President Trump Only Wants Migrants Who Don’t Want Welfare

This will have rabbit heads exploding:

Foreigners with non-immigrant visas and those who don’t have legal status are generally prohibited from those benefits altogether.

Trump’s proposal would also prevent the admission of people who are likely to become so-called “public charges” within five years of their arrival. The concept of “public charge” has been part of U.S. immigration law for over a century. It allows the government to bar entry to individuals who are likely to seek public assistance. Trump is expected to propose toughening up the rules regarding “public charge” and ensuring that they are enforced.

The vast majority of migrants are r-selected, but not all. By doing this, President Trump will encourage the r-selected migrants to go elsewhere in search of their free resources, and destroy other nations, leaving America to only admit the K’s who are searching for freedom and the ability to compete.

I suspect liberals, and their r-strategist fellow travelers, the cucks, will see the danger in this and reflexively revolt against it, even though there is no logical reason to do so.

President Trump is laying the foundation to turn America K-selected, and it is an incredible sight. The only thing better will be the leftist reactions.

Spread r/K Theory, because the K-cascade appears to be exploding

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NY Times Wants To Mass Deport Real Americans, And Replace Them With Immigrants

The Times comes out openly:

In the matter of immigration, mark this conservative columnist down as strongly pro-deportation. The United States has too many people who don’t work hard, don’t believe in God, don’t contribute much to society and don’t appreciate the greatness of the American system.

They need to return whence they came.

I speak of Americans whose families have been in this country for a few generations. Complacent, entitled and often shockingly ignorant on basic points of American law and history, they are the stagnant pool in which our national prospects risk drowning.

On point after point, America’s nonimmigrants are failing our country. Crime? A study by the Cato Institute notes that nonimmigrants are incarcerated at nearly twice the rate of illegal immigrants, and at more than three times the rate of legal ones…

Bottom line: So-called real Americans are screwing up America. Maybe they should leave, so that we can replace them with new and better ones: newcomers who are more appreciative of what the United States has to offer, more ambitious for themselves and their children, and more willing to sacrifice for the future. In other words, just the kind of people we used to be — when “we” had just come off the boat.

O.K., so I’m jesting about deporting “real Americans” en masse. (Who would take them in, anyway?) But then the threat of mass deportations has been no joke with this administration…

Because I’m the child of immigrants and grew up abroad, I have always thought of the United States as a country that belongs first to its newcomers — the people who strain hardest to become a part of it because they realize that it’s precious; and who do the most to remake it so that our ideas, and our appeal, may stay fresh.

That used to be a cliché, but in the Age of Trump it needs to be explained all over again. We’re a country of immigrants — by and for them, too. Americans who don’t get it should get out.

Notice he says, “Real Americans.” That is the sting of the title “Fake Americans.” It still hurts, so don’t forget to use it.

I do not believe this is best understood through race, or tribalism, or even philosophy.

This is an r-strategist, migrant psychology craving an escape from amygdala by surrounding themselves with the foreign. The only problem is they have it so r-selected here in America that their urges have transitioned from trying to merely gain free resources, to the ultimate in r-selection. That is, the elimination of every minor impediment to their amygdala-relaxation, including the elimination of any individuals who might happen to get in their way as they try to create a world where a few workers they never see or hear about labor intensely to provide free, r-selected resource availability to everyone else.

Tell everyone about r/K Theory, because all of our enemies, including the fake Americans, have to go back

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Amygdala Hijacks Everywhere For The Left

Rush covered some of it:

RUSH: Frank Luntz lives in Los Angeles. Frank Luntz powwows with Hollywood people, does work for them, and then travels back and forth to Washington, works for political people. He does focus groups and other kinds of consumer audience research.

He invited some people to his house. He invited Republicans and Democrats. Actually, he invited Republican congressmen to his House in LA and then invited a bunch of Hollywood leftists to the same get-together. It was Luntz trying to reach across the aisle. It was Luntz trying to put together the Republicans with the Democrats.

I think, Scalise was there, and Scalise got ripped to shreds by the Hollywood left, but reportedly continued to smile and shake hands and didn’t react to it. Another focus group that Luntz did, CBS This Morning, they played a portion of Luntz talking with a focus group of Trump voters. And Luntz says, “We’re now in the middle of June. I want you to give me one word or phrase to describe Donald Trump. Now that we have some idea of who he is, give me a word or phrase to describe Donald Trump.”

VOICE: I’d say honest.

VOICE: Determined.

VOICE: Effective.

VOICE: True.

VOICE: Strong.

VOICE: Productive.


VOICE: Very authentic.

RUSH: Hot damn, Mabel, did you hear that? I didn’t hear one negative word about Trump. Did you hear what these people said? Honest, determined, effective, true, strong, productive, tough SOB, very authentic. And it turns out that they love Trump’s tweets! They love it, even when Luntz tries to talk ’em out of it.

LUNTZ: How many of you in this room love the tweeting? You think it’s really appropriate for a president to do that?

VOICE: It could be better.

VOICE: It could be better. He needs to tone down the language a little bit, but the bottom line is, it’s his way to get the message out.

VOICE: I would argue that Donald Trump shouldn’t tone it down. This brash brand that he has is what got him elected.

VOICE: You know, my thing is, I’m so tired of people beating on Donald Trump. Donald Trump made us promises, he kept them, and that’s a type of new leadership that we need.

LUNTZ: And what has he accomplished?

VOICE: What has he accomplished? He’s done more in the last hundred days than President Obama done in the last eight years

Trump voters talk Russia probe, president’s progress

RUSH: Now, what you didn’t see is when Luntz asked them how many people of you in this room love the tweeting, every hand went up, every hand. Now, I don’t know where Luntz falls in all this, but I’ll tell you most of the inside-the-Beltway establishment types would just blanch when they heard this last guy say, “What’s he accomplished? He’s done more in the last hundred days than Obama’s done in the last eight years.”

Then there was Ossoff winning the GA-6 Special election:

Republican Karen Handel staved off a furious challenge from Democrat Jon Ossoff on Tuesday in a race to represent a suburban Atlanta seat in Congress, as the GOP and President Donald Trump avoided an embarrassing defeat in the most expensive U.S. House contest in history.

A former Georgia secretary of state, Handel emphasized her experience and roots in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District to defeat Ossoff and keep a seat that’s long been held by Republicans in GOP hands. She becomes Georgia’s first female Republican member of the U.S. House…..

These are incredible amygdala hijacks because the media is trying to assuage leftist amygdalae to keep the leftists r-selected. Every time we turn around we are being told Trump’s voters are disappointed in him, real conservatives oppose him, he is going to be impeached, his administration is in chaos and paralysis, and he is dejected and isolated, unable to do anything.

All of those are amygdala-assuagers for the left in the short term – but they also make any subsequent exposure to reality particularly shocking because they set expectations. Adding a violation of expectation to an amygdala hijack amps it up incredibly.

When liberal voters went into the Ossoff election expecting it to be a close election or a win, and it ended up being decisive in its support for Trump, the effect was twice as shocking. When Trump supporters unhesitatingly support President Trump with eagerness, love, and enthusiasm, it has the same effect. It violates the media’s false expectations.

So the media can try to keep the population r-selected by lying about the state of the nation’s ideological balance in the short term. But in the long run, if they can’t change reality, the net amount of amygdala stimulation the left will be exposed to will be the same, and so will the K-ification. The only difference is it will be more concentrated and painful.

As we ponder that, ask yourself what the amygdala hijacking will be like, when the economic collapse hits and the savages are running wild.

Spread r/K Theory, because the amygdala hijacks will just keep coming

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Bloomberg Says Democrats Fracturing, Trump To Be Reelected

He’s right, he is just clueless on the mechanism:

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I) says President Trump is likely to win reelection in 2020 because Democrats will be hamstrung by the deep fissures between the liberal and moderate wings of the party.

Speaking Tuesday night before Republican Karen Handel claimed victory over Democrat John Ossoff in a special House election in Georgia, Bloomberg stood by his previous statement that Trump has a “55 percent” chance of winning reelection.

“The incumbent always has an advantage,” Bloomberg told CNN.

“And the Democratic Party is going to be torn apart by the left and the centralists,” he continued. “Now, the Republican Party is also being torn apart between the centralists and the hard right, but they’ve rented a candidate. The candidate has rented a party, and they will probably without much fuss get behind Donald Trump, I would assume, assuming he runs for reelection.”

Democrats are struggling to turn the energy from the their grassroots base into electoral victories. Many in the media cast Tuesday night’s special election in Georgia as a referendum on the Trump presidency. The GOP candidate triumphed in what ended up being the most expensive House race in history.

Notice, the fractures are due to splits that did not exist in the past. Where did the fracture come from? In 1776, everyone would have qualified as a bonafide right wing extremist. When they had disagreements, even the leftists would head to the handguns, and demand a duel.

As time went on, the population shifted toward the left, as the r-selected reproductive strategy emerged among a segment of the population which was biologically predisposed to exhibit it in response to free resource availability. This fractured the population as new cohorts spread out to the left. On the left you ended up with democrats pitted against the ultra-left anarchists and SJWs, while on the right the conservatives saw the Cuckservatives and Establishment elitists split off from them.

Today, with dopamine eliciting stimuli unlike anything we have ever seen in our species’ history, from videogames, to smart phones, to delicious fast food and sexual stimuli everywhere, those predisposed to the r-strategy have gone so r they even think other people should have to supply them with free birth control. They actually demand unlimited sex with absolutely no risk of ever having to invest in any rearing of any offspring – and that everyone else pay for it.

These splits are not philosophical, intellectual, or logical. They are divergences between the r-selected reproductive strategies and the K-selected reproductive strategies in our populations that have been exacerbated by the extreme period of ease, plenty, and good health that the most affluent and protected among us have seen, and the increasing number of threats and hardships those in the less affluent areas are beginning to experience as K-selection creeps in.

Pockets of the nation are maintaining their heightened r. As they do, the tsunami of K-selection has begun to wash back, first hitting those in less affluent areas, as it moves up to economic ladder. Knowing that, you can see the trend now is toward increasing K.

All we have to do is wait.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because K is unstoppable, and people should know why they are killing lefties

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Newsweek Whitewashes Seth Rich Murder

Notice the title, vs what the report says:

Seth Rich Update: DNC Staffer Murdered by Serial Killer, Not in Botched Robbery, Report Claims

A serial killer is likely behind the murder of North Carolina Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich, according to forensic-psychology students and instructors, who spent three months investigating the homicide. Those researchers, who volunteer at the Profiling Project, an independent group, published their findings on Tuesday in an 83-page report.

The Profiling Project, based in Arlington, Virginia, consists of around 20 volunteers who are current and former George Washington University forensic-psychology graduate students and instructors. The report states that Rich’s July 2016 “death does not appear to be a random homicide” or “a robbery gone bad,” as police had suggested. Instead, the report says, the “death was more likely committed by a hired killer or serial murderer,” and that the killer is likely still at large.

So they are told it was either a hired killer, or a Serial Killer, and what do they highlight? The least likely option, given they don’t have any other recent killings with the exact same victimology or signature, and none since.

The intensity with which everyone seems to be trying to cover the evidence up definitely makes it seem as if something very bad happened to Seth Rich. No Police bodycam footage, no medical records, no investigatory records. Everything is out of reach of anyone who wants to know what happened, in a murder that occurred in the Capitol of a nation that probably has traffic videos and security cameras covering everything in that town.

Then again, as I look at the title, I might have written it the exact same way, considering the number of people on the Clinton Body Count.

Serial Killers indeed.

Spread r/K Theory, because the way of the serial killer could be the way of the future

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Can Donald Trump Avert The Apocalypse?

It is looking frighteningly like he could:

Every day, legions of economists dismiss Donald Trump’s economic agenda and forecast of 3 percent growth as a wild-eyed fantasy. The consensus is that the economy “can’t possibly grow at 3 percent,” according to The Wall Street Journal. “Slow growth is the new norm, so get used to it,” wrote Rucir Sharma, chief global strategist at Morgan Stanley, in Foreign Affairs magazine this month…

Amazingly, every Obama budget forecast that annual growth would reach 3.5 to 4.5 percent. Bullish growth was just around the corner. (Remember Joe Biden’s “Recovery Summer” tour?) Consider how these bullish forecasts squared with reality…

We never got growth above 3 percent under Obama, and the average growth was 2 percent, ending at 1.6 percent…

Another fallacy is that this long recovery means the economy is due for a recession. No. For much of America this has been a long recession, not a long recovery. We are suffering from a severe growth deficit. The economy is $3 trillion behind where it should be because of the shallow recovery. It’s teed up for a boom, not a bust.

How do we ignite that boom? Nearly every policy during the Obama years was anti-growth: tax increases; minimum-wage hikes; Obamacare; Dodd-Frank regulations; massive debt spending; the Paris climate change accord; an EPA assault against American energy; massive expansions of food-stamps programs and more. If Trump is able to shift those policies into reverse — especially by getting tax rates down, not up — then 3 to 4 percent growth is easily achievable, and the economics profession will be proven dead wrong again.

Then there is the low volatility now:

As Wall Street’s ‘fear gauge’ nears all-time lows, one commonly used measure shows Asian equities near their least volatile this century. The calm that has descended on U.S. financial markets is stretching around the world.

Based on one commonly used measure, Asian equities are near their least volatile this century—a byproduct of improving corporate earnings, stabilizing economic growth and the diminishing impact of geopolitical events on markets.

In the U.S., Wall Street’s “fear gauge” is near all-time lows, and in Europe, volatility has also largely subsided.

Trump will undoubtedly boost confidence, just as a rebound effect from the anti-business policies of Obama which have unnaturally suppressed things. But he still has one problem. Governments are still running dry:

Comptroller Susana Mendoza is warning that new court orders in lawsuits filed by state suppliers that are owed money mean her office is required to pay out more than Illinois receives in revenue each month. That means there would be no money left for so-called “discretionary” spending — a category that in Illinois includes school buses, domestic violence shelters and some ambulance services.

“I don’t know what part of ‘We are in massive crisis mode’ the General Assembly and the governor don’t understand. This is not a false alarm,” said Mendoza, a Chicago Democrat. “The magic tricks run out after a while, and that’s where we’re at.”

My suspicion is the entire media machine is controlled by the elites much more than any of us would believe. I believe the talking heads are not entirely independent people who are striving to be professional and rich while serving their own interests. I suspect they are even promoted based upon their malleability to the elite’s agendas. I believe when the chips are down, the elites can put words in their mouth, and they will say what they are told.

For that reason, when the ultimate Apocalypse is upon us I suspect in the run up we will be told that there is no volatility, that it is a buyer’s market, and that all we will see for the foreseeable future is limitless growth. That will be everywhere, and everyone will agree.

For now, we will see growth just as Obama’s failures are reversed. But if the machine decides to crash things to take out President Trump before the next election, listen closely for similar talk. When you hear that in two or three years, prepare, because the elites may be squeezing the last little bit they can from the rubes and the tools before they let it all come down.

For now it is a race, to see if Trump can light the fire before the elites and put it out.

Tell everyone about r/K Theory, because ITZ only on hold

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Lena Dunham Says Fathers Are Not Necessary

Lena’s Father’s Day message:

“You don’t need a father – so many families work so many ways- but if you have one he better werk [sic],” Dunham wrote on Sunday morning.

The Girls creator apparently deleted her post. But the message, captured by blogger Mark Dice, had already been spotted by several social media users, many of whom condemned the actress.

So, no dad needed, but if one is there, he had better be providing free resources.

What kind of family will Lena extol as exemplary?

A man and a pregnant woman consider themselves “accidental gay parents” because the man is gay and the woman identifies as a man.

Biff Chaplow (formerly John) and Trystan Reese have been a couple for about seven years, NBC reported in an article on the “trans pregnancy.” Reese is biologically a woman but identifies as a gay man. Chaplow is a man who is attracted to other men, but identifies as the family “mom” because “moms come in all different shapes, sizes, and dare I say… genders.”

Reese has been identifying as a man since before they started dating. She and Chaplow became the foster parents of Chaplow’s niece and nephew and eventually adopted them.

NBC reported:

…initially Chaplow and Reese thought there was a possibility the two children would be returned to Chaplow’s sister. But after the situation deteriorated, the two men filed for emergency guardianship of Hailey and Riley and years of legal proceedings followed.

It was during this time and shortly after Reese and Chaplow got married and moved the family to Portland…

Reese quit taking testosterone (she hasn’t undergone gender “change” surgery) and became pregnant, but then miscarried the baby. The couple were successful at conceiving again. Their baby is due in July.

“We know a lot of transgender men who have babies,” Reese told NBC. “We have several in our close friend circle. So it does not seem that strange to us…”

She said she feels it was a “gift” to have been born female. “I’m okay being a man who has a uterus and who has the capacity and capability of carrying a baby…I am a feminist. I think that women are awesome. I didn’t dislike being a woman. I just didn’t happen to be one on the inside.”

Reese acknowledged that her pregnancy means entering “back into this sacred world of womanhood…and I don’t feel like it makes me any less of a man.”

So it is a gay guy banging a bearded woman, but he is still gay because the woman identifies as a homosexual guy, took some testosterone, and grew a beard. And the woman is gay because she identifies as a guy who is banging another guy. And they are raising kids.

If they applied to join a circus freakshow in the early 1900’s, the ringmaster would have refused to hire them because they are too weird. People who didn’t blink at the wolf-man of Borneo, the guy with elephantiasis of his genitals, or the alien in a block of ice, would be shocked and horrified by this. They’d have been talking about it in shock for decades afterward.

And yet today, among leftists, this is normal and you are the weird one.

The thing is, if you are designed as a rabbit, there is no bad parenting in your mind. Once you are raised in a chaotic, disorderly, low-rearing environment like the above, and your brain is twisted by it, you will have no idea how important a stable, loving, normal parental relationship is.

Spread r/K Theory, because this is just too weird

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Is The Muslim World Going r?

Interesting facts:

However new statistics show that Islam is dying a slow death. The following reasons:

1. Decline in birth rate under Muslims.
Islam Dying chart

3. Decline in marriage rate under Muslims

More and more Muslim women are marrying a husband who isn’t a Muslim. Lots of educated Muslims discover the weakness and barren elements of Islam. The higher education of Muslims and the improved information channels have brought about the slow death of Islam…

No group is immutably r or K. So as we have reduced threat, and provisioned the world with free resources, it is no surprise that the r-selection is everywhere. As the r-selection takes hold, marriage, responsibility, and reproduction will dissipate, as individuals employ birth-control, abortion, or even homosexuality to maximize sexual satisfaction and minimize all rearing investments.

Now as the migrant rabbits threaten Europe, watch a Europe goes K, in large part due to the threat of the migrants, and the rabbits that enable them.

Nothing produces r like K’s success, and nothing will produce K like r getting what it wants.

Tell others about r/K Theory, because the rabbits are so stupid they might as well be on our side

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John Lott Thinks Things Will Get Worse Because Of The Stakes

Dr Lottt weighs in:

Some hope that the shooting of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and others last Wednesday will lead to more civility in politics. It’s clear that the attack was politically motivated — the Democratic shooter even carried a hit list of Republicans. The political viciousness has been everywhere.

While some will blame the violence on the grotesque picture of Kathy Griffin holding the President’s severed head or a play where the president is being stabbed to death, this Sunday Jill Abramson, the former chief editor of the New York Times, told CNN that it was “President Trump and the congressional leadership on the Republican side [who] are extremely divisive.”

But all these discussions miss something more fundamental that is driving all this, and, unfortunately, the viciousness isn’t likely to abate.

One reason that previous generations didn’t treat their presidents with similar levels of hated is because so much is at stake today. As government has grown, so too have the stakes…

Two baseball teams playing in the seventh game of the World Series are probably going to play a lot harder than two teams competing in August with no chance of making the playoffs. In the same way, as the size and scope of the federal government increases, interest groups will spend more on elections in an effort to influence the levers of government.

If federal spending still amounted to two percent to three percent of GDP — as it did a century ago — people likely wouldn’t care as passionately about election outcomes.

This theory misses a couple of things. First, spending was more under Reagan than it was under LBJ, yet LBJ had Hippies, r-ified by the fifties boom, bombing Police stations. Meanwhile Reagan, in a nation K-ified by Carter, had very little leftist violence.

Second, this fails to account for the strange SJW phenomenon, the obsession with importing foreigners as a proxy political force, or the cyclical nature of these things. It doesn’t even explain why the right and left cannot get along in the first place.

Yes there is more at stake, but there have been periods with less at stake and more acrimony, and there have been periods with more at stake and less acrimony.

What is really happening is our populations have been assaulted with free resources, and the weaker contingent of our people, predisposed by biology to the r-selected reproductive strategy, have gone massively r-selected, causing a consequent massive divergence between them and the remaining K-selected individuals who were not as corrupted. That shift in psychology is what has created this vicious rift between these r and K-selected mindsets, which now have split so much that they just cannot get along.

No other explanation makes nearly as much sense as simply understanding r/K Theory, which is why one day everyone will see politics in terms of r/K Selection Theory.

Spread r/K Theory, because it is the explanation

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The Future Of r – Sperminator Handing Off Semen In Target Bathrooms

Here it is:

This Father’s Day, he’s still the most in-demand dad in town.

A year after The Post revealed that CUNY math professor Ari Nagel had fathered 23 kids — some conceived the old-fashioned way, others involving sperm handoffs at public spots such as the Atlantic Center Target in Downtown Brooklyn — he’s back. Nagel, 41, has donated his supersperm to even more women, resulting in four kids born since last Father’s Day. And eight other ladies, from Florida to Maryland to The Bronx, are currently pregnant because of him. SEE ALSO

In fact, wannabe mommies from all over the globe have reached out to Nagel after seeing his story in The Post: He’s had inquiries from Turkey, Nigeria, South Africa and even China.

The Sperminator’s summer is jam-packed with trips timed to ovulation schedules. He’s flying to Israel this week to meet a woman who will have Nagel freeze his sperm at a clinic in case her first attempt at pregnancy is unsuccessful. After that, he’s off to Vietnam. “This crippled woman’s story really hit home,” he said of a 30-something left in a wheelchair after a debilitating motorcycle accident a few years ago. “She said, ‘It’s all I ever wanted.’ You just have a vibe that she’d be an amazing mom.” Plus, it will diversify his portfolio: “I don’t have an Asian baby yet.” In mid-July, a hopeful from Taiwan is flying in to New York to see if Nagel can make her dreams come true.

In every case, the women are covering the cost of the flights. But, as always, Nagel charges nothing for his sperm.

You will not see this in times of high K.

This is the optimum r-strategy, and unlike traditional liberals who self-sterilize, this strategy will actually reproduce.

Notice there is no demonstration of fitness beyond the social recognition that he produces lots of children. Women know nothing about him, beyond the fact they saw he was doing this in a newspaper, and they flock to him, hoping their sons will grow up into semen vending machines, and have fifty children themselves.

This is also the difference between the social obsession of the world of r, where Kim Kardashian now makes almost $50 million dollars per year for just being famous for being famous, and the world of K where someone like Donald Trump’s success at real estate development is judged by more objective, quality-based measures of his ability to mold the environment beneficially through ability, effort, and determination.

As weird as it sounds, there is a real possibility that as centuries pass, rabbits will evolve to be sexually satisfied at contemplating the idea of receiving sperm in a little cup in a Target bathroom from some world-famous sperm dispenser, whose children will become world-famous sperm dispensers. Eventually the story will be about the ten year old kid who is doing this, and he will become the standard bearer, because his children will likely start doing it earlier, and having even more kids.

Imagine if one man doing this, starting at ten years old, could produce 800 kids over his lifetime. It wouldn’t take many such rabbits as a percentage to promulgate the psychological traits that produced that behavior, when all of the rest of us have two kids. If resources are free, and all the welfare queens flock to him to increase their bennies with more babies, watch out.

The future of r is almost certainly the welfare queen, though I must admit I had not seen this strategy emerging to supplement it. We may not have seen the end of the degeneracy of r. Where fat welfare queens in the projects meet sperm dispenser dads, we may have the ultimate incarnation of r.

Still it is interesting that everywhere r emerges, is seems to revolve around dehumanizing our species. I suppose it is to be expected that the r-strategy would dehumanize a K-selected human species.

You do have to wonder where the bottom will be, though.

Spread r/K Theory, because kids deserve more from a father than a two minute sperm donation

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