Real Men Provide, Real Women Appreciate?

A controversial idea?

It’s just seven words long, but that’s enough to start a firestorm: “Real men provide. Real women appreciate it.”

A billboard containing the words sits along an interstate in North Carolina, and it’s inflaming passions.

Some people find the message sexist.

A group of those who don’t like the billboard’s message plan to hold a protest this weekend.

There is a truth in the message, and women should avail themselves of it before getting married.

I’m all for women working and having access to their own funds in a relationship. I get emails from women who accidently got married to narcissists and didn’t work themselves, and they are tragic. Lacking access to their own money, they are trapped and unable to leave because of their inability to support their children, so they stay in a household that is horrifying every moment of their lives. Knowing the beauty of the world out there, and what they are missing, it is heartbreaking. Their very lives are stolen from them day by day, and they are helpless to stop it without risking their children’s lives.

By all means, if you are a young woman, lay the groundwork to be able to support yourself, because the truth is that recognizing a narcissist is far from easy when you are young and in the marrying years. Nobody is sharp enough in their early to mid twenties to spot a narcissist 100% of the time. So if you do one day wake up and realize you got caught married to one, being able to take your money and split is an excellent back-up plan.

That said, the message of the billboard has a strong element of truth to it. There are two types of guys I see out there, namely r and K. The K’s have a very strong team spirit. They want to contribute. If they are on a sports team, they want to pull their weight. Making a key play to help their team is bliss and they would be horrified to fail their teammates and not contribute. If they are in a relationship, they similarly want to provide for their wife and children.

The r-strategist, in contrast, has no desire to contribute and no appreciation for any contributions given to them. In its mild form, it expects free resources, so it will gravitate to latch onto a wife who can support it, and it will merely not contribute or appreciate what is done for it. In its most extreme form, it so expects free resources that everything you supply will be viewed as sub-par, and even worse, you will be viewed as stupid for providing it without expecting an explicit quid pro quo in return, or recognizing how you are being used. r-strategists expect everyone else is an r-strategist, so your selflessness isn’t noble – it is a sign that you are a rabbit so stupid, and they are so smart, that they are just rolling over on you.

If you are normal, the idea that you would not only not be appreciative of a partner’s contributions, but that those very contributions themselves would make you marvel at how stupid your partner was, seems impossible. But if you have the misfortune of marrying far enough along on the r-selection spectrum, that is exactly what you will get. I have seen it first hand, and received additional reports by email. It is out there, and you do not want to meet up with it, let alone get legally bound to it.

It is surprisingly difficult to spot. This is partly because they learn early on in life to mask what they are, and partly because when you do something nice for your partner, and they feign appreciation, it is far easier to imagine that they are appreciative when they fake it. It is very difficult to imagine that under that faked appreciation, they just scoffed with a laugh to themselves, about how incredibly, unbelievably stupid you are to be doing such generous things for a user like them. In one case I saw, the guy actually laughed at how stupid his wife was to be so blindly loyal and giving. He literally laughed, at how unbelievable it was she could be so stupid.

If you are a young K-female, you need to attune yourself to seek out a potential husband that is perhaps slightly bothered by your most extravagant contributions to him, and perhaps feels a need to “even things out” by reciprocating with an equal or greater contribution to you to “get you back.” If you find a guy who feels competitive with respect to providing for you, you will have less chance of being tied on to an r-strategist or narcissist, and that will increase the chances of your marriage being successful in the long term.

SPread r/K Theory, because you do not want to be hitched to a narcissist

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David Seaman Meets The Deep State

Hey, welcome to the Alt-right party!

David Seaman, a young journalist fired last August by the Huffington Post for articles focusing on the health of one-time Presidential candiate Hillary Clinton, has had his popular YouTube channel shut down.

Seaman’s channel often focused on internet rumors that dogged Washington D.C.’s Comet Ping-Pong Pizza and the activities of James Alefantis, named by GQ Magazine as the 49th Most Powerful DC Personality a year ago.

The sudden news regarding the removal of all Seaman’s videos follows the stabbing murder of Seaman’s girlfriend and her roomate in an incident police described as a violent home-invasion by likely drug-world operatives.

Over the course of recent reporting, Seaman’s PayPal account was twice mysteriously suspended and his Patreon payment arrangement was discontinued. The journalist’s bank cards also suddenly stopped working.

Seaman has published no details of the recent developments on his channel placeholder or on his Facebook profile…

And here’s the other spooky part of it:

Seaman told numerous friends that he was seeing patrol vehicles parked outside his place at night.

His judgement was that there seemed to be some type of effort to make him feel he was under surveillance or some form of harassment.

The bankcard thing is becoming a classic. It is surprising how many are complaining of this now.

This was downthread:

No shit, this is all disturbing, and we are seeing it everywhere of late. The United Soviet States of America are here. That it is accelerating does make one wonder if they don’t care about everyone talking about it, because they are planning some sort of purge at some point. That might imply that the Donald is not fully in control, and his control might be slipping further in the future.

Hopefully Brock just called in a favor with an Obama holdover in some position in the security state, but as I think about it, I do wonder where it is going.

I would assume they ran (obvious) plainclothes decoy/diversion surveillance first, but when he saw it he blew it off as his own paranoia playing with his mind, so they upped it to uniformed units which leaves little to be mistaken about.

My understanding is most uniformed patrol has little idea what they are doing in this situation. They are probably told they are supporting some legitimate operation, trying to apply pressure to somebody that some agency needs to turn to do something LE-related. I do not think they are told whether you are a criminal, or a potential informant, or just an innocent citizen they want to turn to do something, or what the deal is. They are just told, scowl at this guy at the stoplight and stare him down, and they do it, because in their job they have to follow orders.

It is important to understand, Uniformed Patrol is not the problem here, and they are not doing this purposely to you. One guy in Louisiana who was under this type of activity shot some uniformed cops, which is kind of sad because I think some cops get this treatment too. This comes from very high up and not the people you see.

It is weird to see cops in marked units giving you the stink-eye for no reason, but you are going to get your ticket punched by uniformed patrol, so don’t freak out. It is just part of the psyops theater, to amp up pressure on your amygdala and unbalance you, so you will not think clearly or make good decisions. It seems that in this case it is working for now, but he will adapt, as his brain becomes accustomed to the constant threat. The brain is designed to desensitize and normalize under constant levels of threat, even like this, after being exposed to it long enough. Embrace the stress as strengthening, and accept what is.

The problem is Seaman probably now has a large enough surveillance file that anyone who can pull it can get stuff in his food, and apparently they may have. He does need to deal with that, because all sorts of bad characters can get ahold of that intel and do mischief. The only way to deal with it is sealed food, bought randomly (so they would have to poison hundreds of people’s purchases, to get your’s as well), and it cannot be left unsecured in your absence until consumed, especially in your car while you stop at another store. That means one grocery stop per trip, and then straight home, unless you can leave someone trusted in the car.

The girlfriend’s stabbing is troubling, but it is tough to tell if that was related. Obviously, it wouldn’t hurt to randomize his movements, leaving buildings by different exits constantly, taking different routes, and mixing up whatever he does from parking to shopping, so nobody can predict where he will be at any point exactly. There are limits to what you can do, but if a close relative or friend dies violently, that is unusual, and may call for extreme action that would be judged ridiculously paranoid otherwise.

If you are going to get into the alt-right, go in knowing this may come, because it is increasingly looking like it probably will be there in the US. If you can get to the point you enjoy being chased around by forty or fifty people, you like learning about the art and seeing it firsthand, and you aren’t freaked out by the threat, then you will probably not be killed before bigger names in the alt-right.

I am not sure losing the boredom of normal life isn’t almost worth the threat. But it does take a specific type of psychology to cope with it. If you don’t think you have the right mindset, you like your peace and solitude, and the idea of driving down a country road alone with nobody watching is important to you, you might be best served holding back on political activism until the Apocalypse culls backs the government resources some.

One thing I am confident of is this will eventually have to scale back, because resources will not always be this free.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because one day we could all be silenced

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r/K Beginning To Provoke Assortive Mating

This was a ways down on the facebook r/K Discussion Group page:

Went on a date with this beautiful girl, I asked her what she is looking for. To my surprise, she asked me if I am familiar with r vs K Selection theory. I said I am a K, she said as am I. Fucking hot.

First, that r/K Discussion Group page is happening. If you aren’t there, you are missing out on good stuff. As I check it out, I realize that this site needs to up its game.

Second, K-selected girls, who proudly identify themselves as K-selected are hot. Third, many thanks to the supermodel out there who is going around spreading r/K so subversively. Talk about a master persuader with genius-level psychological knowledge.

This is what will really change how people see politics, and themselves. Hot girls have the problem of trying to sort through tons of guys who are looking at taking their hotness, and not necessarily looking to form any sort of a loyal, giving relationship. Some hot girls will not care, but those who do care, now will begin looking for unabashed K-selected wolves, instead of flashy rabbits. Imagine that.

Before, conservatism could be used as a means of judging mates, but who paid attention to politics, or even knew what that meant at that age? If r/K begins to get taught in political science classes however, the rabbit vs wolf imagery will unavoidably infect every facet of people’s perceptions of each other on college campuses. That will invariably make rabbits begin to feel inferior, just as the K-shift was going to begin producing that effect itself. With those two effects combined, watch out.

From there, once it begins affecting their status and access to mates, watch the liberals begin rioting at the very mention of r/K. That will eventually make it bigger than Milo tying up feminists and spanking them on a stage at Berkeley.

Then, you will begin to see the population divide further, as K-strategists mate with K-strategists, and r-strategists are left mating with the leftover r-strategists. Rabbits will get more rabbity, and wolves will grow ever more wolf-like.

Eventually, r/K Theory could be precipitating civil wars, triggering mass purges of r-strategists, setting off individual r-strategist lunatics on killing sprees due to amygdala-overload, and maybe even set off a World War between rabbit nations and wolf nations.

And all of that global chaos and destruction will come from hot girls beginning to ask prospective mates if they are r or K.

Spread r/K Theory, because hot women think it is attractive

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The Rabbit Pope Goes Easy On Pedophiles

Rabbits are always rabbits:

Pope Francis has been slammed by church officials and sex abuse survivors for cutting penalties for paedophile priests.

The Pope is said to be applying his vision of a ‘merciful church’ to sex offenders by reducing punishments to weaker sentences, such as a lifetime of prayer and penance.

It has been revealed by church officials that Pope Francis overruled advice given to him by the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith about two priests – allowing them to be punished by a lifetime of prayer.

r-strategists do not see having sex with children as wrong. At the least, this move by the Pope shows that he is sympathetic to priests with these drives, and I would wonder if he even has these drives himself.

There is no other reason that liberal values like embrace of foreign out-groups, aversion to economic self-determination, and tolerance for sexual aberration travel together with things like child molestation and pedophilia. Only r/K Theory can unite all of these urges in the way we see them united in reality.

Tell everyone about r/K Theory, because when the Pope supports pedophiles we need a K-shift

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Tyranny Rises As The Shift To K Proceeds

This is a risk as we shift to K:

Back in the 18th century, political reformer Henry Fox was advocating giving the vote to more people. But only, he insisted, to what he called ‘the better sort’. Not ‘the mob or the mere dregs of the people’. Heaven forbid!

Now, in the 21st century, such derogatory sentiments about ‘the people’ are dangerously back in fashion — ever since they dared vote for Brexit in Britain, and for Donald Trump in the United States.

Questions are being asked in high places about whether ordinary voters are fit to make decisions on major issues.

As a result, democracy — the cornerstone of our way of life — is being undermined, its very survival put at risk. Its modern enemies are mustering from all corners — but most worryingly from the Left, the very area where its stoutest defenders should be.

As a long-standing person of the Left, I fear that democratic freedoms are now in danger of being abandoned as elitists in our midst attempt to restrict them.

Every serious politician and thinker declares his or her belief in democracy. Yet, in practice, they seek to separate power from the people. The mantra has become ‘I’m a democrat, of course, but …’

Over Brexit, this profoundly insidious attitude was exemplified by John Major, former Tory prime minister, who denied the referendum result was binding and declared: ‘The tyranny of the majority has never applied in a democracy.’

Some of us might naively have imagined that majority rule was the very essence of democracy. But not, it seems, when millions vote against the wishes of a tiny political elite.

It is all amygdala. Since r thrives where ease and lack of threat atrophy amygdala, r will always exist in large quantities at the top of the status hierarchy. Even in the Conservative movement we have the Cuckservatives, who are people who uniformly exist in environments absent threat and hardship, allowing them to scoff at the plights of people like Kate Steinle. They do so because that is just how they are programmed.

As the K-shift takes hold, the most logical thing for these people to do would be to embrace K and lead the charge, but politics is rarely logical. Instead r-strategists, overwhelmed by r-strategist urges, become convinced they are “right,” and anyone opposed to them is wrong.

This isn’t logic or self-interest. It is human robots trying to follow their programming and being frustrated when it doesn’t work as they are programmed to expect. Given that, they are programmed to do anything to try and make their programming work, and they are programmed to think they are right in the process. So get ready for the elites to make the logical case that normal people who want to prepare for the economic collapse are demonstrating that they are not intelligent enough to have a say in their own government – and they will feel that is the only morally defensible position.

The most “principled” tyrant is a coward, convinced by fear that he is right.

Spread r/K Theory, because politics is not logical, unless you are a K-strategist as the Apocalypse approaches

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Signs Of r – Texas Girlfights

Another sign of the reversal of sex-specific traits:

A group of women, dressed to the nines for a night on the town, got into a fight in a brawl that was caught on camera by a witness.

The incident happened sometime this year on 6th Street in Austin, Texas.

The video shows one group of women getting into a verbal spat with another group of women, and then the two factions squaring off in a physical fight.

Note how guys on the street are jokingly mugging for the cameras as the girls brawl, to establish status through humor and posturing. The last thing the guys are thinking about is throwing down amongst themselves to sort out status. That is because when resources are free and threat is nonexistent, guys don’t fight, and women do. Compare that with the Depression, or the WWII era. Mobsters ran rampant killing each other, bank robbers headed where the money was, guys took it outside if they had a problem, and women viewed their roles as being attractive to men by being feminine.

When resources are scarce, that K-selected psychology takes over, and men dress and act like men while women act like ladies. Under that psychological framework, no guy wants to latch on to some feminist ball-crusher who has just beaten some girl to a bloody pulp in the middle of the street. But let resources grow free, and suddenly bemused guys who have no desire to fight see that crazy chick as great one-night stand material.

And of course, it is no coincidence that we see that r-psychology all over just as political leftism is peaking, and beginning the shift back to K.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because we can’t understand humans without understanding reproductive strategies

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Prison Stocks Skyrocket

The K-shift will have an affect on the metrics of the investing world:

Thanks to President Donald Trump, America’s private prisons appear to be entering a gold age.

The stocks of the two biggest private prison operators — CoreCivic (formerly know as Corrections Corp. of America) and Geo Group have doubled since election day. CoreCivic is up 140% since Trump won in November; Geo Group has risen 98%.

For all the talk about how good Trump has been for big banks like Goldman Sachs, he’s been even better for private prison investors.

The reason private prisons are back in vogue is simple: Trump has made sweeping promises to crack down on crime and illegal immigration. Wall Street calculated quickly that Trump’s rhetoric is likely to translate into more people behind bars. And that means more profits for private prisons.

Prisons are about self-preservation, with ease. In a shift to K, where people still desire the ease of r-selection, but need the aggression in dealing with threats that K offers, they are a sure bet.

Right now, people are just looking at the prospect of having to lock people up. When the Apocalypse comes there will be a lot of bad hombres who will need to be locked away, and doing it will be an issue of survival. On top of that will be a lot of people engaging in crime because they have to in order to survive, and they will be getting punished as well. Until a year or two in, when death has reset the balance and law enforcement is freed up to kill more freely, that will have a huge effect on those stock valuations.

K-shifts hold great promise for the smart investor who can extrapolate out the changing demands for various services. The shift from conflict averse to aggressive and punitive, the shift from appearance-oriented to substance-oriented, the shift from pleasure-oriented to survival-oriented, and the shift from extravagant to sinecure will all radically change the values of investments.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because everything will change except r/K

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Facebook Discussion Site Has A Family That Gives Boy Girl’s Name

The Facebook Discussion page has better material than we have here:

Yes we gave our son a “girl’s name” and we don’t regret it one bit

If you want great examples of r/K in action, be sure and stop by.

As for the article at the top of the feed, look at the boy’s face. That is pure happiness. That is exactly what narcissists hone in on, and try to attack. Rapists actually seek out happy girls to rape. I suspect child molesters seek out happy children to molest. And narcissists seek out happy people to latch on to, to ruin their lives.

The r-strategy is the fallen, at war with good and the happy. Notice Eve set it off, by convincing the man to partake of the sweet fruit. Had he abstained from the pleasure…

Spread r/K Theory, because it is a battle between good and evil

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Sweden Imports Camels To Give Work To Migrants

Really unbelievable:

Swedish political leadership has gone insane. They are importing camels and calling it “a job market initiative” in order to give Somali Muslim migrants work.

Listen to this absurd phone call. The caller (an anonymous Swedish citizen journalist) is talking to Lena Salo, the Development Leader in the department of Social Resource administration in Gothenburg city… They are talking about importing camels into Sweden in order to put Somali Muslim migrants to work.

According to the government’s thinking, not only will it give Muslim migrants work, the hope is that automotive companies like Volvo will use the camels in their advertisements in Sweden… The government thinks that tourists might come to Sweden to “pet the camels” and that there “will be fashion shows.”

So, you bring in the migrants, so they can work and support your older generation. But they don’t, so you have to pay them welfare. So then you pay to import camels, so the migrants will have something to do. You even try to imagine how successful it will be, if only companies will hire the camels.

This shows two things. One, with their 69 average IQ’s, Somalis are not capable of integrating in a first world society. They just would not have the brain power to compete, even if their religion hadn’t taught them to wash in camel urine. Yes, this is a Muslim showering in his camels warm pee:

Two, politics, and especially the r-strategist psychology’s urges, are not logical. Even a mentally ill imbecile would not propose a scheme as stupid as this, and that ignores the threat of mass Islamic migration as we head for the Apocalypse.

These are programmed instincts expressing themselves, regardless of environmental conditions, and their origin lies in our species evolved r and K-selected reproductive strategies.

Spread r/K Theory, because we do not need to import all of Africa to the first world

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Johnny Chung Feared Being Assasinated

Too funny:

Full title: EXCLUSIVE: Illegal fundraiser for the Clintons made secret tape because he feared being ASSASSINATED over what he knew – and used it to reveal Democrats’ bid to silence him

A Chinese-American businessman at the center of a Clinton campaign finance scandal secretly filmed a tell-all video as an ‘insurance policy’ – because he feared being murdered.

In footage provided exclusively to, Johnny Chung spills details on how he illegally funneled money from Chinese officials to Bill Clinton’s 1996 re-election bid.

The Chinese-American Clinton fundraiser recorded the ‘elaborate videotaped testimony’ while in hiding in 2000.

He smuggled it to trusted friends and family with instructions to release it to the media in the event of his untimely death because he believed he was at risk of being assassinated.

Ask liberals associated with the Clintons about the Clinton death list, and they will ridicule you for even bringing it up. But when the cameras turn off, everyone close to them seems to be watching their ass, and half expecting the reaper to take them at any moment. Even Huma appears to have had a raft of files as a life insurance policy, which she named “Life Insurance,” probably because of all the illegality she was forced to abet at State.

Never think anything is impossible as we enter the Apocalypse. Literally nothing about this nation or its government necessarily works the way you were taught. Don’t expect it to, and embrace the alternatives when they reveal themselves, and your life will be a lot less stressful.

Spread r/K Theory, because it is the only thing which works the way it is taught

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