Planet Fitness Lawsuit Over Transgender in the Locker Room

Long article on all the tranny-locker-room cases popping up:

Now the woman who was born William Bruce Jenner on Oct. 28, 1949, can get a new driver’s license and Social Security card, along with all of the other government documents that everyone needs.

But will that be enough to allow the former Olympic athlete to enter the women’s locker room at Planet Fitness? Maybe. And if she does, will Caitlyn’s new legal status be enough for the women who would be changing their clothes and showering alongside her?

The answer has to be “no” for Michigan woman Yvette Cormier. She has sued her local Planet Fitness franchise and the national gym chain’s parent company because her membership was cancelled after Yvette refused to stop warning other women about a transgendered woman — male appendage still intact — that she saw in the showers.

Her suit claims emotional distress, numerous violations of the Michigan Consumer Protection Act, and an invasion of privacy were all caused by Planet Fitness’ policy of allowing transgenders to change and shower with women.

However, the judge hearing the case is having trouble dealing with the allegation at the heart of Yvette’s legal action: that simply the presence of a man claiming to be a woman in the locker room and showers of Planet Fitness constitutes sexual harassment under the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act.

If this is the standard, then unless a collapse intervenes, I see flashing becoming normalized in the near future – and maybe even public masturbation. If exposure of genitalia in a locker room is accepted, then why not on beaches, in parks, or at coffee shops. (With the exception of “cockrings,” as described in this classic HuffPo piece. At least not at first.)

As this site has long predicted, eventually sex in the open, just like eating or scratching an itch, will not just be legal – it will get normalized. You will be the screwed up one if you don’t like it. If rabbits do it in the wild, free resources will lead to it being normalized in humans eventually.

As one commenter said on Free Republic, “If women shouldn’t be bothered by showering with a tranny then the tranny shouldn’t be bothered by showering with men.”

If only common sense were common.

Apocalypse cometh™

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Rabbits Refuse to Fight

Rabbits want gun control, and no school guards:

Umpqua Community College had one guard on shift at a time. Unarmed. But it did notify those on campus that it was a gun free zone, just like most campuses across America. And according to retired Umpqua Community College president Joe Olson, the college decided against an armed security guard in the last few months. “We talked about that over the last year because we were concerned about safety on campus,” he said. “The campus was split 50-50. We thought we were a very safe campus, and having armed security officers on campus might change the culture.”

Typically, those who oppose armed guards, or arming teachers on campuses, cite idiocies like “changing the culture” or “making children uncomfortable.” Randi Weingarten, head of the National Education Association, has written, “Schools must be safe sanctuaries, not armed fortresses. Anyone who would suggest otherwise doesn’t understand that our public schools must first and foremost be places where teachers can safely educate and nurture our students.”

Human rabbits are a different species. Violence is so overwhelming they can’t even consider it. Given a choice of having protection from a mass murderer and being helpless, they actually choose being helpless. Like a newborn baby, they are so helpless that they couldn’t survive in a state of nature on their own. Left to their own devices, they would be overrun and murdered in a minute by stronger, more capable K-strategists.

What terrifies them about r/K Theory is that it ends the debate. If they are not adapted to a real world, where resources are restricted and conflict happens, then their opinions are meaningless in the grander debate. If their opinions are meaningless, then they are by default to be out-grouped and ignored.

Nothing, even the prospect of helplessness in the face of a mass murderer, is as terrifying to the rabbit as that.

For a good statistically-based pictorial explanation of rabbit stupidity, click here.

Apocalypse cometh™

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Liberals and the Idea of Dependency

Most of us value self-sufficiency. Being able to troubleshoot a gas engine, or weld steel, or protect ourselves is important to us, and when we look out at the world’s problems, we see problems we want to fix. Liberals have exactly the opposite mindset.

Obama was denigrating Putin in a press conference:

“I didn’t see after he made that speech in the United Nations suddenly the 60-nation coalition that we have start lining up behind him. Iran and Assad make up Mr. Putin’s coalition at the moment.”

“The rest of the world makes up ours,” he continued

Putin has mopped the floor with Obama. Obama has wrecked everything he has touched in the Middle East, from Libya to Egypt. He lost Yemen without even doing anything. Our ambassador was killed, as an even more dangerous foe than Al Qaida assembled itelf right under Obama’s nose. Putin took Crimea and now he has just gone into Syria where he will stabilize the regime and totally destroy ISIS. Putin is about to make Obama look like a total tool. But none of that matters to Obama if he can in-group himself, and out-group Putin.

Later in the same press conference he attacked the NRA by saying,

“They don’t represent the majority of the American People.”

His entire position depends on whether others support him. That support is all that sustains him. It is the only way he justifies his behavior.

You have to understand that Obama, in his own autobiography, describes how the other stronger kids in Indonesia would take his soccer ball and if he objected, they’d pin him to the ground and beat on his head with rocks. As a result, from an early age, he was conditioned to not fight. Fighting led to one place – getting pinned to the ground and hit in the head with rocks.

Now, as an adult, there is no drive to go toe to toe himself. This is true in matters of physical violence, but it is also true in all other matters as well, from the intellectual to matters of principle. In Obama’s world there is no right or wrong – only what you can manipulate others into doing for your own advantage.

It even extends into the worlds of fantasy. Vox quoted a game reviewer who criticized Doom because he wished it had offered him the opportunity to form alliances with the various monsters who were hell-bent on killing him. A rabbit playing Doom felt uncomfortable just blowing evil beings away. He wanted to be able to manipulate them into fighting each other. Think about that. Realize how deeply this urge penetrates their being, and how different they are from you.

This is also why out-grouping amygdala hijacks are among the most powerful means of attacking their motivation and forcing them into retreat. They have no moral backbone, no commitment to principle, and no personal values to motivate them. They only have what they can get others to fight for on their behalf over. Take way their proxies, even just their perception of the proxies’ existence, and they will fade into the background, demoralized and dejected.

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Trump Surprised by Hillary’s Tone”

The master wordsmith is at it again:

Trumps: “I am surprised by Hillary’s “tone”.”

In one word he calls up the emotions of every man who has ever dealt with a woman who has surprisingly erupted into a nasty, nagging shrew.

Trump knows exactly what he is doing.

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Hamburg to Seize Properties for Migrant Housing

Migrants rioted, and now Hamburg will start seizing properties to appease them:

Hamburg has become the first German city to pass a law allowing the state to seize empty commercial properties for reuse as emergency migrant accommodation. The move comes as more violence is reported in refugee centres across the country.

Called the “Law for the protection of refugees in accommodation facilities ” the legislation was passed last night, just 24-hours after some 200 Syrian and Afghan refugees clashed in a crowded refugee centre in the city, leaving four people injured in the third such riot this week.

The massive influx of migrants has put pressure on a city that is already home to 1.7 million people and authorities have moved to find accommodation for the incomers. Some are sleeping rough outdoors leading to local tensions and inter-ethnic rivalries.

It is interesting. This is rabbits trying to rabbitize threats they see with comfort and ease. They are so desperate to pacify this threat with free resources they will do anything which doesn’t cost them personally. As they do this, potential K’s are forming within the population in response to the threat. This is setting up conflict later, because this situation will not get better.

… Criminal elements are also emerging.

In a September 29 interview with the newspaper Passauer Neue Presse, the head of the German police union (Deutschen Polizeigewerkschaft, DPolG), Rainer Wendt, warned that “brutal criminal structures” have taken over the refugee shelters and that police are overwhelmed and unable to guarantee safety and security. He called for Christians and Muslims to be separated before someone gets killed:

“We have been witnessing this violence for weeks and months. Groups based on ethnicity, religion or clan structures go after each other with knives and homemade weapons… Sunnis are fighting Shiites, there are Salafists from competing groups. They are trying to impose their rules in the shelters. Christians are being massively oppressed and the Sharia is being enforced….”

They are not magically going to start behaving with domestic Christians once they are just given legal residency, especially if the rabbits in government jumps to appease them every time they do violence.

Apocalypse cometh™

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Student Resilience – The New Code-Word for Discussing Amygdala Atrophy

A reader emails an article on “Student Resiliency”

I have done a considerable amount of reading and research in recent months on the topic of resilience in college students. Our students are no different from what is being reported across the country on the state of late adolescence/early adulthood. There has been an increase in diagnosable mental health problems, but there has also been a decrease in the ability of many young people to manage the everyday bumps in the road of life.

If you can understand the concepts of stress, the amygdala, and how they combine to produce resiliency, you will understand everything about subjects from politics, to psychology, to the cycles of civilizations. Everything is contextualized in it.

Less resilient and needy students have shaped the landscape for faculty in that they are expected to do more handholding, lower their academic standards, and not challenge students too much.

Exactly the wrong solution. In studying the amygdala you will come across a study where animals were exposed to mild electric shocks, and these triggered their amygdalae. For a minute the animals grew increasingly freaked out. Then those animals for whom the shocks continued saw their amygdala adapted to the presence of the shocks, and the animals began to ignore them. The animals in whom the shocks were stopped prior to the hardening off, and then restarted later never hardened off. They freaked out even worse at the subsequent shocks.

I have seen this in myself. As stress increased, I initially didn’t like it. But I watched as I became more energetic, physically stronger, and more adapted to the stress. I came to welcome the sensation as a sign my mind was hardening off, like the burn of a set of curls in the bicep. I suspect if I desperately tried to turn it off, or even worse, succeeded, perhaps I could have been conditioned to become a neurotic, anxiety-prone individual.

I suspect this means that once the apocalypse starts, it will take a few months for most individuals to acclimate to the stress of economic collapse and criminal threat, develop their amygdalae, and become more rightward-leaning.

The piece ends with an interesting theory on how these things could become exacerbated over time. The author postulates increasingly neurotic parents begin trying to clamp down control on their kids to shield them from angst, and this makes the kids even more neurotic. If so, I hesitate to imagine what today’s Social Justice Warrior’s would do to their children, if they were reproducing. Perhaps declining birthrates among the neurotic left are a sign the problem is somewhat self-limiting at the societal level.

Apocalypse cometh™ and it will be worse for the younger, until they adapt.

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K-Shifts and World Wars

This looks ominous:

The Pentagon is grappling with whether the U.S. should use military force to protect U.S. trained and equipped Syrian rebels now that they may be the targets of Russian airstrikes.

Scary on so many levels. It used to be that the military had plans all ready to go for even the most ridiculous scenarios. Aliens landed and sided with the commies? There was a war-gamed plan for that collecting dust on a shelf somewhere. Zombies moved north out of Haiti, and began landing in Miami? There was a plan for that. Russia decides to prop up ally Syria, and kills some of the rebels we are using to topple Assad? No plan available, we better wing it and hope for the best – against Putin. Lets hope another front doesn’t open somewhere while we are doing it, because we aren’t really ready for that anymore. Without an amygdala to see threat, drive worry, and make you prepare, these are exactly the kinds of things that fall by the wayside.

It all sounds incredibly stupid. We are considering attacking Russian forces militarily, turning a cold war into a hot war. But you need to factor in that when things turn K-selected and resources begin to contract, rabbits will get their wolves fighting each other. I am not sure it is consciously driven. Rather as evolution cut through the chaos, what remained was a model where amygdala devolution produces inability to judge threat. Things get easy, rabbits get even dumber, and eventually you see mismanagement like you see in the middle east. Eventually it is so bad someone like Obama is wondering if he should just hit Putin militarily, to solve all the problems at once. Inability to judge threat.

This may be shaping up to be the worst resource contraction since the Great Depression. If so, then r/K Theory would suggest the conflicts it produces, and the psychologies that arise post-collapse, may very well be predispositioned to produce a World War level of conflict, consciously or not.

It is a shame we can’t get leaders into office who are wolves, let alone who know the tragedy of a soldier’s death first hand. This amygdala-free thinking on the part of our government is guaranteed to produce chaos and destruction.

Apocalypse cometh™

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Jeb Bush Tells Trump To “Put on His Big Boy Pants”

Just when you thought Jeb couldn’t be any more inept:

Jeb Bush and Donald Trump clashed over how to handle the Syrian refugee crisis — and just about everything else, including whether Bush is really friends with Marco Rubio — during dueling Wednesday night town hall events in New Hampshire.

By the end of the night, Bush had even told Trump to put on his “big boy pants.”

Not really a “Rhetorical KillShot,” as Scott Adams would say.

When you are viewed as an inferior and a bit of a sperg, while losing epically to a vastly more Alpha billionaire, it would be best if you didn’t use childhood taunts like “Neener, Neener, Neener!,” to try and get under his skin. Jeb makes Pee Wee Herman look like the ultimate GNF Alpha. It is as if Jeb is giving a clinic on how not to persuade other people to support you by doing everything as wrong as you possibly could. That or the elites are forcing him to run, and this is his way of getting out of it.

This could be real, though. The problem is the Republican establishment’s political consultant world is no longer competitive. It is the ultimate r-selected environment, where you cannot be killed off. You sign on with McCain, you lose, you get hired by Romney, you lose, You sign on with Jeb, you lose, and next cycle you will have another contract helping someone else lose. This began with Bush I, went on through Bob Dole, on to the idiot working for George W. Bush who decided not to use 9/11 to beat Liberalism to death, warn Americans about Islam, and put Liberalism’s stupid refusal to recognize reality on full display. By the end of Bush’s Presidency these imbeciles had ensconced themselves, even as they had destroyed conservatism so thoroughly that a full blown socialist was elected to the Presidency.

It is puzzling that somewhere a rebellious conservative revolutionary, strapped for cash, hasn’t taken a flyer on some young hotshot advisor, and discovered a diamond.

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Was the Oregon School Shooter a Muslim Terrorist? (Update So Far – Muslim-Associated, Possibly #Blacklivesmatter too)

I’m watching Obama’s speech right now, where he’s trying to go on the attack over the school shooting in Oregon, and all I can think is this had to be a Muslim shooting designed to kill American kids. If this was just a mentally ill leftist, as per normal, he wouldn’t be this worked up.

K-selection is coming, and if he doesn’t make this speech the story, the story tomorrow will be Muslim terrorism in America, and that will promote K-selected in-grouping of Americans vs Muslims. It will also be bad for his efforts to import hundreds of thousand more Muslim refugees, and Obama doesn’t want that.

If it is Muslim, this was #AmericanBeslan and Americans love their kids too much to sit by during that.

In-grouping is coming.

Apocalypse cometh™


The Telegraph reports the shooter was asking victims to stand up and state their religions before he killed them:

Gunman asked victims’ religions before shooting

The gunman asked his victims to stand up and state their religion before he began shooting, a witness told the local News-Review newspaper.

Kortney Moore, 18, was in Snyder Hall when the shooter asked people to name their religion and then began firing, she told the paper.

Ms Moore also said she saw her professor shot in the head.

This is not news if you saw Obama’s body language during the speech, particularly as he opined how all these shooters were mentally ill, so we could never possibly understand their real motives.


Shooter is Chris Harper Mercer and he has a Myspace page. One of his only two friends is what appears to be a radically obsessed Muslim, half-Arab, half Persian, although everything is getting wiped very fast by involved parties.


Firearm in the picture appears to be a Ruger 10/22 .22 caliber, which might account for others in the building saying no shots were heard, if it was the long gun used.

Chris Harper Mercer


Shooter was heavily armed with body armor. Well planned, well funded, and committed. Keep in mind if you ever encounter one. Throw in some head shots.

Update # 4

At Free Republic, tcrlaf posts,

Looking increasingly likely he was after Alek Skarlatos, the American that stopped the French Train Shooting.

That’s his school, and his hometown.


Shooter was also #Blacklivesmatter, and may have wanted to kill whites specifically, according to a tweet linked on a facebook post.

Retweeted Vanguard 14 (@keksec_org): Chris Harper Mercer, the ‪#‎UCCShooting‬, was a well-known ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ supporter. He was out to kill Whites. Vanguard 14 (@keksec_org) posted a photo on Twitter Get the whole picture – and other photos from Vanguard 14

Could be fake, but that would make even more sense given Obama’s body language, and his desperation to change the topic. One report has the shooter enamored of Vester Lee Flanagan, the black shooter who killed his TV Station co-workers on-air. A #blacklivesmatter supporter with Muslim friends who demands victims state their religion before he kills them. If true, to Obama that could not be worse. He even looks like Obama’s bisexual son.

Update #6

Shooter is a registered member of the Independent Party, a party which routinely supports Democrats. This is interesting because a dating profile emerged under the shooter’s name in which the shooter described himself as a “Conservative Republican,” something which seems unlikely given his targeting of Christians, and his support for a party which frequently supports Democrats, according to the Wikipedia page. It is not impossible that under the Obama regime liberals in government may acquire shooter identities prior to their being made public, create false online profiles, and delete real online profiles that are unflattering, between the time of the shooting and the release of the shooter’s name. This may make it impossible to know what online information can be trusted, and what cannot in future cases.

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Germany Sees The Start Of K-selection

Import entitled consumers, and watch tempers flare when resources aren’t entirely free immediately:

But like other Germans in a country that has rolled out the welcome mat for Europe’s largest wave of asylum-seekers since World War II, residents here are now having second thoughts.

That is especially true after the riot. In this quaint municipality of 3,000 inhabitants, the chaos started at lunchtime Sunday when a 19-year-old Albanian cut in the food line at the town’s new tent city, prompting a reprimand from a 43-year-old Pakistani. Pushes degenerated into punches. Soon, 300 migrants wielding pepper spray and metal pipes were attacking each other in rival mobs.

A caravan of ambulances and SWAT team vans careened down streets lined with gawking residents. More than 50 police officers struggled for hours to restore order, with three hospitalized with injuries, according to witnesses and local officials.

“You know, when the refugees started coming, I was one of those who saw people needing help and I thought we have to help,” said Harry Kloska, 46, a shaggy-haired instructor at the sky-diving club based at the airport. He and his stunned clients huddled inside his office as the violence flared, Kloska said.

“But it’s been weeks [since the refugee camp opened], and I have a different opinion now,” he continued. “I am not sure that we’re going to be able to do this, to help so many people from so many different countries.”

That was a long-dormant amygdala suddenly coming online, as he huddled under a desk and pondered his imminent demise. Let that happen often enough, and it will make the population become more K. Already you see this in the article, where “welcome” turned into “I’m not sure…,” and this was just one mini-riot. Let a few more riots go off, and “I’m not sure,” will turn into, “If I survive, I’m going to slaughter whoever the fuck dealt this shit!”

For this to not utterly destroy the careers of every European politician, one of two things needs to happen. Either every Muslim needs to immediately become an ultra-polite, gentle rabbit who is eager to please their German hosts, or the leaders need to do an immediate 180 and portray the immigrants as enemies and themselves as lone voices of reason seeking to expel every last one.

Since neither of those seems likely to happen, we now wait, until the Muslims reveal what they are, the populace turns K and in-groups, and every leader who supported the refugees sees themselves on the outside of that in-group. Being on the outside of an in-group during K-selection is not something these rabbit leaders are cut out for.

Apocalypse cometh™

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