K-selection Begins In Myanmar

You most likely know it as Myanmar… but it will always be Burma to me:

At the entrance to Thaungtan village there’s a brand new sign, bright yellow, and bearing a message: “No Muslims allowed to stay overnight. No Muslims allowed to rent houses. No marriage with Muslims.”

The post was erected in late March by Buddhist residents of the village in Myanmar’s lush Irrawaddy Delta region who signed, or were strong-armed into signing, a document asserting that they wanted to live separately.

Since then a couple of other villages across the country have followed suit. Small but viciously insular, these “Buddhist-only” outposts serve as microcosms of the festering religious tensions that threaten Myanmar’s nascent experiment with democracy.

….Nanda Kyaw, a Muslim taxi driver who was beaten outside Shwedagon Pagoda, from which Islamic vendors were evicted a few weeks earlier, says he is still getting headaches.

“I have to drive every day for my survival,” says the slight 31-year-old…

A group of young people wound down their windows and shouted racially charged insults. Then, he said, they swerved in front of his car and beat him with iron rods. They left him bleeding from his mouth and head.

Bear in mind, these are the Buddhists. Imagine what the Hari Krishnas, who’ve always looked a little off to me, will be like.

In-grouping/out-grouping arises because the amygdala cues in only on major, easily detectable stimuli, such as in this story, the Muslim goatee. It quickly gets irritated by those who have any major trait associated with adverse experiences in the past.

Some would say this is a flaw, but it is not. The amygdala focuses more on the negative than the positive because in K-selection, survival comes first and kicking ass comes second. When the cost of failure is death, the amygdala does not take chances – its motto is better safe than sorry. In this case, the out-grouping of all Muslims protects against any Muslim which might feign common cause, so as to gain the opportunity to act as a saboteur.

Since things are still somewhat r this seems silly, but as they head much more K its utility will become apparent.

Again however, we see how the subtle strains of shortage activate the amygdala, place it in a higher state of agitation, and trigger outbursts which initiate the Darwinian culling of K-selection. If all of these people were fat and happy, nobody would be motivated to dish out beatings based on a goatee, and almost everybody would love the Cuckservatives who wish everyone could just get along. Instead resources are scarce, guys have to drive constantly to survive, and now periodically, you get beaten down by people you’ve never even met. That’s the beginning of K-selection – and you are lucky if it doesn’t get any worse than that.

Given how easily panicked amygdalae have become, and how bad things are going to get, I expect this turn of the K-cycle will be epic when it goes down. Unfortunately, this is just the beginning.

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Trump Uses The Amygdala To His Advantage

And does it in 140 characters or less:

Trump Tweet:

“The American people are sick and tired of not being able to lead normal lives and to constantly be on the lookout for terror and terrorists!”

Think about it. We are. It ignites amygdala, triggers mortal salience, pisses us off to motivate us to act, and couches Donald as the solution to the problem. Supporting Donald is the one path to amygdala relief.

I view these things on a mechanistic level, seeing what levers are being pulled and what they move. But Trump is so brilliant that I wonder if he is just a natural, saying what pops into his head, and enjoying the success it produces.

Anybody who looks at that tweet, and doesn’t see how Donald will just walk all over Hillary, is an idiot.

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The FBI Is Storing Biometrics En Masse In A Database

Russia today covers it:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) wants to prevent information about its creepy biometric database, which contains fingerprint, face, iris, and voice scans of millions of Americans, from getting out to the public.

The Department of Justice has come up with a proposal to exempt the biometric database from public disclosure. It states that the Next Generation Identification System (NGI) should not be subject to the Privacy Act, which requires federal agencies to give people access to records that have been collected concerning them, “allowing them to verify and correct them if needed.”

The proposal states that allowing individuals to view their own records, or even an account of those records, could compromise criminal investigations or “national security efforts,” potentially reveal a “sensitive investigative technique,” or provide information that could help a subject “avoid detection or apprehension…”

The proposal argues that the FBI should be able to retain the data it has collected on individuals even if they are later found to have done nothing illegal, as the information “may acquire new significance when new details are brought to light.”

I suspect part of the problem is that they have information they know the average citizen doesn’t want them to have – intimate information the government would only amass on people it viewed as enemies. If Joe blow finds the government has a specific file on him, with detailed surveillance imagery of his face, his medical records, his fingerprints, voice scans taken from dinnertime conversations or intimate phone calls, and his DNA, and he has never committed a crime, and never even thought of the government as an enemy, he will wonder whether government is viewing him as an enemy. Talk about amygdala. It builds fast once that realization happens.

Moreover, he may wonder how that DNA was acquired, how the dinnertime conversation was picked up, and when surveillance was deployed on him. My guess is if you are in the Tea Party, hang with the alt-right online, or have expressed “strong” political opinions that they have found out about, they probably have your name – and if you live near a major metropolitan area, you may very well either be on a list awaiting the spare manpower to fill out your file, or you may have a plump file already stored somewhere.

These are scary times. All indications are that the suits at the top of federal law enforcement have decided to amass an amazing amount of raw power, and build an all powerful machine. It is the kind of machine they know the public would be freaked out by, if they knew about it. But they are doing it anyway. They are even open about demanding that the public acquiesce to being kept in the dark about the power they have amassed – as if they view the public as an enemy they don’t trust. Whatever is coming, civilizationally, may be even huger than we claim here.

There are those who ask, “What do you care if you aren’t a criminal?”

The problem is, this is tremendous power given to the government – not to an unswayable arbiter of right and wrong. Today, this power may only be used to find terrorists and criminals. But already we see various government agencies used to punish people for political beliefs. The IRS selectively targets Tea Party members. There have been other accounts involving other agencies, ranging from EPA, to OSHA, to ATF. The woman who formed True the Vote was visited by five different government agencies, some of whom performed criminal inquiries while others sought to impose punitive fines on her business:

But Engelbrecht’s attorney, Cleta Mitchell, says it’s not just the Democratic Party that went after the conservative causes, but also the federal government. Within months of the groups filing for tax-exempt status, Engelbrecht claims she started getting hit by an onslaught of harassment: six FBI domestic terrorism inquiries, an IRS visit, two IRS business audits, two IRS personal audits, and inspections of her equipment manufacturing company by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Texas environmental quality officials.

Don’t let it escape your notice that the reporter who wrote the article quoted above was subsequently the target of a government operation that hacked her computers and planted classified documents on them, so she could be arbitrarily imprisoned and taken out of commission. Reread that again slowly, so the full implications sink in.

And this is in a period of relative glut and safety. What will happen when the turbulence, which we all know is coming, hits? What would happen if an outright socialist, like Bernie Sanders, were elected and filled every regulatory and law enforcement agency’s leadership with his outright socialist brethren, who even the Democrat party machine views as crazy?

Stalin signed an order to kill 50,000 people, while asking offhandedly, what difference their deaths would make in history? His minion probably dutifully agreed, only to find himself one day dragged into the basement, forced to confess, and executed. Those types of people come to power. Those types of governments can take over through a quirk of fate. Nothing says it will never happen here. Given the turbulence on the horizon, nothing says it is even unlikely.

Given that if Hillary is indicted Sanders would be seen as a credible candidate for President, and that socialist/communist ideologies have killed over 200 million people in the world, I could make a case that the government’s new security apparatus could one day kill more innocent Americans than every terrorist attack we have faced, multiplied by a factor of one hundred. Maybe even a factor of one thousand. And maybe a factor of ten thousand. Logically, if you remove the normalcy bias, it could easily be the case.

If our leadership viewed history honestly they would recognize this, and seek to protect the innocents of the future by making sure the retention of information on innocents was limited today.

Sadly, there is no indication the leaders at the top of this machine even care.

An Apocalypse could be fun if you live in the country. It could be like camping. But wherever you are, I’d stay ready to scramble, and factor in the need for a backup plan to temporarily disappear into thin air for a bit, should the right circumstances arise. Even though there is no doubt that the rabbits will catch the shit end of the stick this go around of the Apocalypse, this one looks a little more ominous every day that goes by.

Caution will be the order of the day.

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r-strategist Logic – Resources Are Free

If they are not, it must be bad luck:

President Obama addresses graduates at Howard University…

Obama told the graduating class that success is based more on luck, not hard work, and those who achieve great things do so because the fates have shined brightly upon them.

Successful people are “just lucky,” Obama said, Breitbart reported. “It wasn’t nothing you did.”

Obama doesn’t want to give these kids bad advice. He said this because he actually believes this. It is inherent to his psychology. Resources are supposed to be free. If they are at your feet, that is how it is supposed to be. If they aren’t it can only be bad luck.

This is a mind programmed to graze on free resources, to the point that such a world is all they can imagine. A world of limited resources, where your work earns you a proportional amount of resources, is unimaginable.

Where the problems for such people arise is when resources aren’t free. They are entirely unprepared for that, and that is exactly what is coming.

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Africa At Apocalypse

Part of the Apocalypse may be tied to geologic shifts upsetting agricultural productivity in well settled areas:

Harvest should be the time for celebrations, weddings and full bellies in southern Malawi. But Christopher Witimani, Lilian Matafle and their seven children and four grandchildren had nothing to celebrate last week as they picked their meagre maize crop.

Last year’s drought, followed by erratic rains, hit the village of Nkhotakota hard. But this year the rains never came and, for a second year running, the family grain store is empty. If they manage their savings carefully and eat just one small meal a day, they may just have enough food for two more months.

By August, said Irish charity Concern Worldwide, they and tens of thousands of other small farmers in southern Malawi will have completely run out of food, with no prospect of another harvest for at least seven months. With nothing to sell and no chance of earning money, Witimani, Matafle and family will starve.

I’ve read that one reason the slave traders in Africa were black and not white was that whites would routinely be dead within six months from diseases in Africa at that time. They were just so immunologically naïve to African microorganisms that they would drop dead when confronted with the local diseases.

The point being, Africa has a lot of bad pathogens floating around. Now they will begin a period where all the humans in Africa will be immunologically compromised by shortage and stress, giving those bad pathogens the ability to get into humans and begin adapting to infect and spread among them. Add in the deteriorating world economic situation reducing public health expenditures when the next pandemic begins in Africa, and a pandemic Apocalypse may sweep across the globe all at once.

That will not bode well for liberals, or their ideology.

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Signs Of Free Resources – MRAP Wastage

These things can cost up to a million a pop:

The first shipment of U.S. Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles arrived in Egypt Thursday.

The 762 armored vehicles were provided to the Egyptian military at no cost as part of the Pentagon’s Excess Defense Articles program, according to a statement from the U.S. Embassy in Cairo.

Offer them to law enforcement and fire/rescue in places prone to hurricanes and flooding. Sell them on Ebay and give the proceeds to Fischer House. Do anything but give them for free to a country, half of whom’s citizens probably think of us as the Great Satan.

My guess is the contractor who makes them bought this decision through political contributions, so they can supply brand new ones at twice the cost.

Among the rest of the country, resources have no value, so nobody cares.

Someday that will change, but for now, onward to the Apocalypse.

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Pensions Will Go Away In The Apocalypse

It is starting already:

The Central States Pension Fund has no new plan to avoid insolvency, fund director Thomas Nyhan said this week. Without government funding, the fund will run out of money in 10 years, he said.

At that time, pension benefits for about 407,000 people could be reduced to “virtually nothing,” he told workers and retirees in a letter sent Friday.

In a last-ditch effort, the Central States Pension Plan sought government approval to partially reduce the pensions of 115,000 retirees and the future benefits for 155,000 current workers.

The proposed cuts were steep, as much as 60% for some, but it wasn’t enough. Earlier this month, the Treasury Department rejected the plan because it found that it would not actually head off insolvency.

There is no way to imagine what the resource level of the Apocalypse will look like.

Back in the 80’s, we should have endured a prolonged period of shortage and misery, extending out from Carter’s years well into Reagan’s. That period of misery would have reset the balance. It would have hardened amygdalae. It would have beaten into people an irritation with the idea of welfare, government waste, and entitlement. It would have imbued the very concept of resources with value, to each individual. Once that was done, government would have run more efficiently, and that would have pushed off any threat to economic stability.

Instead, we didn’t get that. Reagan tapped the debt spigot. Resources began to flow freely, and it changed the very way we viewed them. Suddenly, everybody had a right to a house, and college, and birth control, and diapers, and health insurance, and food, and cell phones, and anything else they could think of. Foreigners deserve citizenship, and free money, and they should even be allowed to send that money to their home country, so their families can have free money there. Nothing is worth anything, and money grows on trees. There was literally no way to communicate to the public that such profligacy would lead to a total collapse of the economic system which provided those resources, and even if there were, you probably couldn’t make people care enough to do something. Their amygdalae had grown too weak.

It is impossible for us to imagine a world where people who worked their whole lives, and contributed to a pension fund, could just have all their contributions wasted away, and end up in their golden years with nothing – unable to even afford housing or food.

That day is already here, and we have not even begun the official Apocalypse. When the real Apocalypse begins, so will the misery, and it will be unlike anything we can presently imagine – and government will be helpless to stop it.

The one positive is, it will mark the end of liberalism, at least for this turn of the cycle.

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California Decriminalizes Shoplifting

Rabbits want to make resources free at any cost:

Left-wing, conservative and libertarian pro-crime policies lead to a rise in crime… Proposition 47 effectively decriminalized a bunch of crimes, including shoplifting.

And you’ll never guess what happened next. Shoplifting. Lots and lots of shoplifting.

Perry Lutz says his struggle to survive as a small businessman became a lot harder after California voters reduced theft penalties 1½ years ago.

About a half-dozen times this year, shoplifters have stolen expensive drones or another of the remote-controlled toys he sells in HobbyTown USA, a small shop in Rocklin, northeast of Sacramento. “It’s just pretty much open season,” Lutz said. “They’ll pick the $800 unit and just grab it and run out the door.”

Anything below $950 keeps the crime a misdemeanor — and likely means the thieves face no pursuit and no punishment…

Again, rabbits cannot grasp why resources shouldn’t be free. Drones are so ubiquitous they might as well grow on trees, so there isn’t any cost to letting people just take them. The assumption that resources should be free, and the inability to conceive of their worth, is inherent to r-selected liberalism.

You will see more of this as the apocalypse approaches. It is the perfect way for liberals to lash out at the successful, without allowing any chance at retribution against themselves, and it allows them to feel as if they are currying favor with violent outsiders who will defeat their enemies for them.

Never think of a liberal ideologue as an American.

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Feminists Want To be Raped – Amber Amour

This site has long made the case that as free resources pushes us toward an r-selected reproductive strategy, the most r-women would engage in behaviors designed to secure the most r-strategist men possible as mates. They would do this, because this would see to it that their children would be the most r-strategist children possible, and thus would be as adapted as possible to the r-selected environment we presently inhabit.

They would not do this consciously. Indeed, they might not even like it. But they would feel driven to engage in the behaviors regardless. In the most r-strategist women, this would manifest as engaging in behaviors designed to get them raped. Rapists are the most r-strategist men. They invest nothing in relationships or courtship. They don’t hang around afterward to raise the child. Instead they leave, looking for more victims to impregnate. Burdened only by the stricture that they must be able to overpower their mate, they can have nearly limitless offspring. A child from such a union could be likely to be a rapist himself, and thereby carry the woman’s genes far and wide in such an r-selected environment.

Case in point – “activist” Amber Amour:

Amber Amour, who was promoting her “Stop Rape, Educate” campaign in South Africa, shared a picture on her Instagram account with tears running down her face moments after being raped.

The 27-year-old said she was having a shower with a drunk friend who forced himself on her, in a post which has since gone viral.

This girl is driven to take a violent guy who is prone to rape, get him drunk, and then hop in the shower with him naked. That is nature imbuing an r-strategist girl with an r-selected reproductive strategy, and not bothering to tell her. Nature probably keeps her clueless to prevent her from overriding her r-strategy with intelligent behavior. In fact, I will bet r-strategists with common sense get culled by Darwin over time.

In history, when r-strategist girls emerged with common sense, the girl saw the danger of being raped, didn’t get in the shower, and didn’t get impregnated by the guy. As a result, the common sense r-strategist girl had less kids, her kids tended to be less r, and her kids ended up being outcompeted by the likes of the rapist children of this girl. The really r-girls with no common sense, produced rapist children who spread their genes far and wide, and eventually they out-reproduced any commonsense-r-strategists.

It says something about the r-strategy, that its so loathsome that the only way nature can make human beings further it’s spread is to make human beings so stupid that they get naked in the shower with drunk violent rapists, and then are shocked at how it turns out.

Now think about the universal cluelessness of liberals, in so many regards, and ask yourself if this paradigm of evolved liberal cluelessness sheds any light on other areas where the liberal is a moron. The cluelessness is actually an integral part of how nature programs them to be r-strategists. In the case of the r-strategy, stupidity is adaptive.

From the perspective of Darwin, the r-strategist doesn’t have to like the r-strategy, they just have to do it. Given how loathsome the r-strategy of liberalism is, the more clueless they are, the better.

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Hillary’s Amygdala Under Constant Strain

Trump is turning himself into a walking amygdala hijack for Hillary:

Donald Trump took a new swipe at Bill and Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, tweeting a double-barreled insult about the former president’s economic record and his penchant for messing around. Hillary said Sunday that she plans to put her husband in charge of revitalizing the American economy if she wins the White House. Trump said the former secretary of state should be able to do the job herself – and hinted that the famously randy Bill could bring a host of troubles with him if he returns to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. ‘Crooked Hillary said her husband is going to be in charge of the economy.If so, he should run,not her,’ Trump tweeted. ‘Will he bring the “energizer” to D.C.?’ That’s a reference to Julie McMahon, a Clinton neighbor in Chappaqua, New York, who reportedly carried on a years-long love affair with the former president, visiting when his wife wasn’t around.

Her drop-ins became such a hot topic of conversation among Bill’s Secret Service detail, according to Ronald Kessler’s 2014 book ‘The First Family Detail’ that she got her own call-sign nickname. ‘The Energizer’ was a play on the bunny in the Energizer battery commercials – an electronic toy that ‘keeps going and going and going.’ Agents told Kessler that they were under orders not to stop, approach or question his blonde paramour. McMahon was in the news last week after a Wall Street Journal report identified a company partially owned by McMahon as the beneficiary of $2 million from the Clinton Global Initiative. ‘It’s a bombshell – there’s no doubt about it,’ Trump said Friday. ‘It’s a rough story and a lot of people know about it, and people have been talking about it for a couple of years,’ he told a Fox News Channel audience.

The most interesting aspect of the amygdala is how it connects things in the brain. Words, ideas, pictures, emotions – they all end up merging into triggers. The most important idea for the amygdala hijack however is how cumulative amygdala strain adds up, and amplifies.

My own belief is that Hillary’s amygdala is weak to begin with. I suspect her blackout and fall was an amygdala hijack over something with Benghazi. As Trump piles on these stresses, I expect we will begin to see Hillary break down. The amygdala strain here is too big. This is her one big chance. She has no competition, save for Bernie, who she views as an inferior and weirdo. Trump should be hated by everyone. She expects this is her time to shine. She believes it should be hers – it belongs to her. It is only fair she should be the President. This is what she has earned, and sacrificed for so long.

And yet, she may get indicted by the FBI who she hates. Bernie just won’t accept his place beneath her. Trump has support, and people like him. And then on top of it all, Trump speaks about embarrassing things which nobody should mention and the media talks about it – and Trump’s support rises.

Either Hillary’s health will gradually deteriorate, she will begin on some massive medications, or she will try to bottle it up and we will get to see a major amygdala hijack blow one day, maybe even producing a full-on breakdown.

If someone wants to know how to speed that process up, just figure out Hillary’s expectations, and then violate them. How does she expect to be treated? Violate that expectation, and watch the amygdala shock her brain. If she expects deference and respect, demean her and disrespect her. What does she expect that you won’t dare talk about? Violate that expectation. How does she expect you to react to her calling you out on it? Violate that expectation, and hit the amygdala again. If she expects shame, evince amusement. What does she expect the crowd to do? Does she expect them to boo you? Have your people in the crowd cheer you and heckle her.

The truth is Trump’s people need no advice. He is a walking, talking amygdala hijack and violation of expectation all rolled into one. We get the pleasure of finally seeing someone who opposes the Clinton Machine enough to actually stand up to them and violate all of the strictures they have placed on all of the helpless cuckservatives who have come before.

Thank God for Trump.

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