Book Review – Becoming a Gung Fu Fighter by SKM

Good friend SKM recently published his first book, Becoming a Gung Fu Fighter, on Amazon Kindle. If you are looking interestedly at Martial Arts, and want to know more about Gung Fu to assess it for study, or if you want advice on how to find a good Gung Fu school, I heartily recommend the book.

You will not be a Gung Fu fighter after reading it. It doesn’t go into techniques, or how to fight. But it is an excellent manual on finding a good school, what to expect as you embark on the journey, why it is well worthwhile, and where you should be looking to go, if you’ve been at it for a while. All of that is vital to understand when looking at schools, because you will run into a lot of charlatans in the Martial Arts. In full disclosure, I wrote the foreword, though I am not financially involved in it. So although an SKM fan, I am not otherwise biased.

There is a lot in Gung Fu, but what I found interesting (and did not know) was that a good Gung Fu school will include an education in Traditional Chinese Medicine theory and practice.

This struck me particularly hard. When I was a young buck, I found myself hanging out with an older Japanese Sensei. He was about 60 years old. He had trained from an early age in Japan to be a professional martial artist and instructor, and held ranks ranging from 7th through 8th Dan in arts ranging from Kyokoshin Karate, to Judo, to Aikido. I mentioned to him that each morning I had to loosen up a two year old injury in one joint for five minutes before I could move it, and he shook his head ruefully, while pushing his lips together in an expression of unhappiness.

In heavily accented English, he turned to me and said, “Every morning, it take me five minutes to get out of bed. And then – thirty minutes, I walk around like this.” He mimed shuffling his feet with three inch steps, while holding his whole upper body stiff. Even later in the day when I would see him, he had an apparent reduction in joint range of motion all over his body, and a stiffness about his motions, which gave his movements a sort of shuffling appearance. I had marveled at it when I first met him. At his level he was a master of so many physical arts, but his body was clearly bordering on being worn out even though he was still fairly young.

I wasn’t surprised though. In my club, there were no fighters over 60, and the guys up around there you had to go easy on. The warmups were a bunch of guys all trying to loosen up old injuries, and moaning and groaning as they did. Often you’d hear the head instructor say, “If you play the game, you’re gonna pay the game.” (He knew first hand. As a kid, in my first class, I watched his knee pop fully out of joint and quickly get reset on the spot by one of the guys there. It wasn’t the first time that happened to him, nor would it be the last.)

As I went on, my knees began to get very stiff, my squats got shallower and shallower no matter how I dropped the weight and focused on range of motion, and I accepted that was all just a part of the game. If you use your body, joints will stiffen, motions will slow down, and worse injuries will stalk you. You play the game, you pay the game.

Eventually, through sheer luck, I found myself at a very special door, seeking treatment for some other injury. There was no sign, beyond a small paper label by the door buzzer with some Chinese characters on it, and it was tucked away in a place you would never happen on it if you didn’t know someone who knew someone who could point you to it. Behind it, unbeknown to me at the time, was perhaps one of the most brilliant people I would ever cross paths with.

Inside, was an austere waiting room, with just chairs, and thirty or so Chinese people bantering in Mandarin and English, mostly about how the “doctor” here was the best they had ever seen. On the wall was the most detailed poster you could imagine – an old painting highlighting innumerable acupuncture meridians and points all over a drawing of a human body. It was the office of a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I would never have gone to him, but due to the nature of my injury, he was the only medical option I had at that moment which would do anything beyond tell me to rest and let it heal. The friend who pushed me to go to him told of numerous relatives cured of a myriad of complaints, from arthritis, to Bell’s Palsy, to leukemia, to hyperthyroidism – I’m not kidding or exaggerating. I didn’t believe it, but those people swore by him. When I was motioned to his desk in the adjacent room by his wife, he did the TCM thing, taking my pulse, looking at how I moved, sat, held myself, walked, expressed myself, and so on. He asked a couple of seemingly meaningless questions about my sleep, and mood, and asked to see my tongue. To say I was perplexed was an understatement. None of that data should have had any perceptible relation to any aspect of my injury.

After a few minutes of what seemed the most cursory examination, he proclaimed that I could be treated, and he could fix everything. I was dubious, but I smiled politely and nodded, mainly because he seemed like a very good person, in a very fundamental way. I was given seven paper bags and told to come back in a week. Each bag held a mixture of tree barks, nuts, mushrooms, leaves, and other plant matter I couldn’t identify at the time – Chinese herbs. In truth, as I left, I doubted I’d be back.

But I had the herbs, and I was extraordinarily curious. After all, aspirin came from tree bark, so I cooked the teas, and took them as directed. A week later I felt really good, in ways beyond just feeling the injury heal. I felt more energy, slept better, and thought more clearly. When the time came, I went back hopefully. As I told the doctor I felt better, he had the most pleased expression and nodded enthusiastically. He told me to come back in two weeks, after taking more teas. Two months later, on his teas, my body felt like it did at 18. It was unreal.

He had cured my main medical complaint, but he had also turned back the clock in a lot of ways, and fixed a raft of problems I didn’t even classify as problems. My knees were like brand new, I was squatting lower than I should have been again, and that old injury I had to loosen up each morning at 20, was totally gone, as if it never happened. They say you can only gain two or three pounds of muscle a week lifting, but on his teas, I gained much, much more, and it was all muscle. My immunity was higher as well. When everyone else got the flu from hell, I felt weirdly bulletproof, and sure enough, it passed right by me. My mind was clearer than it had been in a long time, my sleep was amazing, and I was driven uncontrollably to accomplish whatever tasks I could find. This wasn’t a drug high, which would wear off, and leave me worse than when I started. This was an optimization of bodily functions which actually improved healing and replenishment, and would leave me stronger when I stopped it.

My experience with TCM amazed me, and I encourage others with medical problems they can’t get treated with modern medicine, to give it a try. If you can find the right practitioner, with sufficient experience, it offers an excellent risk/reward ration, and can really change the course of your life.

I now recognize that the more exclusively hard martial arts are all missing something extraordinarily vital to a fighting art. They concern themselves with the techniques you use in the moment, and they do develop a mindset you need to succeed in the world, as well as on the mat. But in lacking TCM theory, or any other medical knowledge, they fail to complete their purpose, and leave their practitioners woefully unprepared – not just for fighting, but for confronting the world as a healthy being capable of adapting to any circumstance. Just from a perspective of fighting, I can’t describe how much better a fighter you will be just by getting your body’s functions brought into optimal condition. However, carry that over into the rest of life, and everything else will improve as well, from work to play.

I am shocked, looking at the Japanese arts in the light of TCM, that they treat the body as a disposable vessel, to be used up aggressively, rather than the temple to be cherished and nourished, which is how the Chinese/Tibetan arts regard it. I am even more amazed that such brilliant men as the founders and practitioners of the Japanese arts have never happened upon TCM or incorporated it into their arts. I can’t help but wonder how many old Japanese Sensei’s are hobbling along on worn out bodies when they could be actively training and participating in their art with healthy functional bodies.

What my experience with TCM taught me, more than anything, was that there are unacclaimed gems of knowledge out there that can change your life immeasurably. Small corners of the world where brilliant men have assembled bodies of knowledge so staggeringly amazing, that they aren’t widely known precisely because few would believe that such powerful knowledge could even exist.

I learned much from Becoming a Gung Fu Fighter, and am left wondering, if Gung Fu includes the wisdom of TCM, what other gems have the wise old Sifu’s who built it included within it? How does the philosophy affect your psychology? How does the theoretical modeling of the world affect your thinking? I undoubtedly will seek to find that answer myself one day, and becoming a Gung Fu Fighter will be a valuable aid in that quest. For others on the journey of knowledge, I heartily recommend the book as an excellent first step in what appears to be a most fascinating journey.

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Aurini’s The Sarkeesian Effect has a Patreon Page

I know that many of you have enjoyed Aurini’s Youtube channel, because he has sent over a lot of the traffic here. Well, Aurini now has a patreon page up for crowd-funding the documentary that he is doing titled the “The Sarkeesian Effect.” It will be a detailed intellectual examination of Social Justice Warriors or as Vox calls them, the “Pinkshirts.” It is a great project, and a much needed intellectual examination of one of the greatest fascist threats to freedom today.

As they say, history repeats. I am sure humanity will have many more encounters with the Sarkeesians of the world, as time passes, and each one poses the threat of tyranny winning, if only temporarily. Please stop by give the page a look, and help him spread the word about this important project.

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Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is a Chicken$**t?

It is funny to me to see members of Obama’s administration call Israeli PM Netanyahu a coward. Bib is many things, but a coward is not among them. From his Wiki page:

Netanyahu joined the Israel Defense Forces during the Six-Day War in 1967, and became a team leader in the Sayeret Matkal special forces unit. He took part in many missions, including Operation Inferno (1968), Operation Gift (1968) and Operation Isotope (1972), during which he was shot in the shoulder. He fought on the front lines in the War of Attrition and the Yom Kippur War in 1973, taking part in special forces raids along the Suez Canal, and then leading a commando assault deep into Syrian territory.[3] He achieved the rank of captain before being discharged.

He was in the US at college when the Yom Kippur War started. He hopped a plane back, and in a few days was back in his old position in the most elite unit is Israeli Spec Ops. He later returned to the US to complete his degree. It is without doubt that even a cursory pass through Netanyahu’s memories would probably make the most hardened badass’ hair stand on end.

So why launch such an attack? If you are intimately familiar with the psychology, you’ll immediately see that this was an amygdala hijack directed at Netanyahu. Like many such attempts by narcissists, it was predicated on an understanding of human psychology that arose from the narcissist’s self examination of themselves, and thus it assumes the narcissist’s malady is ever-present in everyone.

Whoever launched the attack is deeply fearful of seeing someone point out their own cowardice publicly, and tie it to some concrete action they took, or failed to take. They assume Netanyahu is deeply ashamed of his own cowardice too, so they are trying to launch the type of attack which would most cripple them psychologically. Of course, I’m pretty sure it had the same effect as a pimply teen going down to Delta Force headquarters, standing outside the gate, and yelling “Coward!” at the cars, as they pass by.

These types of personal attacks with narcissists can just happen, but more often they are planned attacks designed to lash out for some perceived personal slight that deeply wounded the narcissist’s sense of superiority, which of course is the defense the narcissist uses to keep the crippling terror of an amygdala hijack at bay. It is not at all impossible that Netanyahu has done something recently behind the scenes which has frustrated people in the White House, perhaps even someone in particular, and this is their version of payback, custom tailored to most cripple an individual who thinks just like them. That it appears so psychologically projected makes me wonder if the decision to do this didn’t originate with Obama himself.

It make me think about how things must be unraveling inside the White House now that Dear Leader and his entire entourage are being criticized by leftists afraid of seeing the Obama administration’s failures reflect back badly upon the movement. Groups of narcissists can become amygdala echo chambers. One get’s hijacked and tries to relieve the strain by hijacking two others himself. Like nuclear fission, it can create a very unpleasant environment.

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The Must Read Article For Anyone In The Alt-Right Blogosphere.

You’ve set out to add your voice to the dialog. If you happen to have the misfortune to succeed, be aware that they will come. I would not be surprised if we all have child-porn buried somewhere on our systems, just in case.

They broke into her house, installed an extra fiber-optic line, planted malware on her computers, followed her to hotels to refresh the software, planted classified documents so they could have her and her sources arrested, turned on her Skype so they could listen to her, and gained access to all her financial accounts. I’m wondering if she was slipped some mutagen in her orange juice while they were there.

This is the downside to all the free resources that Reagan liberated with the national debt. As likable as George W is, by refusing to name an enemy in the war on terror, and supporting all the new spying powers, he helped create a domestic spying juggernaut which could reasonably argue that anyone could be a terrorist in need of surveillance – and God knows what else. This is his baby as much as anyone’s.

Most telling is that her own network not only wouldn’t talk about it, they forced her to leave. There was a time when this would have been a blaring headline. Not anymore.

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Narcissists, Amygdalae, and Tiago Henrique Gomes da Rocha

Brazilian Serial Killer Tiago Henrique Gomes da Rocha speed reads books backward, from ending to beginning. We know a few other things about him. A quote from him:

I had an ordinary childhood until I was 11. Then I was sexually abused by a neighbour. After that I felt like I was nothing. I felt the anger growing in me from that moment on…. When I was 22, I couldn’t stop myself anymore. It was like I had to do it.

Anger is amygdala produced, and it can be developed. With a certain predisposing nature, a child who rages constantly at something in his environment can develop their anger through repetitive exercise, to the point that in adulthood, it can become ever present, and overwhelming in strength.

Like most narcissists, I would assume that he targeted pretty girls because wracked by insecurity, he could never approach them. Of course contemplating that this failure was due to some fault with himself was too painful due to his amygdala sensitivity. To ease the strain on his amygdala, he probably blamed them for being too mean and haughty, and ignoring him. Once he began down that mentally defective road of logic, his hatred would supplant his shame/pain, and it would feed on itself to further insulate him from the agony. Eventually it would boil over in some way.

So what does this have to do with his speed reading books backward?

You can’t say anything for certain, but if forced to guess, his amygdala could be too sensitive and the sensations it produces are too strong, for him to read books normally.

A page-turner, in a literal sense, is a book which forces you to turn the page, because not knowing what comes next is too irritating to the amygdala for you to just stop. Imagine reading a great story, and then putting the book down right before the climax, and never knowing how it ends. If you are normal, it would be vexing. From a technical perspective, your amygdala would haunt you with a mildly bothered sensation at not knowing the ending.

In his case, I would bet that such a subtle irritation at not knowing how the book ended was so severe that he could not endure it long enough to turn the pages of the book, one by one, and get to the end. One day, he gave up and read the end of the book first. That assuaged the irritation. He then could move backward through the book, to assimilate its contents, absent the anxiety and irritation. From that point forward, that became how he read books, and eventually he was conditioned to even read magazines that way. Even the speed reading is probably adapted from his need to get the act over with, and finish assimilating the data as quickly as possible, to let his amygdala relax. From the article:

… during the early hours of yesterday, Da Rocha read 40 magazines in quick succession – and from back to front. [the guard] said: ‘It was a curious thing that he would read from the back forwards and very quickly, as if it were a task he was being made to do…’

That is the amygdala overwhelming the individual’s consciousness, and driving behavior by force of emotional punishment. He was being made to do it by a structure within his brain. That is, in a nutshell where all the bizarreness and illogicality of the narcissist comes from.

Knowing he cannot tolerate such a stimulus would obviously figure in a profile of him, for purposes of hijacking. Trigger his interest in something fascinating, and lead him down a rhetorical path, making him want to learn an interesting ending, see how a problem is solved, or gain some other amygdala-relieving satisfaction you build toward. Offer an imminent ending, then pull back and lead him on some more, as if a resolution is just around the corner. Repeat that a couple of times. Then, without concluding the journey, abruptly feign ADD, shift to something else, and when he tries to draw you back, proclaim yourself bored with the topic and move on. I laugh just picturing what that would do to him over the ensuing five minutes.

Like any narcissist, I’d assume he was sensitive to all the other amygdala hijacking stimuli as well, from diminution of stature, to out-grouping, to relative inferiority, to being laughed at, and those are what I would go to for a final deathblow. But using his need for an immediate ending against him would be a good foundation to set his amygdala in high gear in preparation for all the other hijacks – that constant agitation would lay beneath every subsequent interaction, amplifying the effects of each considerably. Like a muscle, the amygdala’s nervous structure has a limited reserve of ATP energy molecules to power its operations. It can only do so many repetitions before a traumatic shutdown is induced. Best of all, it is not difficult at all to overload the structure in these defective, narcissistic personalities.

Of course he is a serial killer, so as with most mental defectives, you’d want to also occupy the high ground of violence in the encounter, lest the interaction head in that direction. As he has shown, if he thinks he can get away with shutting off his amygdala by killing you, he will.

The amygdala is the Rosetta Stone of consciousness. As you begin to understand the amygdala mechanically, you begin to understand humans mechanically, from the most subtle desires and inclinations of normal people to the strangest quirks of the most defective. Most importantly it offers the key to a non-lethal weapon that is very effective against the evil among us today. Learn to use it freely.

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What Happens to Rabbit-girlz Like Editor Tina Brown, as Things Shift Toward K

In a comment on another post, Dylan hoped the K-shift would happen soon, and he’s right. No good comes from waiting. Here is a first sign of the shift in progress – A Liberal Woman speaks openly.

From the link:

“I think they’re feeling unsafe,”

“They feel unsafe, economically. They’re feeling unsafe with regard to ISIS. They’re feeling unsafe about Ebola. What they’re feeling unsafe about is the government response to different crises.”

But it’s not just external events that are bothering women, Brown said. “No Drama Obama” himself might be just a little too cool for his own good – at least as far as women are concerned.

“I think they’re beginning to feel a bit that Obama’s like that guy in the corner office who’s too cool for school,” Brown said. “Calls a meeting, says this has to change, doesn’t put anything in place to make sure it does change. Then it goes wrong and he’s blaming everybody.”

When survival is suddenly in doubt, looking cool takes second seat to kicking ass, and even hippie chicks are not blind to that reality. Where the girls go, the beta-boys of the left will follow.

The worm continues to turn, and I expect we will see the initial effects this November, in the form of Liberal demotivation in voting and advocacy. As it progresses, it will begin to exert effects on Republican primaries, but for now, we are still in the early stages. Even so, a Republican landslide, despite GOPe incompetence seems inevitable, speaking to how strong the coming shift will be as it reaches its apex.

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Did Cyprus Solve Its Problems?

You have to wonder how bad things are in Cyprus. Cyprus President hospitalized for nosebleed caused by stress-exacerbated high blood pressure.

Especially interesting:

“Anastasiades, 68, was in “good health,” and the decision to remain hospitalized was his, not his doctors, said Christodoulides.”

He associates his medical condition with the stress of his job to the extent that the only way he sees to limit the stress is to commit himself to a medical institution.

It calls to mind Kyle Bass :

They’re not going to tell you [that a collapse is coming]. You’re going to have to see it for yourself. [During the Tequila crisis], the Mexican government affirmed they would not default, that they would not devalue, almost daily. The day after they said “we wont devalue,” they devalued by 60%. The government’s never going to tell you that it’s going to happen.

Greece’s Yunker said recently, “When it becomes serious—you have to lie”.

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r-Strategists Acquiring Free Resources Verses K-Rules

James O’Keefe strikes again, unmasking Liberal willingness to commit voter fraud.


Vote machines in Illinois are mis-calibrated so they take Republican votes, and turn them into Democrat votes.

If you are designed to simply pick up free resources, you will see nothing wrong with picking up free votes by any means you can. If you are designed to function as a part of a cohesive a group, you will have pro-social rules imbued within you that will make such immoral actions untenable.

r-strategists and K-strategists are two completely different animals, with completely different instincts. As the shift to K occurs, expect to see urges to punish this type of thing arise quite strongly in the K-strategists. All that is missing now is the amygdala irritation to motivate decisive action. It’s coming.

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Cosplay and the Apocalypse

Surfing blogs I happened upon By Other Means who had a post titledBeCos(play) It’s Friday. A quick trip to Wikipedia revealed that Cosplay is basically a new subculture where people adopt personaes from fantasy series to roleplay, and then they all meet up in costume at some venue. A lot of pretty girls who you wish didn’t have tattoos mingle and pose in their scanty costumes pretending to be superheroes, while the perfunctory fat guy with facial stubble, dressed up only in a neon wig, hangs out in the back taking it all in. (What do you mean I can’t get in because I’m not a Cosplayer? You think I’m only here to look at the girls? Do you see the wig?)

Again, deep down in young people’s psyches, this world is seen as some drudgery to escape from. Some deep reverberation of discomfort is trembling their amygdalae, and it manifests as a subconscious desire, not to go for a hike in the mountains, or snowboard Whistler, or see the Grand Canyon, but to dress up as a fantasy character and walk around an auditorium imagining they lived in that fantasy world.

Part of why things got so weird this turn of the r/K cycle is our technology. From video games, to movies like Avatar, the technologists who create that media have gotten the eliciting of dopamine down to a science. What is the Grand Canyon when you’ve not only lived in Avatar’s perfectly neon colored world, you’ve saved it from destruction, and gotten the girl, in a story so fantastic it could only be fantasy? Once people’s minds acclimate to that level of stimulation on a regular basis, the rest of the world just seems too bland. They need that intense fix, even if it is just imagining themselves to be a female Warrior from another more interesting world, destined to kill Goblins and Orcs, and save the universe from evil.

I’m not judgmental in any way. To each their own, and some of those girls are cute, if probably certifiable. But when the hammer drops on the economic turmoil to come in this turn of the cycle, I suspect the pendulum will swing much harder and faster the other way. Like grumpy junkies who can’t get a fix, none of those people are going to want to hear about how they need to redistribute what meager income they can eek out in the aftermath to some poor unfortunate whose sense of economic entitlement created the problem in the first place.

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Ebola and Gays

It’s politically incorrect to point it out, but AIDS was a sexually transmitted disease from Africa which, once it made it into the gay population, spread like wildfire. Given this, I wonder if Ebola can be transmitted via semen prior to symptom presentation. If so, a gay guy from Africa, landing in SF, could have a week or two (or three) to spread it around, and each contact would then get their own week or two (or three). Yowza.

Without a travel ban, I’d say the gay community is teetering on the edge of annihilation, and not just politically, though politically too. Let Ebola catch on there, and it will undo nearly every gain they’ve made in the last five decades, because at it’s heart, homophobia is really just a deeply imbued disgust reflex that has only been knocked back by an extended period of reduced risk of injury or death from illness.

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