference.

Also, you might want to begin to think now about how to strictly quarantine your household, in the event that Ebola does evolve and become more of a problem. One concern will be Ebola making it into a reservoir species within the country. Dogs appear able to be infected with Ebola (as can several other animals), and it is thought that they may be able to shed the virus and transmit it to humans while showing no symptoms of illness. That is of immense concern since it could facilitate the virus’ spread through reservoir species. In the early, pre-diagnosed stages of an infection, it is possible a caregiver could throw out towels with vomit on them, and once that garbage hits the street, mice, rats, foxes, cats, and raccoons will make a beeline for it, as will insects, which could end up eaten by bats, birds, or other animals. It is not impossible there is a mouse or rat that consumed some of Duncan’s vomit running around that housing complex in Dallas right now.

In America, raccoons often eat in groups and fight with each other, as do rats, and they will gravitate to stuff that smells good to dogs. If you walk your dog in your yard, and it smells where an infected raccoon/bat/rat defecated some blood in the grass, it is not impossible that your dog could catch Ebola, and shed some virus particles on you later on with a kiss or a nuzzle. Be ready to fence your yard, and contain your pets away from local wildlife. Obviously unless we get confirmation they can’t harbor Ebola, free ranging cats in your house are a bad idea, if this gets out of hand. Either get a litter box and keep them inside, or keep them outside and at a distance.

Given that Ebola can infect rodents , and New York City rat complaints are at an all time high, you can see where that could go. If it heads there, and worse the virus adapts to better infect rodents, it is not impossible that rats or mice could bring virus particles from a neighbor’s house into yours as they seek an occupied dwelling, shedding and spreading them in your “secure” clean zones when you are not around. Even if you’ve never seen a rat or mouse, you might still want to be ready to stock up on glue traps, to make sure if any rodent ever gets in your house, it is stopped dead in it’s tracks before it can do any damage, trapped physically without physical damage or body fluid release, and in such a way it can be disposed of as cleanly as possible.

Obviously, canned food and bottled water to allow sheltering in place, masks, gloves, goggles, sterilizing chemicals, a way to heat items moderately without damage for extended periods for sterilization (oven), and hooded protective gear would be needed as well, if things turn in that direction. This is all hopefully highly unlikely of course, but nobody knows how bad this could get, nor can that be predicted until it plays out. Now is when you want to think about how you would handle these things, so later you can either laugh at how paranoid you were – or execute your plan quickly, before stores run out. If this really hits, it will be panic.

Whether it is Ebola that is the next pandemic, or something much more transmissible that arises out of nowhere in the future, I believe Pestilence is coming, and it is increasingly clear nobody will save us. If this Ebola were able to transmit from patient to patient like a common cold, the news would appear much more dire right now, and none of the idiots we have in office would be able to do a thing to help us. We need to prepare, plan, and train our brains now, when we have the leeway to screw up. When the time comes, there will not be any leeway there.

PS – Finally, another interesting factoid, of totally unknown veracity or importance – some speculate Ebola may naturally exist within plants, and a similar filovirus may have been observed in a leafhopper in France, indicating that the virus might exist in plants. Presumably, it would then either infect herbivores who eat the plants, or enter insects that consume the plants, and these insects then transmit it to animals. I don’t buy it existing in plants based on the inability to infect any plants, but I do find myself wondering if the coincidence with a species of plant flowering might speak to an insect visiting the flowering plant for pollination purposes, and transferring the virus onto it, or being accidently consumed with the plant. Could a maggot grow in carrion, and then hatch into a fly that pollinates a flower? Of course, if it can be carried by insects, one has to wonder if it could make it into cockroaches in the city through garbage with vomit in it, or into flies at the dump. We are in a world of possibilities, many of them very bad right now. Having obsessive/compulsive insect control measures on hand, regardless of any problem, might be a very good idea as well.

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Amygdala Rising

Doctors, nurses in Liberia fleeing Ebola hospitals (When this takes off, it could be a tipping point)

What goes on all the time that you don’t hear about on the national news (local news links down the thread)

Where it could go

People will begin to develop their caring neural pathways very quickly, once decisions come to really matter again.

Conservatives still under attack from governmental agencies – Added into our mix

And in other wayback news, a Governor says that bloated government and free resources has produced a mini-covert-intelligence network that operate under color of authority to seize control of governors and legislators through surveillance and blackmail – and the media ignores it all as soon as possible. Also note – the guy appointed to investigate it did nothing, and ended up Governor himself, replacing the very Governor who appointed him to do the investigation.

History’s tide is flowing and the currents are coursing.

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Ebola, Natural Selection, and Facilitating a K-Shift to Conservatism to Save Lives

Lots of disease in the news recently, and it highlights how people should factor disease into their catastrophe planning, perhaps even more than economic or civil collapse. Have enough food, medicine, and other supplies to bed down for four to six months or so, as well as protective and sanitizing gear, should you need to go out.

Of course historically, disease is a major K-stimulus. (There is even a germ theory of politics which asserts that conservatism is an adaptation to disease specifically, instead of an adaptation to the harsh realities of all kinds that emerge in shortage, including disease).

I suspect a pandemic will produce a K-shift on this go around even before an economic/civil collapse, whether Ebola makes the jump to pandemic here or it ends up being something else, and it will happen in the next decade. The four horsemen do tend to travel together, and when they arrive, a K-psychology is all that will remain after they leave.

But why would disease tend to accompany the K-shift, such as the plague arriving after the Medieval Warming Period ended? People tend to view disease as a static entity, but that is not the case. Diseases are dynamic, changing, adaptable entities – they tend to adapt to the host they infect, as they advance through the population. There is a reason pandemics will accompany resource limitations, and begin to emerge as resource availability begins to diminish. If resources are free, then the host population will tend to be strong and resistant, and diseases which enter the population will not get far, nor will they have much opportunity to adapt before they flame out. As a result, their adaptation will be limited, as will their effects, so long as everyone has plenty of good, nutritious rations to keep their immune systems strong.

As resources grow scarce however, those at the bottom of the economic ladder will find malnutrition set in, and this will diminish resistance significantly. (It would not surprise me if there was also an epigenetic component to this, throttling immunity during resource excess to limit undue autoimmune damage, and creating a coincidental immune-compromised-refractory-period at the beginning of a resource shortage, before amping up immunity to compensate for the immuno-compromising effects of malnutrition in subsequent generations.)

Regardless of the mechanism, as resources begin to grow short, a population will grow immuno-compromised, and disease will travel farther into the population for longer, infect more people, run a little longer in each person, and acquire much more opportunity to adapt. As the disease moves, only the fastest, most effective mutations, most capable of bypassing immune defenses and spreading easily, are selected for with each transmission. Eventually, given much more opportunity to adapt to the human host in the weakened malnourished population, that more-adapted pathogen will have the muscle to move in on more nourished and robust populations, and then you have real trouble.

In addition, resource limitation can force populations to enter niches they have little experience in, and which as a result, contain pathogens to which they are immunologically naive. In the case of Ebola, you will have Africans eating more bushmeat of questionable quality. Once the economic collapse happens for real, and all aid to Africa ends, that effect will increase dramatically, and I would expect lots of unusual diseases to begin to emerge in earnest, and tear through the malnourished populations there. If you’re well fed, you walk right by that dead and rotted bat cadaver. But if you’re hungry enough that you will die if you don’t eat, you stop, pick it up, and dig right in. On a Continental scale, especially in a place like Africa, nothing good will come of that. Add in globalism, quick air travel, and a plethora of malnourished humans all over the globe, and it is a recipe for disaster on a scale we can only imagine.

Another effect of the switch from r to K is geographical translocation. r’s will instinctually want to move to areas with freer resource availability, and this will further stir the pot. Already we see the spread of Enterovirus D68 throughout areas where floods of illegal children have been sent by the Obama administration. You can imagine what will happen when resources really crash, new pathogens arise, and suddenly there is a flood of third-world immigrants fleeing starvation in their home countries.

Of course, if a real pandemic hits on top of all of this, it will either initially crush the US healthcare system outright, or it will not. If it should not, then everyone elsewhere in the world who is infected, will begin a mad dash to get to the US to avail themselves of our free, top-quality healthcare. That will only make things worse.

The effects of this on political ideology can not be imagined now. If people begin to lose children, parents, siblings, friends, and loved ones because out-of-control liberals stupidly welcomed foreigners into this country, in complete and willful ignorance of reality, (and castigated anyone who objected to that with cries of racism), I would expect a sizable portion of the population will want blood. They will become imbued with a very deep amygdala pathway, associating liberals with rage, hatred, and vengeance, which once in place, will only be strengthened by each subsequent similar stimulation by liberal stupidity.

The liberal position will not be helped by the fact that should such a pandemic arise, it will savage the most poor, the most densely populated, those with little disgust and/or aberrant or promiscuous sexual tastes, and the least reality-aware. Liberals are not designed to flourish under any conditions but free resource availability, and no danger or exposure to reality. Limit resources or add some dangerous reality, and they will begin to drop like flies.

That homosexual guy who goes to the bathouse daily for group sex with people he doesn’t know, loves the densely populated city, and refuses to let the pandemic drive him to “irrational fear,” will be the first to drop, and any first-degree contact of his will likely not last long either. The coming pandemic will savage liberalism in a very material sense – have no doubt. Whatever liberals manage to survive will be a much reviled minority, and I would not be surprised to see the remaining majority, livid over the avoidable deaths of loved ones, decide to treat them with a harshness we currently can only imagine as a relic of a barbaric past. One thing about death, familiarity breeds comfort with it.

Today the amygdala strain of violence is greater than enduring the (at present) negligible damage to survivability that liberals are inflicting through their stupidity. Let resources snap, and the damage liberals do grow to include the deaths of loved ones, to maximize the amygdala strain of allowing liberals to remain, and let death become so ever present that the idea of violence becomes much less novel and straining, and it is only common logic where that will lead. Once violence is a relative amygdala relief rather than a relative strain, people will clamor to it just as strongly as they avoid it now. Once those first few violent outbursts remove all vestige of strain and actually condition the individual to feel relief, things will get very wild. These are the emotional currents which drive the type of history that until now, we could only vaguely picture as we read about it. I suspect it is coming in a way we cannot imagine, in large part because of how far our massive debt spending has swung the pendulum to r.

If conservatives are wise, they will begin now to attach to liberalism a sense that it is bringing disaster upon us through its stupid refusal to face reality, while acknowledging that we are not seeing consequences now, but asserting that we will one day. Explain the threat liberal policy poses to us, our loved ones, and our nation. If that neural connection can be made now in the brains of Americans before the storm hits, then when disaster comes, the populace will be primed to blame liberalism, drive it from power, and begin the process of effectively confronting reality through supporting conservatism. Only that will save lives in a crisis.

The bottom line is, God wants a certain model of human on this planet. He wants humans who recognize and adapt to reality, no matter how painful it is to do so. Liberals are just not designed to survive the unpleasant realities which are coming. How ironic they will bring that reality on themselves, through their own stupidity.

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Yahoo Says Conservatism is Hate Speech

Yahoo Hates Conservatives

Yahoo Hates Conservatives

What I love is, the ad has a Black American, a White American, and a Latino American, yet is it classified as hate speech. Liberals are now so intellectually insecure that unless you pamper them with dainty leftist platitudes, they will hyperventilate and keel over. Next stop – the insane asylum.

Obviously Yahoo has now openly declared that it officially hates Conservatives.

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