r And K Are Relative

An interesting thought experiment:

Looking for something to be thankful for? Try this. You have it better than billionaire John Rockefeller (1839-1937) ever did.

Rockefeller founded the Standard Oil Co. and became one of the richest men in American history. When he died, he had a fortune worth around $1.4 billion, or $25 billion in today’s dollars.

He had more money. You have better stuff.

How many lights did you turn on today? Thomas Edison didn’t patent the incandescent light bulb until Rockefeller was in his 40s. There wasn’t an electrical grid, so small generators powered the first light bulbs. Today, electricity is an afterthought. …

There’s so much more. Your car, medical care, refrigerator and ability to travel all surpass what Rockefeller had. It’s incredible, but it wasn’t inevitable…

These mutually beneficial transactions — the calling card of free-market capitalism — create value. They’ve created so much value that you have a better standard of living than the richest man in America had just 80 years ago.

The incredible convenience, comfort, and pleasure which would have driven a human in Rockefeller’s time to go r is just commonplace today, and as a result, it has little r-driving effect. Amygdalae have adapted to see that level of pleasure as the normal baseline. Today the lack of any of that would be so unbearable as to instantly drive the nation hyper K in psychology.

The slide to r and K occur relative to what amygdalae have come to expect as normal. Given the massive comfort and pleasure that we have today, picture what a Roman-like collapse will do to amygdalae, and to the extent of the K-psychology in men.

K is coming back, but the truth is it never went far, because it is designed to stay close, no matter how pleasurable the world becomes.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because it is a shock relative to previous political theories

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r vs K In Religion

Z-man says that the Alt-right needs its own form of Christianity:

The alt-right, like the larger dissident right, is a cultural phenomenon, not a political movement. Smart young males, mostly out of necessity, are picking up paleo-conservative ideas and questioning the prevailing orthodoxy. These ideas are being extended to question the core assumptions of modern American political order. It’s more akin to the Scientific Revolution than a political movement. The former was about rethinking our place in nature. The latter is about rethinking who gets to be in charge.

It’s why it feels like the alt-right is hostile to Christianity. It has to be. What is generally understood to be mainstream Christianity in America, has been hollowed out by Progressivism, and is now worn like an animal skin by crackpots and degenerates from the fringes of the Left. Even the more culturally conservative parts of the country practice a form of Private Protestantism than embraces extreme egalitarianism, anti-racism and universalism. It’s not an accident that these churches are deep into the refugee rackets.

I think most big names in the alt-right avoid the subject, mostly because it results in howls about how this is not real Episcopalianism or this is not real Christianity. It’s reminiscent of the days when academic Marxists would say the Soviet Union was not real Marxism. It may be theologically true that the current iterations of Christianity are outside the traditions and teachings of the faith, the fact remains that the people running mainstream Christianity these days look a lot like the faculty of your local gender studies department.

That’s not a small thing. The reason the New Left was able to sweep the field in the culture war, that included deposing the Old Left, is that their thing took on a quasi-religious tone. Humans are built to be believing machines. That’s a part of biological reality our side has yet to face, but it must be faced eventually. Something is going to have to fill the spiritual vacuum if this cultural phenomenon is going to be a cultural and then political movement. An Alt-Right form of Christianity would be a welcome development.

I know when you have a hammer, every problem begins to look like a nail (or a skull waiting to be bashed in), but I feel like it is worthwhile to point out that r/K Theory is a hammer which can bash in the skulls of all sort of liberals, Churchians included.

Christianity’s problem is the inevitable influence of the r-psychology that arises when times are r. Inevitably, the church becomes infiltrated and subjugated as society declines.

You can see elements of r/K all throughout Christianity. What was the temptation that Adam succumbed to? The Apple – a form of food, or resources, which elicited dopamine. What encouraged the fall? The woman’s advice to forego hardship, and partake of pleasure and the man’s acquiescence to the woman’s advice, just like how in r-selection the females become dominant and aggressive, and the males become submissive. What was the solution? Christ came down and lived the example, and then endured the most agonizing punishment he could endure, accepting death, for the good of those he loved. Christianity is basically a master class in being K.

Fortunately, r/K is a great tool for dividing populations along the lines of r and K, especially as the K-shift approaches. I have never seen an idea which so polarizes people along ideological lines. I think the truth of it is what lends it potency, and both r’s and K’s see that truth. K’s love the truth and grow enraged, but r’s become enraged and frightened.

I saw on a leftist website where one of the pranksters here posted the r/K Theory page to their web-board, with a comment about feeling stupid even mentioning it (Thou shalt not lie…). You could see the leftists on the site cautiously turning the idea over with great trepidation. One even said that your’s truly had dipped into some potent weed to come up with the idea. Then he cautiously added that he hoped this didn’t catch on, or become something bigger that they would have to deal with, because it could be dangerous. Leftists know, and they know within moments of perusing the idea.

Christianity is an inherently K-environment, filled with inherently K-people. Christians tend to be Christians because they see the errors of the hedonistic rabbitry in society, and they have some desire to lead virtuous lives of personal sacrifice for greater good. Those are really K-lives, since in humans K is the root of most virtues and the willingness to sacrifice. Drop r/K Theory into Christianity, convince them that God created a K-world because he values K, and watch as the majority of Christians embrace the broader concept of K as God’s desire for the universe.

Introduce r/K into the Church, and all of a sudden the women/lesbians/transgenders/feminized-men who are the Churchians begin to look like the serpent offering their congregations the apple of reduced conflict, reduced aggression, reduced adherence to the Lord’s word, reduced reverence for traditional family, increased tolerance for sin, and increased goodfeelz in violation of the Lord’s will.

If all of that is seen in the light of r/K, and it is made clear God created a K-world, and values K-ideals and K-virtues, because he wants man to be K, the Churchian SJWs will have a rougher time of converging the Churches.

r/K is a key that opens many locks, but it is also a weapon that can poison many SJW hornet nests as well.

Tell everyone about r/K Theory, because goodness is K

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r vs K In Promiscuity

There was some debate over whether promiscuous guys are r or K in the comments on this thread at Vox’s:

the meaning of K manhood isn’t clear to me. Are womanizers K or R? Promiscuity in women is definitely R, but it has a very different nature than in men.

There are a lot of womanizers and former womanizers in different walks of life, but I would think that’s R behavior. A past life of womanizing can have after-effects on your soul, even if the struggle to be a faithful family man is liberating. However, can we even change our R/K natures?

Bill Clinton is R, surely. John Edwards, Anthony Weiner, et al. What about Elliot Spitzer, or the younger GE, though?
Just looking for clarification. This shouldn’t be misconstrued as an attempt to start an argument or anything, though. Just seeking knowledge.

First, r and K are more population level quantities. At the individual level, traits can mix. And among men and women, there is the obvious issue of women’s eggs being a much more rare opportunity for women to reproduce, compared with men’s sperm. So there will be a difference in reproductive strategies with respect to mate sneaking and promiscuity among the sexes.

That said, I would not view r and K in people as set quantities. My own theory is the human machine is designed to feel out the environment it is growing up in, and adapt to it, in a very specific way. Namely, humans are designed to begin as nascent r’s, feel out the environment for the ability to be r, and if rejected, then mature into a K. Obviously as you look at the role amygdala plays in r/K, the mechanism is obvious. We are all born with undeveloped amygdalae, and in that state we want to be protected, we want everything given to us, and we want to be able to do what we want. You average teenager who has been given everything they want up until their teenage years, and never had to face adversity, will tend to be quite r at that age.

But that isn’t necessarily who they will be in twenty years. Amygdala-development happens if the environment is K. And as it does, I suspect you would also note a general shift toward all of the more K-traits in most people. Take that 19 year old player, drop him in a foxhole for a year fighting across Europe, and when he came back, I suspect the likelihood of him wanting to settle down and marry would increase tremendously.

Likewise, take that 19 year old player, hand him a winning $500 million Powerball lottery ticket, put him on a yacht with a harem of strippers, and I think you vastly up the chances that at 60 he is leading the life of Hugh Hefner, and he doesn’t feel as if he missed a thing.

We look at that and see it in human terms, as him being a different “person” in each case. But you can see if this were a state of nature, and there were no birth control or abortion, and you merely looked at his reproductive output in each case, how in each casehis reproductive output would be perfectly adapted to his environment. The warrior who had to fight would produce a small number of highly fit, carefully raised offspring, while the Heffner-guy would have produced hundreds of fatherless baby-makers released into the winds like some sort of spores.

Of course then there is the spectrum issue. r and K are not black and white, but rather a scale with ideals on each end, and all sorts of places in between. Vox comments in the same thread:

Depends. If they keep and support a harem, they are K. Think Donald Trump and his three wives and collection of children to whom he is close. If they are fly-by-nights, they are r. Think Travis Henry and his 11 kids by 10 different women.

A good answer, but I would just note the spectrum aspect. As things go more K, I think amygdala rises, and as it does so does triggerability, which will tend to drive a K to one wife. Whereas in one set of resource levels you could tolerate a harem, I think as things got harsher and an amygdala got more on edge a cacophony of nagging and whining from multiple wives would be too triggering. You would have to whittle that down, especially as outside problems, like hundreds of Huns launching a complex attack on your compound, were all wearing on your amygdala as well.

Then Jack Burroughs posited an interesting idea about Warren Beatty:

And then there are those lifelong womanizers who marry late, and become dedicated and monogamous husbands and fathers.

Warren Beatty is an extreme example. His biographer estimates that Beatty had sex with about 16,000 women. But then he settled down with Annette Bening in his 50s, and had four children with her.

To all appearances, he has been happily faithful to her for 26 years. In a recent interview he said that his marriage still “feels recent” to him, and that it is one of the best things that has ever happened to him.

Of his prior decades of relentless poonhoundery, Beatty says, “I was not afraid of marriage. I was afraid of divorce. I was right.”

The example of Beatty suggests that r/K selection theory’s association of promiscuity with r, and of monogamy with K, is a superficial misunderstanding of the psychobiological forces in play.

It really seems to be more rooted in low time preference (r) vs high time preference (K); as well as in your sense duty (r), or lack thereof (K), toward those you love, and for whom you feel responsible.

It’s easy to imagine a highly K-selected man like Beatty postponing marriage until his 50s, precisely because he doesn’t want to marry the wrong woman (high time preference).

In the meantime, why not fuck thousands of women?

Womanizers like Beatty who are careful not to knock anyone up, who have (presumably) avoided contracting any serious STDs; and who are able, moreover, to ruthlessly purge the disruptive drama queens from their life, show that there is indeed a K-selected way in which to be a world class poon hound.

My guess was Beatty, when his amygdala was young and undeveloped, followed the classic human pattern of sticking an r-toe in the r-water, seeing if it was warm, and then diving in and going r because conditions allowed. He hit it big in Hollywood as a young guy with a relatively undeveloped amygdala that imbued a high sex drive via its structural functioning. Women were everywhere, he was young, rich, and famous, there was never any pushback, and thus his amygdala never changed and his brain continued to drive a high sex drive and never acquired any aversive stimulus at the thought of promiscuity. That is not unnatural, it is how most young males are designed.

As he matured, my guess is his amygdala developed some sort of maturity in structure, and that imbued a desire for monogamy over promiscuity. You won’t convince me that at 22 he was banging girls because he was ardently searching for a suitable wife, nor will you convince me he married at 57 because he finally saw something in Annette Benning which he had never, ever, seen before in 16,000 women. Somewhere he experienced a change in brain structure which changed his strategy. Some sort of bond formed with her, the thought of losing her acted on that circuitry, and outweighed the drive to sleep with other women. Maybe he even had a craving to raise children. My guess is if you could take apart his brain structure all along his path and see how it was working, a key to understanding how r/K is imbued would lay somewhere in there.

That said, r and K are instincts, but they are instincts which are designed to produce a specific effect. In the case of K, the specific effect is the production of quality competitive offspring which will enjoy the world, and enjoy their own production of quality offspring in the next generation. Taken in whole, K is about producing a superior species.

It is no coincidence that a concept the left seems to hate, with visceral passion, is superiority, or exceptionalism. Race superiority, economic superiority, national superiority, personal superiority, American exceptionalism – they are all leftist triggers. K is about actively creating superiority, even as r is about destroying superiority. The recognition of this is so deep, I do not even think that as rabbits recoil from the idea, they understand why.

To the extent the r and K instincts are in many ways designed for a world which no longer exists due to technological advances in reproductive science and changes in the social fabric, there may be a new form of K that will gain advantage in the world by seeing the purpose of creating superiority, and chasing that purpose logically, regardless of what their instincts tell them. There is no doubt in a world where females become increasingly less prone to follow the K model themselves, and where pre-marital sex is the rule rather than the exception, K-males may be forced to adapt their own strategy to cull through chaff in their own search for a grain of K-strategy to instill in their own lives.

It is even more interesting to me to see where K is going to go (whether our present primitive K-instincts like it or not), than it is to see where K came from. It may be that the K’s of the future will be different from us, and that the change, even where it clashes with our more primitive instincts, is just part of the process. In the end, we are all here, on this globe, creating some sort of majestic greatness which none of us will live to see in this world, and which we may not be able to presently imagine, or even recognize as it reaches its peak 10 or 20,000 years from now.

Given that, we can only take the ride, and know that whatever we do, and even whatever our enemies do, it is all just part of the process.

Spread r/K Theory, because we are actively evolving toward God’s vision

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On Friends, Enemies, and Mutual Respect

In the comments, Andy says that cops are not necessarily our friends:

And by the way, just because someone follows a k-strategy, that doesn’t make him similar to you or your ally of some sort. if a wolf pack shows up in the territory of another wolf pack, in the end of the day there will be just one wolf pack left. This is a match between armed and aggressive groups and to think the cops gona be buddy-buddy with ya just because you categorize them similar to you doesn’t mean shit for them. They are here to enforce the will of their pension payers.

This is a difference I note between psychologies. For some people, the very act of being opposed to someone is triggering, to the point of triggering hatred and disgust for who their opponent is as a person. For others, they can fight an enemy to the death without ever needing to demonize them. I think this is rooted in some people having a past of aggressive, if not violent competition among friends, conditioning the ability to separate competitiveness from hate, and others only having competed against enemies.

People say the Russians are not our friends, and so Trump should treat Putin as an enemy at all times. I get that the Russians are not our friends. We are nations competing against each other. But I respect Putin, and probably could get along with him quite well, even as we are likely to end up locked in competition in the international arena. I’ve known guys like Putin and I liked them immensely. That Putin and I are in a competition of some sort, as an American and Russian, doesn’t change who he is as a person. Trump seems to innately tend toward this type of worldview, where he competes fiercely but doesn’t hate.

Likewise I have had close friends who I have trained with in Martial Arts. When we were on the mat, we tried to destroy each other. I’ve had dislocated joints and broken bones that I got from friends, and I have given them broken bones. Injuries were always an accident of course, but it is a measure of how hard we fought, and how hard we tried to beat each other. After the fights, we would congratulate each other on any particularly sharp moves that caught us, and then head out together to a bar to enjoy each other’s company and have some laughs. If there was an injury, we apologized profusely, and we all understood it was a part of the game. It wasn’t personal, and what happened on the mat was not in any way related to what happened off the mat.

Now because of that experience, if I were in the military today in a war with another nation I would do whatever I had to, to kill the guys on the other side. But that doesn’t mean I’d hate them, or view them as worthy of killing in any context outside the necessity of the battlefield. I think it was Jeff Cooper who I remember saying one of the greatest ironies he always saw in war was that the guy you were trying to kill was probably the very guy you would have wanted to see date your sister.

So bringing it around to Law Enforcement and the Military, those of us on the outside of the US government machine may very well end up in conflict with them at some point. I am not entirely sure the US government hasn’t already been overthrown, and occupied covertly by some hidden force at the top which even most of the lower level rank and file enforcement guys don’t know about – and which at some point will openly initiate an overt dictatorship and clamp down on everyone outside the government. And if it did, I am not sure you could expect a K-strategist in government to sacrifice their family’s safety and effectively their children’s lives to oppose that.

These conflicts happen during periods of turmoil, such as we have coming. But one thing I want to see come from r/K is a recognition that K’s share something, even across hostile lines. Most of the turmoils where K’s end up faced off against each other arise from K’s not recognizing the differences between themselves and the r’s in their midst who are often giving them orders, and not recognizing the shared similarities between themselves and the K’s on the other side who they are being told to kill.

My ideal goal would be to see all K’s turn on and eradicate all r’s, and end up in a world where we could all compete freely based on merit, respectfully accepting of outcomes, while recognizing the game, and that none of it is personal.

But as far as cops being the enemy these days, that is just silly. 99% of the populace can call the cops with just about any reasonable issue, and the police will come out and immediately do whatever it takes to try and fix it. They aren’t doing that because they are cravenly serving their own purposes. They are doing it be3casue they signed on to help others in their community.

And in the 1% of the cases where they can’t rectify the situation, my suspicion is, it isn’t because they don’t want to, it is just a reality of the environment for the time being.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because only r-strategists are worthy of hate

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Plague Fugitives Fleeing Hospitals

The third world will be the end of us, or at least the r-strategists:

HOSPITAL patients in Madagascar suffering from the plague are running away from hospitals because they are scared of needles and aren’t used to hospital treatment.

Security guards at the Central Anti-Plague Hospital in Ambohimindra, are tasked with keeping patients in as well as making sure those arriving follow safety procedures.

What that means is these people are getting an initial burst of antibiotics, and then bailing from the hospital and going into hiding, where what microbes survive the initial burst of antibiotics will multiply back up and become the dominant strain in the host.

And even if they defeat this outbreak, in a few months these people will dig up the bodies of the victims to dance with them in the streets, and they will bring it right back.

When this hits Africa, and is antibiotic resistant, it will be a matter of time before those who get hit hop the first plane to the US to get primo medical care at the CDC, and maybe a chance to survive. And then you will have an entire 747 full of exposed infectees deplaning in Atlanta with them and then scattering across America on connecting flights.

All of r produces K – every last bit. From the destructive economic effects destroying resource availability, to the out-group tolerance producing the diversity that breeds conflict, to the embrace of imbeciles who will bring on the pandemic.

Leftism will bring the Apocalypse no matter what anybody does, and they will do it with all of their attempts to create an Apocalypse-proof utopia. It is really ironic.

Tell everyone about r/K Theory, because leftism is the plague we are combatting right now, but it won’t always be that easy

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Great Video On r/K By Computing Forever

Nicely done piece of work by Computing Forever:

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Spread r/K Theory, because it is Science™

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The Playboy Mansion Was Bugged

The intel game is everywhere:

He always filmed the encounters. He had two large video cameras over his bed and he had these giant screens across from his bed. He had a whole library for these sex acts with different people and the video librarian told me Hef planned to use the footage against his associates if they ever threatened to come out with a memoir about him or the mansion.

For many people, the Playboy mansion was a safe haven from the paparazzi and private detectives. A married comedian came for years, bringing different girls to have sex with. I had to take many food trays into the room where he was with these girls.

There was always cocaine around, though Mr. Hefner didn’t partake, preferring weed (he would often have parties where he invited all the marijuana growers in California to the house).

The entire grounds were under surveillance. There were cameras everywhere and all the phones were bugged. The staff had to be very careful and the men weren’t allowed to speak to any of Hef’s girls or socialize with them.

Hef, who seemed quite a tool in many ways, was amassing tapes of all the celebs who were banging girls at his parties. You wonder who has all those tapes now. I am noticing this seems to be a theme among those who are successful.

I like to think I am a bright guy, but if I had begun to enjoy high success at 23 or 24 years old, I do not think it would ever have dawned on me to do this to everyone who I ran across. Had I been Hef, and found myself running a porn magazine, my thoughts would have run to producing the most high quality porn magazine available. Was I that much more naïve out of the box than everyone else?

It makes me wonder if things like this were Hef’s idea, or if he was merely a cog in a much more sophisticated machine that was doing it. Do the people prone to success in an r-world innately see the social networks as more important than the products, and see blackmail as merely a highly effective social lever in their socially manipulative toolbox to help them sell products? Or is there something larger that recruits the blackmailable, and then sets them about blackmailing others themselves?

Regardless, understand you may always be under eyes. Comport yourselves accordingly.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because you tell one person and ten others can hear about it from the report

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Free Hypnosis Books (Update : Freebie off today)

I don’t know how long this will last, but the Rogue Hypnotists series appears to be free in Kindle tonight.

Update : Not free today.

Try this link and scroll down to the Technicolor covers.

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Charles Manson, Ultra-r-strategist

This is basically the entire leftist strategy, spoken honestly:

Another facet of Charlie, although not nearly as important to him as his music, was his philosophy. To a large extent, this “philosophy” was a con, something he dreamed up to impress his followers, but he probably believed some of it.

The core of this philosophy was a kind of Armageddon. Charlie preached that the black man was going to rise up and start killing the whites and turn the cities in to an inferno of racial revenge. The black man would win this war, but wouldn’t be able to hang onto the power he seized because of innate inferiority…

Helter Skelter would begin, according to one of Charlie’s devotees, “with the black man going into white people’s homes and ripping off the white people, physically destroying them. A couple of spades from Watts would come up into the Bel Air and Beverly Hills district…and just really wipe some people out, just cutting bodies up and smearing blood and writing things on the wall in blood…all kinds of super-atrocious crimes that would really make the white man mad…until there was open revolution in the streets, until they finally won and took over. Then the black man would assume the white man’s karma. He would then be the establishment…”

Charlie and the Family would survive this racial holocaust because they would be hiding in the desert safe from the turmoil of the cities. He pulled from the Book of Revelations, the concept of a “bottomless pit,” the entrance of which, according to Charlie, was a cave underneath Death Valley that led down to a city of gold. This paradise was where Charlie and his Family were going to wait out this war. Afterwards, when the black man failed at keeping power, Charlie’s Family, which they estimated would have multiplied to 144,000 by that time, would then take over from the black man and rule the cities.

“It will be our world then,” Charlie told his followers. “There would be no one else, except for us and the black servants.”

I could break out laughing out loud as I read it. It is insane. It is cowardly. It is blatantly racist. It is shameless about all of it. But this is exactly what the leftists are thinking. The only difference is, Charlie was open about it – and he was planning on having 144,000 children during the Apocalypse while everyone else was dying.

They’ll import these swarthy Middle Eastern Muslims, the Muslims will brutalize everyone and kill them, and after the white Christian westerners are all killed, the leftists will emerge from their hiding spots in the wreckage and take over, because the Muslim retards have shown that they have no ability to lead themselves.

They will help the impoverished welfarites attack the rest of America and destroy it, and then they will emerge form the ashes and take over because the welfarites will all be broke, and unable to lead themselves.

They will help the criminals defeat all of the rest of America, and when it is over the leftist will crawl out from under their rocks and take over from those retarded savages.

They will bring in all the Mexicans, and after the white westerners are gone, they will emerge from their holes and immediately the Mexicans will recognize that they can’t possibly lead themselves. In each case, the white liberal will be lofted in the air on the shoulders of brown and black imbeciles, who will clamor to be led by their white greatness.

Whether you are talking about the white liberal, SJW, or Cuckservative moron, this is the evolved r-strategy, designed to bring in the out-group, and use it to kill off indigenous K-strategists. It is just the most obvious incarnation of the strategy. I love the narcissism, racism, treason, psychopathy, and cowardice, all just openly spoken off.

The only difference between Charlie and the average liberal is that Charlie was dumb enough to speak openly about his plans.

Spread r/K Theory, because the leftists are planning on you dying

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Clinton Uranium One Informant Almost Murdered

Notice, the hitter just happened to be in the right spot at the right time – that probably wasn’t by chance:

Most recently, Campbell has confided to close friends that he’s afraid that he won’t be able to testify today. The informant explained that during a routine hike in the hills behind his home, he met an armed man. The two gentlemen held each other’s gaze with weapons drawn.

After an intense moment the man walked away. Campbell believes this was an attempt on his life, caused by the Department of Justice’s release concerning his testimony.

The former lobbyist suggests that had he not been carrying a weapon he would have been killed, and he also implied there is a connection between Clinton and the would be assassin. If he’s given the opportunity to testify, Hillary Clinton could be locked away for 12 plus years.

If you want to be Apocalypse-ready, don’t visualize the moment in time you are being told about when you see something like this. See the months in prep-work which would inevitably precede such an operation, to make it practically a fait-accompli before it even began. See the hidden machine supporting the shooter, even as he closed on the target.

Probably for weeks or months prior, at least, Campbell’s patterns were being clocked, and these hikes were identified as a point of vulnerability. It would not surprise me in the least if the moment that he exited his house, the call went out to take up positions, and at the very moment that the guy he saw was standing there with a gun, the sniper in the bushes behind him heard a voice in his ear saying a State Police cruiser had just done a traffic stop nearby and might hear the shot and investigate, or a couple a quarter-mile away was unexpectedly coming down the hiking path with their dog making body-disposal and crime scene staging difficult, so they were aborting.

Just look at what is going on of late. Donna Brazile was certain enough she was going to be taken out that she spent thousands on security cameras and backup power for her house. Seth Rich. Michael Hastings. Sharyl Attkisson. This guy is looking down the barrel of a gun. All the Clinton bodies.

And this is not even the Apocalypse when the rules will really break down. This is the easy-peasy, free-resource buffet, where nothing bad can really happen to anyone, no matter what events play out. These are practically recreation-kills, done to blow off stress and cure hangovers from late nights of drinking the night before. The truth is nobody has to die in this world. But when the economic collapse hits? Then people will have to kill to survive. Imagine how many dead bodies there will be then. I’ll bet they won’t even try to stage the scenes to look like robberies or suicides. Just look at the recent deaths, none of which do you see on the evening news:

A wealthy Democratic mega-donor who co-founded the Ready for Hillary PAC, which helped launch Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign for the White House, has died of a gunshot wound to the head after “a sudden onset and battle with a mental health issue,” his family says… on Nov. 15.

As WND reported in July, Klaus Eberwein, a former Haitian government official who was expected to testify against alleged Clinton Foundation corruption and malpractice, was found dead in Miami via gunshot wound to the head. The death was ruled a suicide. Eberwein was 50 and reportedly told acquaintances he feared for his life for his fierce criticism of the Clinton Foundation. Eberwein was due to appear before the Haitian Senate Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission where he was expected to testify that the Clinton Foundation misappropriated Haiti earthquake donations from international donors…

On July 3, attorney Shawn Lucas, 38, helped serve the DNC with a lawsuit claiming then-DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz “rigged the primary for Hillary Clinton…” Less than one month after he helped serve the lawsuit, Lucas’ girlfriend found him dead in his bathroom. His death was later determined to be due to a lethal combination of drugs.

Victor Thorn authored four books on the Clintons: “Hillary (and Bill): The Sex Volume,” Hillary (and Bill): The Drugs Volume,” “Hillary (and Bill): The Murder Volume” and “Crowning Clinton: Why Hillary Shouldn’t Be in the White House.” Thorn reportedly committed suicide with a gun on his 54th birthday on a mountaintop in Pennsylvania…

As WND reported, Joe Montano, who served as chairman of the Democratic National Committee before Debbie Wasserman Schultz and was an aide to Hillary’s running-mate, Tim Kaine, reportedly died of a heart attack after the Wikileaks DNC email dump. Montano was only 47.

No wonder Brazile was so worried. That was the position she occupied. She took over the DNC chair from Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who took over from Montano, who at 47, and looking a picture of health, plopped dead on his face with a “heart attack.” If I recall correctly, Montano was gay, and had a “close” relationship with Tim Kaine, Hillary’s running mate, to whom he was an aide. Some speculated that there was something more to the relationship, Hillary saw a risk, and had it taken care of. Then Donna found one day that she had pissed off Hillary.

Mark my words, the most chaotic, violent, dangerous times in politics are coming back again, and we will live through them. Think another Holocaust can’t happen? Think a politician can’t be assassinated by a government conspiracy? Think a small group of elites would never maneuver a nation into a global war for personal profit? Think that despite your posting on 4Chan that you are too small to be taken out by an elite government agency at the behest of some shadowy political player whose name you have never even heard of?

When it all comes down, nothing will be off the table. All the horrors we read about in the past, among men whose behaviors we don’t even recognize as human, and can’t imagine today, will come back. Because at the end of the day, humans today are not that genetically different from the same humans who have done all of those things within just the last few hundred years. The only thing different of late was the dizzying array of mind-numbing pleasure, ease, and free resource availability. And all of that is going away soon.

And the only thing different when the collapse hits will be the astonishing technology, extensive databases, and massive machine the government will wield as it is molding the political battlefield to its advantage. Killing will, in most cases, be able to be rendered entirely cost-free.

Tell everyone about r/K Theory, because you never know when the hammer will drop, if its done right

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