Sugary Drinks Associated with Earlier Age of Menarche

It is difficult to pin down any biological mechanism from the study referenced in this article, but it is interesting that those girls who consume high amounts of sugar become fertile earlier. Earlier age at first intercourse, or earlier sexualization of young, are r-strategy traits, designed to facilitate greater total reproductive rates. Here, girls who experience something one would associate with free resource availability (high blood sugar and associated insulin levels) begin to become sexually mature earlier in life. I’m not surprised. Simulating free resource availability changes the very nature of man, promoting every element of the r-strategy.

Interestingly earlier age of menarche has long been known to be associated with paternal abandonment and subsequent promiscuity, likely through genetics. I’d imagine, based on other readings indicating r-strategist humans may be more adaptable strategy-wise than K’s, that among all girls, those genetically predisposed to earlier menarche had a much greater response to sugary drinks, while those less genetically predisposed to earlier menarche had less of a response. I would also assume epigenetics has an unseen hand here as well, with the effects increasing over subsequent generations.

It will take a short while of resource shortage to change this, and according to this article, we may be approaching just such a point, especially since peak food doesn’t even begin to contemplate a collapse in confidence in our currencies, and the associated economic turmoil that will produce.

Crazy, horny, panicky, weird, insane, angry, fearful, cowardly r-strategists, borne of a perfect storm of genes, epigenetics, and conditioning, are about to run face first into a K-selection they are horrified by – and cannot escape from. Will they successfully pit K-strategists against each other and live? Will the K-strategists turn their backs upon the r’s, as the savages pick their low-hanging fruit, killing r-strategists horrifically? These are the periods when events occur which subsequent generations will be transfixed by for millennia. Invigorating, terrifying, or come combination of the above, in the next two decades, we are about to make history.

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Rabbit Liberals Pit the Wolves Against Each Other

An emailer sends in an article on an anti-gun group calling for the SWATing of law abiding gun owners. Obviously, this is a case of the rabbits pitting the K-strategist wolves against each other, in blatant fashion. As in other areas of life, you can best elucidate what is occurring in the middle by closely examining the extreme areas on the margins, where everything is rendered obvious by its extremism.

No anti-gunner would dare come to my home to take my guns themselves, but they will send K-strategist armed agents of the government, if they can. The only difference between SWATing and passing a law to have police forcibly disarm the law-abiding is that these SWATing rabbits are less patient. They are all our enemy, and expecting straight dealing from such spineless cowards is utterly foolish.

The impatience of the SWATers is merely more intense amygdala angst, here driven by feelings of inferiority and impotence at the mere sight of an armed, self-sufficient American who can handle himself. So irritating is this feeling of inferiority, it will force action immediately to relive the intolerable irritation. Since personal violence is not on the table due to their cowardice, they will try the next best thing. Call some Police and try to get them to shoot at the gun-owner themselves, while the coward hides, off on the side.

This will get worse in the near future, as conditions deteriorate. You can see it in Obama’s desperate drive to offer ever more government largesse for free. You will also see its counterpart on the right, as the K-strategists rise and callously throw off the yoke of socially-enforced rabbitry, fearlessly demanding the freedoms the rabbits seek to deny. Whether it is Gamergate, Vox laying waste in the publishing world, the rise of open carry, or just a pizza delivery woman not fired for shooting her attacker in the face, cracks in the façade of the rabbity social-control are beginning to show, and that is not relaxing the rabbity amygdalae. Indeed, Conservatives are beginning to relax their amygdalae by blatantly flouting rabbity social strictures. Can ridicule and laughter at rabbity impotence be far behind?

The rabbits see what is coming, and want to deaden the populace ever more with their soma-like government freebies. (Even the rabbits see, the best way to engender r in a populace is to provide free resources). Meanwhile, the wolves see what is coming, eschew the freebies, and hate the rabbits ever more for creating the mess, even as they dreamily ponder how much freer they will be when the government has no money to operate its ever more oppressive machinery of state. How the wolves and rabbits can ever possibly end up united as a nation, ever again, I cannot imagine. It would seem we are approaching a point where one or the other will have to go, and judging by the rabbit’s rabbity panic, it would seem they realize as much too.

This insight, that the rabbit’s entire strategy is akin to the mating strategy of “sneakers” in the animal world, such as the transvestite cuttlefish, is a key understanding that we need to promote within the Conservative movement. In nature, we see an animal where one psychology, cowardly and weak, adopts an appearance that drives conflict among the stronger specimens. They actually pit the stronger more aggressive specimens against each other and as they fight, the weaker specimen avoids the fight and seizes their advantage unopposed.

It is exactly what we are seeing here, in its most blatant form, and the outcome could not be more tragic. Proud American gun owners, thrown into conflict with loyal, service minded Police Officers. Two groups of men who would naturally respect each other’s freedoms, and even enjoy each other’s company, were it not for the machinations of weak and cowardly rabbits manipulating them into conflict, and feeling so clever in the process.

This is a major leftist strategy you will see everywhere, from the hobbling of successful businesses under the yoke of government regulations, enforced at the point of a gun, to the taxation of rich individuals, so another population can be rendered dependent on the resulting largesse – and become willing to fight as it diminishes when the economy collapses. From Communists to the Nazis – it is how they operate. If anyone grows strong or successful, don’t meet them face to face. Send the wolves of government to them, and lets make them fight each other. It is my hope everyone would one day see these leftist machinations through that lens.

However, if r/K Theory can have no other effect, I hope it will promote an understanding among the K-strategists that we are all one, and could easily live in peace side by side, respecting each other’s K-selected rights, were it not for the cowardly rabble-rousing r-strategist rabbits among us, constantly degrading our society, stirring dissension, and turning us upon each other. They are our one true enemy. At the very least, I hope in highlighting our enemy, it will promote our dealing with this one true enemy after the dust settles, in such a way as we need not deal with them ever again.

Imagine a world without rabbits.

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Spaniards Demonstrate the Difference Between Loyalty to In-group and Openness to Out-group Interests

Spain prepares to change the law to allow illegal Muslim immigrants (among others) crossing its southern border to be immediately expelled from the country without trial. The rabbits of the United Nations had tried to stop this in the past.

Interestingly the first nation to show substantial in-group loyalty is also the multicultural nation that has had the highest Misery Index of late. I suspect if one believed a World War were likely, a good way to determine where it would spark would be to plot where the Misery Index was highest, and two opposed groups were in contact. With the spread of Muslim immigrants throughout Europe, the latter is now less of a concern.

In the US, the Misery Index was a good measure of resource restriction in the past, and followed the path of r/K quite well when compared to the Conservative Policy Mood, but modern manipulation of unemployment numbers, combined with the core inflation rate’s exclusion of the two most fundamental resources, food and fuel, makes it only a rough measure of resource restriction today, perhaps good for relative comparisons to nearby years, but little else. After all, if you can barely afford food and fuel, you will not be buying extraneous items, and thus the price of such items should drop due to limited demand. This would produce a Misery Index which would make it appear resources were freely available, even as people could not afford any luxuries.

A true r/K economic indicator would use total unemployment, combined with a total inflation rate, including inflation of costs associated with food and fuel. However given the economic storm approaching, such a measure may prove as useless as a 12 inch ruler would when standing in the midst of a tsunami. Already Muslims in Europe are being wantonly deported, flagrantly in the face of the rabbit’s wailings, and we have not even gotten the real collapse started yet. What is coming will be epic.

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In-group Loyalty vs Openess to Out-group Interests

I got an email asking about in-group loyalty, and how r diminishes it. Here is a good example from today. David Petraeus, the man who almost singlehandedly averted a defeat in Iraq, may be hit with criminal charges and imprisoned, based on the accusation that he gave classified documents to Paula Broadwell.

At the same time, Nancy Pelosi is appointing a Muslim to the Intelligence Committee, at the very time Islamic terrorism is on the rise again, and she will castigate anyone who even questions this as stupid, though logic is wholly uninvolved.

One of our greatest heroes may be about to be thrown in prison, at the very moment the rabbits are appointing an Islamic rabbit to our House Intelligence Committee.

I don’t feel totally innocent of r-malaise in this myself. I know that Sharyl Attkisson has openly said that this administration planted classified documents on her computer, so she could be charged and imprisoned for seeking the truth on a myriad of corrupt scandals, from Fast and Furious, to Benghazi. I have little doubt Gen Petraeus would not have given classified documents to Paula Broadwell, or given her the free access to all of his CIA emails they are alleging. I believe it fully possible, if not likely, that a great patriot is being framed by a corrupt rabbit government, at the very moment our government is handing power to individuals who are at least, of divided loyalty, and a great reporter fighting for freedom in her own way was almost similarly dealt with. My compatriots are being struck at left and right.

And yet I am not acting myself. I tell myself it is because it is not time. Things have not reached the point where actions would matter and there is little I could do which would have practical effect at this point. Maybe so. But I suspect it is also related to r/K. If life were a little harsher, if I were to begin from a more irritated baseline, I suspect I would be more K, and more prone to honor the loyalty I probably should afford David Petraeus, even if just by driving up to Washington and protesting in front of the Capitol, handing out flyers for a day. My amygdala would force me, and I suspect as things got worse, I would not be alone.

When the collapse comes, I suspect this nation will have built up a lot of angst, over wrongs left uncorrected, and anger even at having left them so. Once one is corrected, and the relief enjoyed, I suspect brain structures will change to a more action oriented arrangement, and a lot of people will begin clearing a laundry list of wrongs, built up over the times of ease, both to right the wrongs, and to ease their own consciences. Their amygdalae will force them.

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Are We All Charlie Hebdo?

Vox makes the case we should stand with Charlie Hebdo on principle. Perhaps.

The problem I see is, the left imported the Muslim threat. Then the leftists at Charlie Hebdo inflamed it with leftist snark to the point that it began shooting at them, and even killed innocent citizens in the Kosher Deli. Now they want everyone to “stand with them,” which really means fight the enemy they imported and angered, while they hide under the table, so they won’t have to face the consequences of their own stupidity.

The New York Times Newspaper Headline on The Charlie Hebdo Attacks

The New York Times Newspaper Headline on The Charlie Hebdo Attacks

Indeed, the rabbits in the media can’t even be persuaded to publish the new Charlie Hebdo cartoon, in their articles about it. The NY Times article on the new cartoon made it a point to mention twice that they would not publish it, lest any future jihadi mistaken believe that they would consider offending radical Islamist sensibilities and target the Times, instead of the Police and Military personnel the rabbits want to fight this battle for them. Oxford University Press will expect that everyone else will fight for them, even as they ban any mention of pigs or pork in their books, lest some Muslim somewhere get offended and try to target them specifically. Obama himself is so uncommitted to this fight that he couldn’t even find one administration official to march in France, in token support of the victims of the attacks.

The radical Muslims need to be killed when they do this type of thing. Nor should we tolerate that type of violence in our society. But what if we made it clear that our position was that the Muslims could have at the leftist rabbits, and that we didn’t want to get involved in the fight? What would the left do, if every police officer, military man, and patriotic citizen said, “No, we aren’t Charlie Hebdo. We didn’t want to import the radical Muslims to begin with, and we aren’t the ones who then went out of our way to piss them off. You Leftists created this entire problem yourself, now you can go deal with it yourself. You are not our people, and they are only killing you, so why should we get involved?

That would be more logical. The only difference compared to what the left is doing now would be that we wouldn’t haven’t started the fight that the leftists would then pay for. Now it is the left importing the fighters, starting the fight, drawing us into it, and then seeking to avoid the conflict by not offending the enemy, so the enemy will focus on us. As one article on it noted,

Every media outlet that refuses to publish the image raises the risk, however marginally, to the ones who do. That’s why Charlie Hebdo was targeted to begin with. A small French paper shouldn’t be on jihadis’ radar screens, but if they’re one of only a handful globally willing to publish images of Mohammed…

More and more, I think we need to split the population into r and K, and let the r’s fend for themselves. There would be no better way to train their amygdala to realize that actions have consequences, than to let them think that when they import radical ideologies, they will not be rescued by anyone else from having to live under the rules of that radical ideology. If a gay promiscuous woman supports importing a radical Muslim, then let her answer to him when she wants to drive, learn to read, dress comfortably, wear makeup, engage in lesbianism, or have affairs with other men’s wives. If she can’t sway her imported radical friend’s judgment, why should we then have to step in with force on her behalf? After the radical Muslims spend a few decades culling the low-hanging fruit that is the helpless rabbit herd, then we could step in and remove the threat before it begins presenting itself to us.

An additional advantage would be that by that time, few rabbits would balk at doing what needed to be done. Now, the rabbit’s position seems to be, “Surround us as we offend the violent Muslims we just imported, so when they start killing people, you will die first.”

That is a fool’s proposition, offered by cowards and imbeciles. We would be equally stupid to ally with them.

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Rabbit style vs Wolf Style in Gung Fu

The rabbit meme of Vox Day continues to spread. It has found fertile ground in the world of Gung Fu recently in several places, among them this blog, which examines experiences in the martial arts with wolves and rabbits.

Chinese philosophy is permeated with an understanding of how the Universe is composed of microcosms, each mimicking the macrocosm above it, and aping the microcosms around it. Study one small part of the universe closely enough and you won’t be able to help learning about both, other parts and the greater whole.

One interesting example I found in the above linked blog was the following example.

“You can’t kung fu through this set,” Sifu would later say time and again during my private lessons on the famed Cotton Needle Set, or even the Liu Ha Ba Fa. “You have to feel it. It’s not like chopping wood. It’s more like bending bows and unsheathing swords.”

Imagine training yourself to throw a punch or a block, and feel the entire movement and its resistance as completely as you would feel the bending of a bow. Examine one area of life enough, and its lessons will apply to many others.

In this vein, rabbits and wolves are a natural fit in Gung Fu. Grasp the psychologies of the animals, and you begin to see them in the people around you, and even the groups those people belong to. Those who respond to resistance with dodging and fleeing, and those who will feel the resistance as they stand their ground, resolute and unmoved except by their own desire for truth. Those who seek to disappear into the safety of the herd, and those who seek out the individual dangers and sacrifices demanded by their loyalty to the pack. Those whom you and look at, and can see the loving soul behind their eyes, and those who sit poised, like tense little robots programmed to flee from the first signs of trouble.

I love watching the idea spread, because I know its spread is a one-way street. Nobody learns of rabbits and wolves, or even r/K, and one day stops understanding its importance or telling others about it. Even better, as time goes on, and people see its relation to the greater macrocosm of government, it’s beneficial effects on freedom will only grow.

Given what appears to approach, this effect particularly, would seem divinely timed.

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Help, I’m a Narcissist-Magnet

One of the readers here spoke in a comment of being a narcissist-magnet. Sometimes, having dealt with narcissists in the past can condition you to play the narcissist’s game in the future. They try to be noxious, you try to defuse the noxiousness, endure a hit of it, and the narcissist ends up feeling in control and omnipotent. They seem to detect this tendency in you, and it makes you attractive to them when you meet. You almost end up programmed to be an uncomfortable yin to the narcissist’s yang, and they like that. Suddenly the narcissist wants more, and they begin to try to suck you in, using your innate drives to kindness, loyalty, and decency to prevent you from rejecting them.

Narcissists are awful to be around, if you have to be around them, and I don’t think that can really be fixed. However, they can be made less noxious if you cross paths with them for short periods, and you can train yourself to repel them in the process. It is this initial encounter when you have to repel the narcissist, before you grow entwined in their web.

Another comment here brought to mind a recent encounter I had. An acquaintance introduced me to a guy who was about fifty-five or sixty. He had a face like the old actor Jimmy Durante, but his physical proportions were much more athletic, with much broader shoulders, and large, popeye-like forearms. Despite his physical countenance, something reminded me of Bob, in that first moment when we met. A sort of sad, probing quality to his personae, as if he were an unhappy man, using that first moment to cagily look for a weakness in me that he could exploit. We shook hands, and he promptly set about trying to stress my amygdala with different techniques. My initial read had been dead-on.

He was friends with my acquaintance, and I really liked the acquaintance, so I chose not to try and amygdala hijack him, instead ignoring all of his attempts to assert dominance, induce stress, focus on the negative, and play other hijacking techniques. Partly because I knew I had the hijack in my back pocket, I was able to maintain an excellent mood, despite all of the narcissist games. At any moment, I knew I could really do a number on this guy, and knowing the techniques he used caused me to view his executions of them technically, like judging a chess player moving a piece, rather than as the emotional ordeal they were designed to be.

My mood was enhanced by the facts that I liked the acquaintance who introduced us, he seemed to be having fun, I knew I’d never see the narcissist again after this, and what brought us together was kind of funny, in its own way. As a result, my mood throughout the meeting could be described as perpetually comically surprised.

After about twenty minutes, I looked at the narcissist, and realized he looked exhausted. His head hung a little forward, his shoulders slouched, he had turned so he wasn’t facing me directly, he was avoiding eye contact, and a couple of times, as he talked, he was turned ninety degrees to me, and talking into his hand as he slapped it with the edge of his other hand for effect. Even his eyes had that exhausted, “please let this all end” look.

He was in the early stages of an amygdala hijack, despite the fact I had done nothing to precipitate it, beyond exhibit a profoundly amused, happy personae.

To do this yourself you need to do two things. First, recognize that the narcissist is evil incarnate, and not in the least bit human. Don’t treat them nicely, like you would a human. Hurting them is not only OK, it is good. When they try to use your humanity against you, deny them the opportunity by treating them as if they are not human. Extend them no more humanity and kind consideration than you would a rock or a chair, and if possible relish slighting them. Second, internalize the amygdala hijack, to the point that you view the faces of everyone around you in terms of how irritated their amygdala is.

If you can internalize the amygdala hijack, to the point that you innately focus your amygdala on every facet of the narcissist’s countenance, viewing it in terms of amygdala stimulation, you will change how your brain responds to narcissists. You will focus on the narcissist’s countenance, instead of your own response to their provocations. That small hack will shift your amygdala’s focus from your emotional sensations to their’s, and that will dramatically armor you against their attacks. As they try to make you feel like crap, you are too busy thinking about what crap the narcissist feels like, to even notice your own response.

As you learn to do this, you will stop playing their games, because you will not respond to their attacks. They will detect this immediately, and suddenly they will feel as if they are not in control of your interactions anymore. That alone will make them highly uncomfortable in your presence, and after experiencing that, most of them will begin to want to avoid you. They may even enter mild amygdala hijacks themselves, as they ponder how impotent they feel in your presence, and see the attacks they expect to work, violate their expectations and fail. If you want to add to the effect, you can always let your facial expression go to interested-Hannibal-Lector, still-face them, and then let them see you closely scrutinizing the areas around their eyes, mouth, and cheeks as you read their emotional state. For some reason, that is extraordinarily potent in unnerving them.

I left that encounter very pleased – even more so than I would have been had I decided to hijack the narcissist, and been so successful that I left him a quivering, twitching mess on the ground, in mid-stroke. If you can reach that point, it is almost as if denying them the ability to even draw you into a battle somehow renders them even less relevant in your life. At the same time, watching them hijack themselves as you ignore their attacks allows you to leave them unhappy and miserable to boot, without even expending the slightest effort yourself. As you reach that point, it will feed upon itself, and grow ever more. You will enjoy yourself more, the narcissist will suffer more, and each will feed upon the other.

I’d strongly encourage anyone who finds themselves dealing with narcissists often, to make such an ability the end-goal of their training in the amygdala hijack. It is an excellent place to find yourself, after the horrors of having dealt narcissists.

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Food Justice and Rabbitry

A couple of interesting things in this article.

First, Michelle Obama has her own pet project called “Let’s Move,” that is no doubt heavily funded with taxpayer dollars, the vast majority of which are spent to hire her friends, no doubt. Again, Rabbits like Free resources, and see nothing unusual about exploiting them. It is why our government will collapse.

Second, one of Michelle’s friends calls herself a “Food Justice Activist,” who believes, according to the article,

that all aspects of food production and consumption should be “shared fairly.”

Obviously that is borne of an innate perception of a world with more than enough resources to feed everyone equally, all of the time, and a deep, innate aversion to the idea of resources apportioned based upon ability, effort, and determination.

We are two different species, designed for different worlds, with diametrically opposed views of fairness and justice, as well as morality and virtue. As the rabbits become more rabbity, and resource availability contracts in the future, it is hard to see how a war between ideologues could be avoided, short of some horrible culling of the herd by other means.

How convenient that the rabbits have imported so many radical Muslims, inflamed them to the point of violence, and now call upon us to declare that we stand with them in solidarity, and will defend them from this horrible scourge they have created (while they hide from the fighting, of course). More and more, I see the narcissist’s fomenting of misery and discontent as a programmed, psychological drive designed to shield them from scrutiny and conflict, by setting everyone around them upon each other.

The truth is, there will never be true peace, until the rabbits are constrained in some fashion.

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Dropping Smokes – The Rabbit Fog of Confusion

In the comments on the page on this site dealing with Narcissists, Adam seeks to attack by insinuating I am a Narcissist, but I do not know it.

So let me get this straight . . . in this constellation of terrible people you are the bright shining sun of purity and hope for redemption?

But not a narc yourself, right?

Hmmm . . . interesting.

There are several ways to objectively differentiate Narcissists, SJW’s and others rabbits from normal people. The first way is the non-narcissist/non-rabbit seeks an objective truth, supported by facts. Rabbits and Narcissists seek merely to tar everyone’s reputation, or barring that, muddy the rhetorical waters in such a way as to make any objective truth indistinguishable from the falsehoods around it.

This has its root in the amygdala. For one who seeks truth, it is falsehoods and uncertainty which stimulate the amygdala and irritate the psyche, motivating a search for analyses which will resolve the confusion and reveal the truth, whatever it may be. If one’s amygdala is activated and irritated by truth, however, then one will seek out either an embrace of falsehood, or at the very least a tarring of everything equally, truth and falsehood, so no truth can be perceived and irritate.

This is why rabbits will tell you that everyone’s opinion matters, all opinion is subjective, facts can be rejected if they are racist, classist, sexist, triggering, or even criminal in the case of global warming, and nobody is fit to render any judgment, unless the judgment comports with rabbit-ideology, and assuages the rabbit’s amydala.

Of course the fact that truths can be amygdala stimulating tells one much about the honor and respectability of the individual who can not bear truth, as well as their relation to, and love for, the world they inhabit. It also explains why the left assiduously seeks to destroy that which is good, and elevate that which harms. Good irritates the narcissist and the rabbit with the understanding that the narcissist/rabbit can only become it by abandoning all that they are and embracing a world they fundamentally hate. Harm is a comfort, by the damage it inflicts on a world which they fundamentally hate and revile.

Another good way to differentiate rabbits and non-rabbits, is by how individually competitive they are. Just as rabbit amygdalae are triggered by truth, they are also triggered by their own relative inferiority – the most wounding truth they know. Indeed, the most wounding aspect of their own inferiority is what they see as its static, unchanging nature – a self-fulfilling prophesy if ever there was one. Once they believe they are trapped at their own level of inferiority, and the only way up is to claw everyone else down, they will never rise to any height. All their effrots to tear down others will only diminish any chance they had at greatness even more.

Conversely, non-rabbits see their own stature for the truth of what it is – a work in progress, which they can easily better through a rigorous search for truth and betterment. Because of this, a fellow non-rabbit’s success is not cause for irritation, but rather an inspiring example of what they themselves could one day attain.

Some might say Vox and Heartiste are narcissists, for example. Heartiste explains how social cues can manipulate people and even be used to woo women, and Vox has enraged so many people that he must not think of anyone but himself. Yet neither is individually competitive to the point that they seek to win by seeing their peers fail. Indeed, both seek to aid fellow truth-seekers, in their own quests for success.

Were Heartiste a Narcissist, he would have amassed his game, and then covetously kept it for himself, as he laughed at all the poor manboobs as they angrily stormed about, railing at the world and the fickle nature of women. Only that sight could have assuaged his deep sense of inferiority. Instead, buoyed by the knowledge of his own mastery of the world around him, Heartiste takes his knowledge, and tries to help husbands keep their wives happy, and young players follow in the footsteps he has walked. Then he gleefully posts on his site the emails from those who are following in his footsteps and succeeding.

Likewise, Vox seeks to help all of his fellow non-rabbits, anyway he can. He routinely sends this site traffic spikes that dwarf the normal traffic here, and I’m sure if this site ever did rise to his level of success, it would bring him joy, instead of the insecurity a rabbit would feel.

So am I a narcissist? I think not, and I believe the judgment objective. Were I a narcissist, I would never have revealed any of the data here, especially the analysis of the amygdala hijack. The narcissists I know have had at least as good an understanding of that as me, yet all have rigorously guarded that secret, as they gleefully wielded it on all around them. I am delighted to think that others may wield that tool to protect themselves, and better their own lives. Nor do I seek to inflict myself on others, by trolling other’s sites with vague comments implying nobody can differentiate truth. Only the narcissist/rabbit seeks to intrude and muddy the waters. Those who can live their own lives peacefully, without bothering others must, by definition, lack that need to see others irritated, which is the hallmark of the disorder.

The more you understand the forces which motivate our enemies, the more you realize nobody could experience a worse punishment – banished to hate everything in a world they despise, yet powerless to change any of it.

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Is Scalzi a Narcissist?

Vox wrote a post examining whether John Scalzi is a Narcissist. It is always tough to know what is going on the mind of another person. Especially when Narcissists are younger, and smart enough to ape the social and self-deprecating aspects of non-narcissists, identifying them can be almost impossible. They will appear, to almost every eye, as normal.

There is one thing about Scalzi which points to some sort of amygdala insufficiency, which would, if I were to meet him, make me extremely cautious in trusting him

It is my understanding that Scalzi did not pay his dues at SFWA, demanding that Vox be expelled before he would continue as a paying member. Most of us today recognize that we need to actively expel leftists from any organizations we can, but we do that for a very specific, practical reason. If we do not expel them, they will seek to expel us. Our amygdala has adopted that position, and drives that behavior, because it sees a very real threat in the offing. Such behavior is a commonsense attempt to prevent that threat from materializing.

Scalzi’s motivator was different. Vox was not actively targeting anyone at SFWA for expulsion, nor was he of the psychology which would seek that. Still, Scalzi simply could not tolerate the presence of Vox. His amygdala looked at Vox, and freaked out to the point that he needed to either see Vox leave, or he himself would have to leave.

How many reading this could imagine that? I have been a part of many groups in my life. Almost all have had people in them I did not like. A few had people in the group I found repulsive. But my amygdala processed the negative information about those individuals, stored it as data, and there it remained, recognized but not acted upon. My amygdala never freaked out to the point that I needed to see that person expelled, “or else!” Indeed, I would have been ashamed to admit having such a cognitive deficit, and inability to tolerate the adversity of diversity.

If you are normal, your amygdala will recognize that there will be people in the world who you will not get along with. It will adjust to tolerate their presence, and even to deal with them when necessary. Those people who we recognize as extraordinary, are often those who tolerate even greater adversity, be it the young SF recruit who withstands impossible hardship in the Q-course, or an astronaut who endures a death defying ordeal with aplomb. We subconsciously recognize that such an individual will probably be a pleasure to know personally, due to their calm, even tempered, unflappable approach to the world around them.

If you have the beginnings of a personality disorder however, you will freak out disproportionately at the most minor of stimuli. In essence, you will expect the entire world to revolve around you, until you approve of its position, and if it does not, then emotional fireworks and hysterics will be forthcoming.

That is of course, a step down a dangerous path. The Nazis had the same problem with the Jews. Jews stimulated Nazi amygdalae, and as a result, the Nazis needed them gone. Without societal constraint, such a lack of amygdala control can lead to joyfully stuffing women and children in gas chambers and ovens. The negative emotions, and basic framework of thought are exactly the same. You can’t tolerate their presence, circumstances allow you to act out against them in some way for no reason, and lacking any inner moral control provided by a personal morality, (ie another form of amygdala development), you act out in such a way as to appease your inner panic.

Why couldn’t Scalzi tolerate Vox? It is tough to say. Maybe he is a rabbit with an unusually triggerable amygdala, and Vox’s tweets were making him physically sick. Maybe he hated the jocks that Vox reminded him of, whom he felt as a child had it so easy, and whom always stirred in him feelings of unfairness and hatred. Maybe he sensed how Vox’s blog was always destined to eclipse his own, and take from him an important marketing claim to fame. Maybe he has a need to always be bowed before, and Vox didn’t pay his ego enough attention sometime, and he began to feel slighted in Vox’s presence.

Whatever the trigger, the circumstances would say to me that something in Scalzi’s amygdala was triggered by an otherwise insignificant stimuli, which a normal human being should be expected to tolerate easily. That such minor stimuli would drive him to act, is, in my experience, highly indicative of what is going on beneath his surface.

I’d assume, based on my experience with other individuals with that trait, that underneath his amiable portrayal of an easy-going, likable guy, was a more unpredictable neurotic, waiting to freak out about something, and act out unpredictably on just such a seemingly insignificant cue. In my experience, such individuals are never to be trusted, because they are slaves to their amygdala, and will whip loyalty without a second glance, if the terror of amygdala commands them to do so. That they have learned to hide that inner demon so well, often from an incredibly young age, is what makes them dangerous.

It is fortunate that given the circumstances of our place in history, that is the worst of the horrors they are capable of aiding and abetting. It is even more fortunate that due to environmental factors, their psychology is no longer ascendant, and we will see it diminish in numbers as the coming turmoil cleans the Augean stables of our civilization’s psyche.

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